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Fvck Up Love

Fvck Up Love

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Bars, the taste of the alcohol, the smell of the cigarrete, and different guys---Emery Austin’s life is revolving around these. She was living independently until one day, her vices and bad habits wanted to pay her off. Her fate led her into something else she did not expect. She got pregnant. And she was hiding the child she was bearing from its true father. But there is someone who came into her life---Cliff. Cliff stayed by her side to take care of her. She does not have any romantic feelings towards Cliff or any other, but as time passed by, she was not able to guard herself but fell in love with him. And upon realizing it, the chance given came to an end. Regrets, heartache and being drawn again to something miserable. Would Emery still be clinging to her messed-up love?

Chapter 1



Emery Austin's POV

"Miss Austin, may I know why you did that?"

I rolled my eyes as the peace officer of the condominium where I am currently residing showed me the footage of what I did yesterday. It is the specific scene wherein I threw a bottle of lotion on the unit that is located under my room. Look, I didn’t mean it. It was just a result of my short temper. And I didn’t really expect that the flying bottle would land on the face of a very delicate neighbor downstairs.

"Go ahead and explain yourself Miss Austin." The peace officer added. I looked around me. Everyone was waiting for my precious answer.

Oh, by the way, we are now at the administration’s office.

I smirked. I should be living in the mountains and not in a condominium. I should not be dealing with these people after all. A wrong choice that I just recently made, psh.

"Do you know how to speak, Miss?" the guy in front of me asked. I narrowed my eyes. He is the delicate neighbor that filed the complaint against me.

"Yes, I know. How about you? Do you know how to shut up your mouth? " I sarcastically said. I am in bad shape and he just worsened my mood. I don’t care if we were in front of this officer.

"Look at how she reacts! She must be kicked out of the building," the delicate guy shouted.

"Whatever, you are gay! Stop talking! Or else I will punch you!" I answered. If he wants war, then I will give it to him.

"As if I am afraid!" Is he really challenging me?

I was about to walk closer to him, but the peace officer held my arms.

"Both of you! Stop! If we can’t settle you at peace, then maybe it is the right time to hold onto the golden rule! We will be bringing you to a room and you will be spending the whole night together!"

I punched the table because of what the officer had just said. Golden rule my feet!

"I totally disagree. I will be leaving first!" I said, then walked towards the door. But before I finally stepped out of the office, two old rotten men held my arms and brought me back in front of the officer. The latter showed me the contract that I signed. He specifically pointed me to the clause which states the golden rule.

At the back of my mind, I am ripping off the contract that I just signed. Why didn’t I read it thoroughly, by the way?

So, aforementioned, they brought us into a room and locked us inside.

I just didn’t bother to oppose their decision because, somewhat, I like to support them where they will become happy.

In my dreams!

I just didn’t oppose it because I don’t want to waste my time and energy on this kind of trash.

Now that it is just the two of us, I can freely punch this guy, right?

"This time, can we nicely introduce ourselves?" that guy asked peacefully.

I rolled my eyes.

"Nice way, my feet." I mimicked his accent.

"I sincerely apologize for dragging you to his office earlier, Miss Austin, but you should apologize as well because you threw something that caused me some lumps on my forehead." This time, he was speaking really nicely. Far away from his barbarous appearance when we were inside the administration’s office.

"If apologizing is what a gay like you needs, then so be it. Sorry." This is exactly the art of sarcasm.

He sighed. Then they started to talk again.

"I will be honest with you. I planned everything, so don’t call me gay anymore because, in the first place, I am a straight guy."

"What! You planned everything?" I asked, ignoring what he latter said.

"Yes, I know the golden rule, and I believe it is such a privilege to know the rule, unlike you."

I narrowed my eyes, but he just smirked at me. Look, he is transforming into evil again!

"Honestly, it was not my intention to report you, but since I know the rules, I did it. I already calculated that we will fall on the golden rule. My first impression of you is that you find it really hard to reconcile with your fellow. I want to spend the night with you, Miss Austin. That’s why I did that, "he explained.

This guy is really getting on my nerves! He is unbelievable!

"But why?!?" I shouted.

"I have a crush on you..." he casually said.

"I have a crush on you..."

"I have a crush on you..."

"I have a crush on you..."

"I have a crush on you..."

"I have a crush on you..."

And it is echoing!

It is not the first time that someone confessed to me, but hey! I didn’t see it coming!

"I know, right at this moment, you are not interested in my name. And so let me introduce myself with my signature dishes. I cooked all of these before I went to the peace officer. "

I was just observing him as he started to prepare the table and carefully served the dishes that he cooked.

I raised my eyebrows. What a perfect plan! And I admit my defeat!

"I also know that you are hungry. By looking at the clock and looking at your face, it truly coordinates. It is now time to eat, "he added.

Why is he talking that much, by the way? And why am I not answering? I must be blocking him, right?

"Please take your seat," he said nicely, but I just threw him a death glare.

"Do you want me to carry you here?" he asked as I was not moving from where I was currently standing. He walked close to me, but before he was able to touch an inch of my body, I hurriedly occupied the seat he was pointing to.

"Don’t worry, I didn’t put poison on it," he said while smiling sweetly.

A great pretender indeed! Therefore, he was just teasing me earlier at the administration’s office so that I would fall for his trap. Idiot! Pathetic!

"You must be very happy right now because you have been given a night to spend with me." I sarcastically said as I started to put some food on my plate.

"Yes, I am so happy. Let’s have a picture later, okay? A memory to keep, Emery."

Chapter 2



Emery Austin's POV

I chose to stay beside the glass window after we ate. Not a bad dinner, indeed. That delicate guy remained in the dining area, probably cleaning.

I looked outside the room, particularly at the cars and people that were moving freely. What a busy street and an exciting nightlife. I shook my head. I should be doing bar hoping at this moment instead of being contained in a room with a stranger.

"Did you enjoy our dinner?" Speaking of the stranger, here he is, standing close to me.

"Not really," I plainly said. Actually, my initial plan was to ignore him, but because of the food that he cooked, I felt like I had to talk to him by force.

"At our next dinner, rest assured that you will surely enjoy it."

I rolled my eyes, so he was still planning for the next dinner. He might be thinking that I will fall again into his trap. Heads up, I am wiser now. I already know


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