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Wildflower: The Legend of the Pterolycan

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There's a legend in the werewolf community, a legend that has long seemed to fade away. The legend of the Pterolycan, or a winged werewolf. One relentless and ruthless Alpha will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Remington comes from a long line of Alphas, but something is wrong when she never shifts on her 13th birthday. Her family encourages her to stay away from their pack functions and immerses herself into the human world, enough that everyone around her seems to forget who she is except for her close family and friends. Wyatt is the future Alpha of his pack and is dating the daughter of the Alpha of the neighboring pack. He prays to the Moon Goddess they are fated mates, but what happens when Wyatt comes across a mysterious girl just months before he turns 18. She seems oddly familiar but cannot for the life of him figure out who she is. From the moment his eyes set on her he can't seem to shake her or this feeling. Find out what happens in this star-crossed lover's story, and the trials along the way as Remington finds out who she truly is and the path it will take for them to be together!


The Legend of Werewolves

Long, long ago, it is said that the god of all gods, Zeus, attended a dinner hosted by a Greek king, known as Lycaon, and his sons. While he was at dinner, Zeus became enraged with the king when he realized they had served him the remains of Lycaon's dead son, as a test to find out if Zeus’ omniscience was real. In Zeus' rage, he killed the remaining sons of Lycaon and then turned Lycaon into an immortal wolf, so he had to live with what he had done for all of eternity.

Selene, the goddess of the moon, who also had an affair with Zeus, took pity on Lycaon. She thought what Zeus had done was cruel, and his actions were a little absurd for what Lycaon had done. He was a silly mortal who only wanted to know the true potential of a god. Since it is said that wolves of the Earth worship the moon, she decided to turn him into the first werewolf. Although, he did not hold any powers, just that of immortality. Lycaon was trapped in his wolf form because he did not know how to control himself when he would shift back and forth between his wolf and human form, but he was still able to have thoughts and emotions like those of a human. He hated the curse of being a werewolf but was grateful that he wasn't dead like his poor sons.

Selene then pleaded to Zeus to allow their youngest daughter, Ersa, to watch over her newly created werewolf. Zeus hastily agreed to her plea, since he was still furious about what Lycaon had done. Selene then turned their own daughter into a werewolf, a true daughter of the moon. Ersa was known as the goddess of the morning dew and became the first female werewolf. While on Earth, she started to get close with Lycaon and was there for him while they both learned to master their new werewolf forms. As time went on, they eventually became mates, with the help and guidance of her mother, Selene, thus creating the first mates. They had 10 werewolf pups, which is where the descendants of werewolves come from, and every modern-day werewolf is a direct descendant of one of the 10 pups.

As the descendants of Ersa and Lycaon multiplied from procreating with the humans on Earth over the centuries, the immortality of werewolves started to long fade away. Werewolves also gained many enemies over time and in turn had to hide themselves from those around them, especially humans.

Lycaon and Ersa long disappeared. Some say Zeus finally took pity on them and brought them back to Mount Olympus, while others believed their immortality was finally stripped away from them after the humans started hunting werewolves.

Modern-day humans have no idea they even exist. Though werewolves aren't the only creatures that live amongst the humans.

Over the many centuries, there have been a number of weapons designed to end a werewolf’s immortality, such as Aconite, also known as wolfsbane, and the use of lethal doses of silver. Werewolves age slower than a typical human and they have the ability to live longer, but they are far from immortal nowadays.

But what if this wasn't the full story? What if there was another legend out there, about another kind of werewolf? A legend not known by many except for the Keepers and those directly involved. One particular Alpha has become obsessed with finding the truth and will stop at nothing to find it, including killing others to get the information he wants.

Follow along as the Legend unfolds and even a greater tale comes to life with this first book in the Rocky Falls Series.

Chapter 1- This Thing About Her


As I felt the sun peeking into my room through the curtains, I casually looked over at her lying in a perfect little ball, her beautiful sunny blonde hair was sprawled all over my pillow. She looks so peaceful and content lying there next to me. Soon, this will be her spot forever. I gently moved a stray hair from her face. As I did that, I accidentally let out a loud sigh. I push the small piece of doubt that I have about her and I being soul mates, down deep to the pits of nothingness and ignore it once more. Unfortunately, I have been feeling this way for a while now but have been ignoring the unnerving feeling since I have loved her for so long, it only made sense that we would end up together forever.

“Mmmm, good morning baby.” Renee smirks at me with her eyes closed. She then rolls over and gives me a kiss. She had stayed over last night after a house


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