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My Knight in Shy-ning Armor

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Bobang
  • Chapters: 45
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


Drew liked Leslie at first sight. Knowing she’s the girl his cousins hate, he was torn between his loyalty to his cousins and his love for Leslie. Leslie liked Drew at first sight. Unfortunately, the boy is hostile toward her, for reasons she is not even aware of. But they know their feelings for each other are more than liking one another. It’s deeper. It’s love. When conflict arises, Drew has proven time and time again that his love for her is more than just butterflies in the stomach and fast heartbeats. His love for her makes him willing to save her with his life. It took them more than one trouble to finally be together. But when given the chance, more problems come their way and tested their love for each other. Will they survive it or will they just let go?

Chapter 1 – Welcome Home

After celebrating her 15th birthday, Leslie Monica’s mother, Leticia or Letty Juarez, decided to return to their home country. It had been seven years, and Lemon was a little apprehensive doing so.

Even before they landed, she could already feel the anxiousness from all the adjustments she had to go through. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle everything.

Lemon felt like she would soon be in an entirely different world. She was hoping she could cope but wasn’t confident about that.

She knew she didn’t have any reason to be worried. Mother and son, Dahlia and Kale, were both coming with them. But there was still something unsettled inside her.

Mikale, or Kale, when he transforms, is her pink friend, but he isn’t a closet queen. Everyone knew his preference, and no one had a problem with that.

Lemon practically grew up with him. His mother, Aunt Dahlia, is Lemon's mother’s executive assistant. They’re always together, so the same goes for Mika and her.

They were the same age and went to the same school. Returning to their home country, they enrolled in the same school too. That was just how inseparable they were.

Anyone who looked at them could immediately tell that Kale was not as anxious as Lemon. He was confident their new classmates would accept him with arms wide open.

Lemon may not feel the same, but she was without a choice. She knew Letty wouldn’t agree to leave her in France by herself.

“Lemon, what’s up?” Kale asked, raising a brow at her. “I’m done packing! Don't tell me you’re still nursing a hangover from your birthday celebration?!”

“Bête! I’d already packed my stuff three days ago! You’re the one who just finished packing!”

“Fine! Fine!” he said, waving a hand at her.

Looking at her pink friend, Lemon confirmed he would get accepted with open arms. ‘Who wouldn’t love this gay?’ she asked herself.

Although Kale annoys her most of the time, her pink friend does have a refreshing personality and could easily befriend anyone. Lemon even believed he could gather fans at Saint Mary’s University.

After that short banter with her friend, Lemon stepped out of her room to check on Letty. She saw they were already busy packing their stuff as well.

Letty kept reminding the new manager of the fashion house of the same things she had already reminded her of days ago. She often does this, especially when double-checking stuff.

Letty wasn’t really letting go of 18 Threads. She will only return its management to her sister and put up her own in Centro.

The shop belonged to her sister anyway. It was transferred to her when her sister got sick and couldn’t handle it.

“What time is our flight, by the way?” she asked while her mom was scrambling with everything she needed to do.

“In two hours, fille,” Letty responded without looking at Lemon, and her daughter’s eyes widened in surprise.

Two hours, as in? I thought we were leaving in two days!’

“Are you excited, Lem?” Dahlia asked.

“Of course not, Mamita. She’s actually nervous!” Kale generously shared.

Letty suddenly stopped what she was doing to look at Lemon, her forehead creased. “Why is my daughter nervous?” She asked, but Lemon just shrugged and let out a sigh.

“I don't know. Maybe it’s because it’ll be a new environment. New people to try and get along with?” Lemon explained.

“Oh my, fille! You don't have to worry about anything. You're a lovely girl, and I’m sure they’ll like you,” she said sweetly, running a hand through her daughter’s hair.

“Of course! Besides, I’m there with her!” Kale butted in.

Letty hugged her daughter and mouthed ‘thank you’ to Kale. If not for both mother and son, life would have been tough for her and Lemon.

A couple of hours passed, and they finally boarded the plane. It will be a 17-hour trip and will surely be exhausting.

“O-M-G, can you tell I'm excited?”

“It’s not THAT obvious,” she retorted, grinning at Kale.

“You need to stop being pessimistic about things, you know?”

Lemon smiled lazily at her friend. She may not want to admit it, but she was indeed pessimistic. In eight out of ten situations she was in, Lemon would always think of a negative outcome.

She couldn’t help it if she got insecure.

After everything that had happened to her family, her sense of security hit rock bottom. She had a hard time coping with that.

Lemon grew up shy. If it weren’t for Kale, she wouldn’t know how to deal with people. So it was really all thanks to him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Centro International Airport. The local time is 0800h, and the temperature is 29°C.”

Her eyes suddenly flew open when she heard that announcement. ‘There’s really no going back now!’

They arrived on a Saturday. Just great! Because on Monday, they will attend their new school as incoming grade 9 students.

She was unsure how she would be able to deal with it. No matter how she tried to convince herself to calm down, she still couldn’t relax.

Negative scenarios kept popping into her mind, and they kept bothering her. All these what-ifs bugged Lemon ever since Letty told her they were going back.

Another thing that worried her was seeing her father again. ‘What if he shows up all of a sudden? How am I supposed to face him?’

All these kept playing inside her head, and Lemon was starting to lose focus. Hopefully, she will be able to settle down in a few days. Otherwise, she might end up going back to France.

Whether Letty would agree or disagree, she wouldn’t care. If she needs to, Lemon will do everything to return.

She can just seek the help of Letty’s younger sister, Ena. She will surely help her out. Even her mother’s older brother, Rigo, can help her, especially if put in a tough spot.

Chapter 2 – Fated or Planned

Kale hugged her before climbing down the stairs of the plane. “Girl, this is it!” he exclaimed. “I feel like I’ll finally find a boyfriend here!”

“Gosh! Why are you such a flirt?” Lemon called him off and laughed when Kale stuck his tongue out at her.

“You’re just envious because I’m prettier than you, and for sure, they’ll all come after me,” he added.

Lemon could only shake her head at his antics. He was not wrong anyway. If he weren’t gay, girls would chase after him.

He was good-looking if he was a guy, but that was not the case. He was flirtier than her. He even got a complete makeup set when Lemon didn’t have one.

“Lemon, let's go?” Letty called when she noticed her daughter stopped on her track when they were about to ride the car that picked them up.

She nodded and followed. They headed to the hotel where they would stay overnight while the preparations for their new house weren’t over.

Letty bought a house near their school. It


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