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Vampire's Pet

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Runo Kaelynn Alberona is an orphan; she has no parents other than the ones who took her in. A woman chosen to be a maid for the four brothers— the Lockhart, who has everything: wealth, fame, and even her life. As she stepped inside the Lockhart's territory, she started uncovering the secrets within that mansion. A strange, unseen, and terrifying secret. Will she be able to handle everything she discovers inside the mansion? Can she stay in a place full of mystery? Or will she be able to escape alive? Will there be sacrifices needed for her to uncover such secrets? Or she'll end up as their pet?




My name is Runo Kaelynn Alberona, and I am an orphan who grew up in a children's home. It's a mystery to me who my parents are. No idea if I even have any biological siblings. The other orphans are the only ones I've ever thought of as family.

I could only complete high school, and now, I have no plans to continue my education past that point due to a lack of funds to do so.

I've reached the age where I must start fresh and leave the place I've called home for the past nineteen years. The nuns at my orphanage saw potential in me, so they sent me to work as a maid for the four affluent Lockhart siblings. Once I begin my position, I shall be obligated to live in Lockhart's Mansion and serve as a full-time maid.

I intend to use the pay I'll receive from Lockhart to fund my search for my biological parents and launch a business of my own.

I'll have to live without relying on someone except myself this day.

I continued walking until I stood in front of the enormous gate leading to Lockhart's estate, where I paused to catch my breath.

"I can do this!" I said to myself and rang the doorbell without knowing what would happen to me in the future.

C H A P T E R 1

C H A P T E R: 1



I dragged my bags until I reached the front door, where little hands tugged at my clothes.

"You're leaving, Sister Runo? Please don't leave us. We'll miss you!" I get on my knees to hug them. They were the kids I cared for and who I thought of as my siblings. Our parents left us all here at the orphanage, and I know it hurts them to know that I will leave them too. It hurts me to see them cry.

Did my parents feel the same as I did when they left me?

"I promise I'll come to see you guys, and I'm not going too far from here," I lied.

To be honest, the Lockhart's estate is too far away for me to visit them, and I doubt I'll be able to do so now that I'm a full-time maid.

I'm going to miss them, all of them. I promise if I earn enough money, I'm going to visit the orphanage, but it would be great if all of them were alre


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