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Twin Alphas' Redemption

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Yukides
  • Chapters: 141
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 348
  • 7.5
  • 💬 18


"He killed our mother with his own sinful hands, elder. I cannot forgive him." When fate takes a very wrong turn Lesley Castell - a wronged alpha female of her pack - is paired with twin Alpha brothers named Jacob Bloodmond and Jean Bloodmond. Jean accepts Lesley as his mate quickly, but what happens to Lesley the moment she finds another wolf in the woods claiming her and kidnapping her from the possession of Jean's territory? What the brothers don't know about Lesley's truth, will shock them and traumatize them for an eternity. Because she carries the same cursed blood in her veins as their dead mother. Will she land in the same fate as their mother...? Or does reality finally settle between the two begrudging brothers?

The end of Leela Bloodmond

"DROP HER DOWN, RIGHT NOW JACOB! SHE DID NOTHING WRONG!" Jean screamed at his seventeen year old twin brother, Jacob. Jacob had an inhuman strength, but he was inhuman, too. He held his birth mother's throat with vengeance. His eyes were bloodshot with rage and a few other unnecessary emotions."GET THE F*CK DOWN, JACOB!" Jean screamed again.He couldn't bear the sound of his mother crying and writhing in pain under Jacob's hold. "I- I am your mother, Jacob." "You are also a demon who's killed thousands of innocent lives, mother. You think we wouldn't know? That you killed our father and feasted on his blood for three entire nights?" Jean gasped. He couldn't believe what he heard from his elder twin brother."That's not true...right?" Suddenly, ivory scales appeared behind the mother's ears. It stung his fingertips, blood oozing out of his hand but he only hisses at the sensation."...And I would do the same with the blood I birthed, Jacob." Leela Bloodmond had raged. She lost touch with reality...and her demon entity was taking over her. Just like a wolf could take over their hosts' vulnerability. "Argh!" Jacob grunted as his mother pushed herself from his hold by kicking him hard in the stomach. She launched in the direction where her other, innocent son was."Jean, run!" But it was too late. Leela who was on the ceiling rods because of Jacob on their pack house has taken her demon form completely. Her legs were almost horse like. The bend of it made her the strongest and the fastest runner in the scene. But Jacob was still the strongest.Because a strong wolf could never lose to a mere horse."Jean!" Jean shook himself back to reality. The scene terrified him. Of course it would. His mother was suddenly a demon, and was hunting him down desperately. And his brother, he was trying to protect him from their mother.The packhouse had gone berserk. Werewolves running around but the demon within their circle had got ahold of few of her victims. With her claw, she ripped the throat out of a young girl pup and feasted on the blood oozing from her neck. "N-No!" The mother of the young girl pup couldn't do anything. It was a demon, after all. Even if she was a mother trying to save her child...she was merely an omega."Hmm...what a fresh stock—" Leela grumbled at the spear thrown towards her. It was Jacob, behind him was Jean. "I told you to f*ck*ng run away,""But it's m-mother—" "SHE IS NOT OUR MOTHER ANYMORE, JEAN!" Jacob quickly caught the spear that was thrown back at him. Leela strode towards them, the very ground breaking at each of her demonic footsteps. She was gaining momentum to launch herself at her sons. To kill them. To feast on their blood, and become the strongest demon alive."MOTHERS DON'T THROW SPEARS BACK AT THEIR SONS, JEAN! RUN! NOW!" Jean grunts as he stands to his feet,"But you threw it first, Jacob." Leela clawed the elder twin's face, almost taking his eye out. The mother licked her claw stained with his blood and hummed at the power it instantly filled her with. "You were always so strong, Jacob." She said, putting her claws over her chest. Jacob held his stinging face and watched the wolf within him coming up to heal him, as quickly as possible. He couldn't afford to power her up any more. Even a drop of his powerful blood for his mother could determine the next winner."Fight. Fight me back, Jacob!" "I am, mother. And I always will!...for Jean." Suddenly, Jacob threw the spear into the gas chamber. His aim was so perfect that it impressed the demon, but the demon didn't know he was about the light the whole place up."JACOB, WAIT—" Jean and the Beta of the pack - Euane Roman - ducked away just in time. Roman wrapped his body around the alpha boy, the pack's next precious leader, to save him from the fatal explosion. The young boy screamed as both his elbows and knees were ruptured harshly by the gravel beneath. Jean looked back, covered in ash and dirt covering the part of his face which was bloody and burning. There, he saw Jacob holding their mother's neck in the air. It happened so slowly. As if Jean was forced to watch every single detail of his brother killing his mother.'But...she's our mother, right?Why is Jacob killing her...?Why is her head away from her body now? What did Jacob do to her...?And Jacob...why are you crying? You were the one to kill her, right? Is this your fate? Is this our troubled fate from now, Jacob?You want me to live in this accursed world...bearing the fact that you killed our mother just because she was a demon?There should be a cure...right? The witches could find a cure for anything, right?Oh...Jacob. What have you done?'Slowly...Jean's mind began clouding with poison.He couldn't tolerate watching Jacob hunch his back and cry tears of blood in front of him. All that Jacob wanted to do was protect him, and the others in the world. But what did he end up gaining from Jean?Resentment.And on that fateful day, Jacob had become the villain of the story.

My story: Lesley James

~Lesley~I may be the heroine of my story, but I'm definitely so our of line from being the protagonist. Three hours later, my step brother smiles at me and tucks me to sleep. It was sure after midnight, and we were naked.He is two years younger to me, and I am without a mate in my pack, as old as twenty three years. And I have my urges.More than any other female wolf.I was born an alpha.You see, my father had the biggest frown over his charming features when he found out I was born into this world with a vagina, to a woman he loathed having as his paired. Oh, he loathed my mother. So much so that after she gave birth to me, he left her writhe in pain as she died holding me in her arms.I was suckling my first and last of my mother's breast milk while she was dead on the floor.That was how I was born to James Castell, my father. He has forced his name into my surname, because I a


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