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Vengeful Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Nila
  • Chapters: 67
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 8.9K
  • 9.7
  • 💬 57


“I want to go back to my pack. So it will be better if you break the mate bond.” I say and he looks at me shocked. “What? Come again.” he was surprised and waiting for me to change my words. “So that’s why you are so desperate to talk to me? You want to break this bond, huh?” He comes and hovers over me. “Yes, I want to leave this pack, I want to leave you.” I try to look at his eyes and make him believe I also want this. “Dream on. I will never leave you alone,” he says and starts to walk outside. “Logan, I will leave this pack. With or without breaking this bond. So you can think if you want to suffer or not.” I say angrily and he turns around to face me. “I am not leaving you and I am not letting you leave this pack. Do you want to be with your lover? But I won’t let that happen."

Chapter 1

Andrea’s P.O.V.

“Please, please, slow down. I can’t take it anymore.” I cried in pain.

“Who told you, you can express what you feel? I am the alpha of this pack and you are my mate, and you have been made to please me.” He said while thrusting forcefully inside me.

I am crying in so much pain and begging for mercy.

But he didn’t slow down.

I know, I don’t have any say.

I am like a piece of meat only made to the pleasure of this so-called mate of mine.

I couldn’t bear it anymore and I don’t know when I blackout.

When I wake up, it’s already morning.

Logan is not in the room.

What I am expecting!

As if he will share the same bed with me. I am just a tool he used to vent his sexual frustration.

I get up and try to walk toward the bathroom to freshen up.

But I fall in the bed because of severe pain I feel in my lower abdomen, and all over my body.

It’s not a new thing, and as I am a werewolf, I know this pain will heal faster, but I know I will feel the same pain again.

It’s the routine for me

Every night, Logan comes and abuses me like I am a sinner and he is punishing me, and after that throw me like some doll.

Some nights, I try to bear with him, but most of the time I can’t bear it and blackout.

But I know, he doesn’t stop after that, as I can see the evidence of his completion inside me every morning.

After some time, I get up and went to the bathroom, and clean myself.

I change into a beautiful dress from the pile of dresses hanging in my walk-in closet.

If Logan would not have sexually abused me, I would have been the happiest person in this world as I don’t lack anything.

Logan is the Alpha of the biggest pack of America and filthy rich. and being his Luna, I am the richest Luna.

My whole closet cry money,

Dresses I wear once, I don’t have to wear them again.

Food I eat is made by the most renowned chef and there are maids who run behind me every time I step out of the room.

Entire pack showers me with love and respect.

I can’t complain about anything.

But when I enter this room, the story turns upside down.

From the day I come to this pack, I never slept a night in peace and every morning I wake up with a lot of bruises and pain all over my body.

But I know he is also suffering.

It’s not Logan is some ruthless person or someone who has no emotion, but he became like this for our past.

This story began five years back.

When I was only Sixteen and I lived in my former pack, the Rose heaven pack.

Yes, I was the daughter of Alpha and I used to live like a princess.

That was the day of my sixteenth birthday and my mother was helping me to dress up for my birthday party.

I was so excited as my party was happening in our pack house with an enormous arrangement.

Though my father never mistreated me, he never loved me as he loved my brothers from childhood.

My eldest brother Aries, as he is the eldest and he will be the alpha of our pack, he was the gem of his eyes.

Also, my other brother Ariel, who is second in position and one year elder than me.

They were like a treasure to my dad.

Both my brothers and mother loved me so much that I never felt the lack of love, though my father didn’t love me as much as he loved my brothers.

Every year, he used to arrange a grand birthday party for my brother but He arranged mine as simple as possible.

Though I never complained, my brother never liked this.

This year they persuade my father and arranged this birthday party, so I was very excited.

But I never thought this party will turn my life upside down.

My mom was doing my makeup when I was sitting in a chair. After she finished, I wore my dress that was brought by my elder brother.

It was a light pink princess gown.

“They made this gown for a princess, and as you are our princess, I bought it for you.” My brother Ariel said while giving it to me.

“And princess, without Tiara, doesn’t look nice. So this is from me.” My younger brother Aries gave me the Tiara.

After I wear the dress and wear it with Tiara and some jewelry given by my mother, I truly look like a princess in a fairy tale.

My dad didn’t wish me a birthday. I know he will be at the party and he never wished before, so I didn’t mind.

While I was going out with mom, I find some bruise on my mom’s wrist.

I became concerned.

“What is this mom?” She panicked, hearing me ask.

“N… Nothing. I just hurt my hand while doing some work.” She tried to hide her hand.

But I thought it was really just an accident and nothing else, so I didn’t think further.

When I went downstairs, the party was going on in full swing.

Many people were present among them, most of them I didn’t know

I knew all of my pack members. So I thought my dad invite someone outside my pack.

The party went very well.

I enjoyed myself a lot and seeing myself happy,  my brothers are also happy.

The night passed with a lot of laughing and dancing, eating and playing with my brother.

I never thought this night will be my nightmare for a lifetime.

I can still remember that is the last night I enjoyed my life, after that my bad luck started.

After the party, I spend my whole night talking and laughing with my brothers.

They told me about what will they do after finding their mate.

As my brothers were the next Alpha and Beta, lots of girls in the pack fall on them, but they don’t glance at them.

They believed in mate bond and they want to wait for their mate.

They also told me about their training for Alpha as they will soon be the alpha of our pack.

We ate and talk the entire night till morning.

I didn’t know when I fall asleep and my brother put me in my bed.

Chapter 2

Next day,

When I woke up, I was already on my bed.

so I thought, my brothers might have bought me here.

I got up and went for breakfast after doing my morning routine.

Everyone was sitting and waiting for my dad at the table.

I didn’t know what had happened, but he was not yet coming down.

It’s abnormal.

My dad was very punctual.

After around fifteen minutes he came, and we ate our breakfast.

When we finished eating our breakfast, he told us to meet him in his office.

We went to his office and sit.

My mom was sitting beside him, and I and my brother sit opposite his table.

“What do you want to discuss, dad?” Ariel started when we all were sitting there.

“Yesterday at a party many people came.” dad started saying.

“Yes, we know. We met them.” Aries said.

“Yes. You may have then met Alpha Rick there?” He said, and everyone became alert.

“Yes, we met. He is a good person.” I can say he is a

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