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She's the Queen

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Social animal programmer Lin Jia woke up and crossed to ten thousand years later, the lowest level of human spirituality on earth! Lin Jia: Working? It's impossible to work! I'm your ancestor! Lin Jia: Wait a minute? I'm an insect now. All the Zerg are dumbfounded: secretly observing. Creatures of the dark universe: σ(°△°|||) convex What's going on here? Multidimensional creation? ... Isn't this the realm of God? Lin Jia: As we all know, the world is created by programmers. All the Zerg fell to their knees in unison. Zerg: You are the queen we have been waiting for. Welcome Your Majesty! Lin Jia is worried about the Zerg every day. The Yingting man with silver hair and golden eyes beside the throne was paranoid and domineering, but he looked at Lin Jia with wet eyes and grievance. Lin Jia: Well... You'll always be my only knight, my only knight! The high-dimensional world comes, the whole star field encounters a crisis, and the Zerg only finds that the "poor clever" vase that has been with her is as terrible as this. ... A first meeting is a second meeting. The two pages of time are connected, and the Mobius tape ends up as a closed loop. Gu Yan said, Jia Jia, don't leave me behind again. It turned out that her real golden finger was Gu Yan. Gu Yan, the king of time and space. Time is just a book in his hand, thumbing through it at will. Who is she? Lin Jia. The creation god of multidimensional space, the beauty of broken books.

Chapter 1: Being Tricked by a Tiger

"Mom, what's a three-dimensional world?"

"Baby, the world we live in is three dimensions, and flat paper is two dimensions."

"HMMMM... What is a four-dimensional world?"

"Four dimensions, plus the dimension of time. We are the book, the four dimensions are the people who turn the book, you can turn to your morning page, the afternoon page."

"Oh, Mother, is the four-dimensional man a god?"

"Baby, three-dimensional you draw on two-dimensional paper, you are two-dimensional god."


The giant virtual screen floats in the air, and the glowing color blocks combine to form the appearance of a beautiful woman, who comes to the world with an indescribable charm.

A stream of floating cars came to a halt, and people held their breath in their Windows as they watched the young girl, Karen Rand.

She is not exactly human, but a female, and as one of the Zerg heirs, she has many admirers even on the junk planet Zx-777.

Jia 'er breaks the stereotype of the Formic war machine in the past, she is sweet and beautiful.

People subconsciously hope that Jia will win the Zerg heir trial, and maybe the Zerg led by her will not be as scary as rumored, and on the bright side, it is not impossible for humans to cooperate with the Zerg in the future.

... Of course, all this has nothing to do with the current worker, Lin Jia.

What are you after?

Just surviving takes up all her energy.

In the dark narrow alley, Lin Jia is like a galloping rabbit, leaving only a remnant of the shadow.

It's hard to imagine that more than half a year ago, she was a programmer who sat in an office day and night, and exercised all day on the commute.

God knows she is a weak programmer, sleep a sleep found that the world has changed helpless, yesterday was still in a "good news" factory overnight overtime, wake up is 10,000 years later, even people are not on the earth, in a desolate junk planet.

Fortunately, she crossed to junk planet, where there are an unusually large number of black people, and she is not so noticeable, but crossed to this interstellar world for most of the year, survival has become the biggest problem.

Although the world is still using computer binary, but the technological innovation has been ten thousand years!

She is completely reduced to the bottom of the illiterate, want to land on the star network systematic learning also can not, because the interstellar era, people are born with spiritual force, as Earth people... Lin Jia psychic power is the lowest level.

Her brain can't handle the mental load of Starnet, and if she forces her way on, she'll be either stupid or crazy.

She learned all by herself, picking up discarded interstellar junk. Fortunately, the emperor does not pay attention to his heart, six months ago was an interstellar mechanical repair teacher Gu uncle fancy talent, to teach her.

Now her main source of income is recycling and selling trash.

Lin Jia knows the truth of shooting the first bird, has been small business, can be called "interstellar version of the stall", but recently was a group of black street thugs targeted.

She was short of breath, her vision was fading, her hair was loose and stuck to her face in sweat.

But still can't shake the people behind her - since picking up the strange egg, she began to be accosted and stalked by some strange people, who have a strange look in their eyes with a trace of obsession and love. It was like being hypnotized.

Is this all about that weird egg?

The alley leads to a dead end.

Behind him, the footsteps were slow, with a touch of cat-and-mouse banter.

Sh*t... Can't run.

Lin Jia closed his eyes and gasped for air, forcing himself to calm down.

Her hands trembled unconsciously, her face was white, she straightened up and turned slowly.

A few familiar punks were proudly leaning against the wall, their stout figures blocking the alley.

Led by a man with a star gun strapped to his waist, it is the black street leader - Wang Hu.

"Brother Tiger, if you want to buy a small machine, go to my stall, and bring a group of brothers to round up my business?"

Clearly she has deliberately covered up her appearance, she is not a rare beauty, all day gray face, at first glance is a little beggar, I really do not know what the tiger brother is wrong, how to look at her.

The man at the head smiled with confidence, wrapped his hands around him, and his belly was jolted: "Immediately, it is his family, talk about what you and I."

His men quickly echoed: "Yes! That's it! Sister-in-law, we are family."

Lin Jia has always been good temper to angry laugh, every word she can understand, how to combine it is not human words? He's a greasy, narcissistic b*st*rd who could cook.

She said with a cold face: "Don't call me sister-in-law, you let me go, don't get married and don't be enmity!"

Brother Tiger narrowed his eyes, he with a bunch of younger brother is not a peace: "Lin Jia, although you don't look good, but I see you are your blessing, don't give the face shameless!"

Tiger brother slowly approaching her, in his view Lin Jia really does not look like a woman, gray face, still do not know how to dress. If you want to put it normally he will not look at it, so as not to dirty his eyes, the woman in Red Street is charming.

It's just... Somehow.

He felt more and more that Lin Jia's every move was full of inexplicable charm, with a mysterious fragrance, as if it could trigger the agitation of his soul, and he looked at other women to feel like looking at black and white paintings.

"You put the gun down!"

Lin Jia cried out, pressed against the wall heart sudden, left hand slowly hidden behind.

A wild guess flashed through her mind... Hypnosis and infatuation seem to be one complimentary power.

Give it a try!

Her right hand slowly reached behind her back, touched the left hand on the light brain ready to start, stared hard at Wang Hu's eyes, and whispered in her heart:

"... On my command... On my command... Drop the gun!"

Her inky eyes were like a pool of water, deep and profound.

A rare eye color in the interstellar age, ebony without a trace of noise, as black as a black hole that can devour everything,

Dark and fierce.

Lin Jia's pupils were slightly constricted, and tiny red dots appeared abruptly in the dark background of her pupils.

The red spots became brighter and brighter, and the blood flowed out as bright red.

This strange phenomenon, but no one noticed.

"Flop..." Suddenly, Wang Hu's whole body was shocked, his eyes lost focus, his hand was loose, and he slipped to the ground.

He looked at Lin Jia like a lost child, with doubts and confusion in his eyes.

He's under control.

His men did not feel half wrong, but also thought that the boss was in pity jade, whistling.

Lin Jia is far less calm than she seems, she merely guesses that she has inexplicable hypnotic powers, and tries to control them for the first time.

Her brain is now needle-like pain, beads of sweat on her forehead tick-tock drop, mixed with the gray face, face a white and a black.

Like a little cat rolling in the mud.

"Come here."

"There's something I want to tell you."

Wang Hu stiffly walked forward, not even struggling with the heart, close to Lin Jia's instant "hiss -" a sound, was put to the ground.

"Tiger Brother!

"What have you done to Tiger?" One cried out in terror, and they didn't even see how she did it.

The horror is that this weak woman actually put their boss on the ground easily, how powerful is she?

Thought of this, they can not help but give a shiver!

Lin Jia with a small face, a lofty style, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask, or the next one is you."

You can't tell she's just pretending to be calm.

If they had looked carefully, they would have found that Wang Hu's chest was still slightly undulating and he was not dead.

But on weekdays, Lin Jia's waste image is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the huge contrast subverts their cognition.

Oh my... They're not messing with any of the big boys, are they? Daaaaaa!

"All right...... You wait! We'll be back." One of them said in a panic, and hurried away with the remaining three.

"Whew, gone at last,"

Lin Jia relaxed, her face pale, her body swayed, almost fell to the ground.

She held on to the wall to steady her figure, joking to herself, "Am I stupid? Wait here until you get back?"

"But it's a good thing these fools aren't watching carefully."

As the earth people and live in peace, she temporarily can not go down hard, in order to protect herself she has to do this, just so... Her peace will be gone.

The more I want to get rid of gas, Lin Jia kicked a coma Wang Hu.


Lin Jia smiled gently kissed the left hand light brain, "Thank you, No. 1."

The voice just fell, only heard a "click", Lin Jia hands of the light brain suddenly issued a light sound, and then black screen.

[SIz... siz...]

'Oh, what's the matter! Lin Jia was shocked, is it that he just tried too hard?

She checked the light brain again, but found that the light brain had returned to normal.

"Miss Lin Jia, please don't do this kind of intimate behavior again, please remember..."

"Well, well, I know, you are self-respecting self-respecting light brain, I'm just a lucky one!" Temporary user!"

Lin Jia helplessly said, and then quickly pick up the star can gun, hurriedly escape.

It was not far from her little nest, and it did not take a few minutes to run to her residence.

"Call ~~" Lin Jia gasped, looked around, and called the old master of the repair shop.

"Uncle Gu, I'm afraid I'll have to leave for a while. I'm in trouble with Wang Hu."

"What? Did they hurt you?" Uncle Gu asked anxiously.

"Uncle Gu, you can rest assured, Wang Hu and their failed to hurt me, and I also taught them a lesson."

Uncle Gu looked in his fifties and had a very ordinary face.

He looked very ordinary, but there was a wisdom and cunning in his eyes, and no one would have guessed that he was a nine-star mechanic, the best mechanic today.

Just these Lin Jia do not know, she is very grateful to Gu uncle for her technical advice, this is her teacher in the stars.

"Well, well, well, well, well, well, well." Uncle Gu patted his chest, breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked at Lin Jia.

This child, always does not report bad news, if before he would not be afraid of people like Wang Hu... But he was exiled to the barren star, usually inidentity is afraid of the past day to find the enemy.

"Alas," he said.

"You listen to uncle, go to the dawn star for shelter, this is the ferry ticket, you follow Liu Yang and their departure."

Liu Yang, junk star Zx-777 small planet snake-head, experienced, specializing in smuggling business.

Lin Jia nodded, she does not accidentally Gu uncle know Liu Yang, Gu uncle store a lot of mechanical materials, a look is not to be processed junk, but a special organization to those intermediate asteroid procurement.

Looks like Liu Yang and his guys brought it back.

"Uncle Gu, what about you?"

Lin Jia round eyes full of worry, if she hurt Gu uncle implicated, met Wang Hu gang revenge, she will not forgive themselves.

"Don't worry about me, they don't dare touch me for the moment, you follow Liu Yang first, when you arrive, I will contact you."

"And this mechanical space buckle you take, this is a premium storage space, there are some of my notes, remember not to forget to study ah."

"Uh-huh, Uncle Gu, I'm leaving first, I'm leaving."

Lin Jia toward Gu uncle wave hands, step by step back slowly leave.

Looking at Lin Jia's disappearing figure, Gu Shu shook his head, sighed, and muttered:

"I don't forget other people when I'm embarrassed."

"This boy is no creature of the pool... This time to flee to the dawn star, perhaps Nirvana rebirth may also be!"

Chapter 2 The Late Goldfinger

As soon as the news of the street fighter Wang Hu was picked up, everyone burst into a pot.


"Wang Hu, they were defeated by a woman! ?"

"Who is she, that she is so powerful..."

"Isn't this Lin Jia just a rag-mender? Is he pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger..."

When opinions are divided, the mysterious master · repair tattered · Lin Jia packed up his luggage and set foot on the smuggling boat to the dawn star.

Goodbye, asteroid Zx-777.

Thank you for giving Earth's visitors a little place to live.

So long... Since then, the sea and the sky leap with fish, and the sky heights far allow birds to fly.


Aurora is a beautiful and habitable planet.

For 100 consecutive years, it has been rated as one of the "Top ten most livable pension planets in the Zx galaxy", and there is a shortage of mineral resources and no high-tech industry pillar, so the Shuguang Star still maintains a good natural scenery.



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