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True mates

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" Layla!" Ace growled as he barged into her room. what was he looking for in her house? Her room? "How dare you call my name like that!" She fired back at him. They had an open argument earlier in school today and she won. Could it be he came to deal with her? "You don't know how you look like with that face, get a straw, you s*ck!" She clicked her tongue with an irritated look on her face Before she took a step, in a Swift motion, Ace stood before her grabbing her neck and pushed her to the wall. "Arrgh!" She yelped and grabbed his hands. "You know I could sl*t your throat right now, I could kill you Layla! Don't push me" he growled beside her ears and pulled away to see a tear roll down her cheeks. With an unreadable look on his face, he stepped back. "You can insult me, throw me around, beat me but you can never kill me!" She yelled at him with an unknown confidence " And why's that?" " You, Ace, I've already got you wrapped around my fingers and I haven't even done anything!" She pointed at him. ******** Layla Fulton is an 18 years old beautiful teenager from the Hill pride pack, she doesn't know what it's like to shape shift since she hasn't yet. Just on her first day of resumption to her dream university, she got on the nerves of no other guy but Ace Anderson; Feared by all pack members and respected by everyone, very proud and arrogant, wealthy, dominant and very possessive. As the pack leader of a Everbite wolf shifter clan, he became tasked with protecting the last of his kind from an enemy pack; Layla, he could not help but notice he was slowly getting attracted to her. And when they both realize they're true mates, he needs to decide between killing her and wanting her.

Chapter 1: Admission to West bridge university

A/N: hi lovelies ❤️, thanks for tapping on this book. I promise you won’t regret reading it. This is gonna be my first werewolf high school book and I am sure it would be so good ^_^. So lovelies, gather your popcorn cos you’re gonna enjoy the beautiful ride. Now let’s get started 🥰 Layla POV “What the hell Vernon! What’s wrong with you!!” I screamed out loud at the top of my voice. I really don’t know what’s wrong with my brother this morning! He knows I’m to be in school by this time or should I say preparing for school? Whichever! I’m currently standing before the door of the bathroom with my purple body towel hung around my neck. I looked down at my purple crocs and could see my feet were still tapping the floor. “D*mn! Vernon this isn’t funny!!” I yelled out as I banged my hand hard on the door. “Could you please be quiet!!” I could hear him say from the bathroom. “Quiet? Is that what you said huh? Don’t be dumb!!” I yelled. “Dad can you hear what Layla is saying? She has forgotten I’m her older brother” he yelled out making me more mad. Yes, he is my older brother and who cares! Not that I am disrespectful but at this point, I think I am. “Layla what is going on here?” My dad asked, finally walking into the scene. I exhaled heavily and placed my hands on my waist standing in akimbo. “Dad what’s wrong with Vernon?, He’s been in the bathroom for over 30 minutes but still no sound of water at all” I groaned out frustrated. My dad looked at me with this pitiful look on his face. I squeezed my face immediately seeing his facial expression. “Vernon don’t be silly! You know Layla has to be in school before now” my dad said to him with this thick voice of his. “Dad!” That was the only reply Vernon could give at the moment. I rolled my eyes wishing I could break the door and strangle him. Fvck.. I wouldn’t do so, I still need that brat. “Why are you like this! It’s my first day for heavens sake Vernon!” I yelled out banging the door again. “Just hold on, a little more minute and I’ll be done okay!?” He replied sounding frustrated too. It’s gonna be my first day at West bridge university, d*mn. I am pretty nervous about it, I mean, West bridge university is always my dream university. It’s not just so popular, there are beautiful and talented teachers there. I’ve read a lot about the university, and with the one I know, the university is ranked top 2 In the city of Houston Texas. And it’s an international university for crying out loud >.<. I’ve been making research on the school, saw a lot of photos of it. And I still can’t believe today, I would be going there. I mean, West bridge university is just so good, I know every parents wants their kids there. Why not? I heard there are hotties there and pretty girls too, it’s a school for elites but still I count myself worthy and lucky to be among the students attending West bridge university. After I went through the school fees, I found out it was d*mn expensive and my father won’t be able to afford it, not even if he sells our house and his car, his monthly income isn’t even quarter of it. But then, I applied for a scholarship, wrote some exams and passed. The best part of it was I got a fully funded scholarship and my resumption is today!! But here I am, standing by the door waiting for my stupid *ss brother to finish with whatever he is doing in there and get his stupid *ss out. “For goodness sake Vernon!, It’s my first day, and it matters!” I yelled tiredly as I slapped my forehead hoping he would listen, be human, and step out. “Layla, don’t you know the meaning of hold on anymore??” He replied instead. “That’s it!, I’m breaking this door, I really don’t know what you’re doing in there!” i yelled out and grabbed the door handle. Turning the hand, I kicked the door open and gasped at what I saw. Firstly, I never expected the door to be opened. “What the! You didn’t even lock the doors??” I yelled out immediately and stared at my brother seating on the toilet with tissue papers in his hands. I looked down to the floor and saw it was littered with tissue papers. “Vernon! Could you explain what the actual fvck is going on here!” My dad demanded. Vernon wiped his eyes with the tissue in his hand and sniffed. “ She left me” he simply replied and cried out. I stared at him like he was a blank sheet of paper. “Are you okay at all?” I simply asked him with a frown. “Kathy left me Dad!” He cried out. I wore an irritated face on immediately and walked to him grabbing him by his hair. “So? Your girlfriend broke up with you and that’s why you are sitting here in the bathroom for over 30 minutes, littering the floor with tissues? What the hell Vernon!!” I yelled out and pulled him. “You must be sick! I told you before now that girl is a tart, but you were so blinded by love and still you kept pushing, just get out of the bathroom and cry elsewhere because I need to use this place now” I said and finally pushed him out of the bathroom “ Thanks” I added and slammed the door before his face. What! Just imagine.. keeping me waiting because you are crying over a girl… I rolled my eyes and immediately, I began taking off my clothes. “Time to have a beautiful shower” I smiled and walked to my locker. Took the keys and unlocked it to take out my skin care products, yes I lock them because of my brother. You won’t understand… I really need to look good today, they shouldn’t look at me and immediately conclude I am one broke *ss girl. I am not though, my dad is hardworking and my brother also is. He’s been supporting my dad financially since we lost our mom. Well, she was actually murdered and since then, my dad had been doing all he could to keep us safe and made sure we lack nothing healthy. ………….. I stepped out of the bathroom after having a long and yet short bathe. My brother was seated on the couch with his eyes fixed on me. “What?” I asked totally uncomfortable with the way he was looking at me. If glares could kill, I’m sure I’d be dead by now. He said nothing, I was about making a step further until he eventually spoke up. “Really? Layla? You really had to do that?” He asked me. I’m sure he was sure he’s referring to what happened in the bathroom. “What? Don’t start now, I have to leave for school” I replied and was about making another step until he suddenly appeared before me. That’s it, Again, he made a swift motion and stood before me standing in akimbo. “ Vernon! Please!” I cried out opening my hands at him. “ If not because you’re my sister, I would have locked you up in that bathroom” he said and poked my forehead. Vernon is a beta member, well my dad is a delta, and my mom was also a beta. Yeah my Dad isn’t an Alpha, we have our own Alpha, That’s Alpha Reagan of Hill pride pack. I don’t know what I am, and honestly I don’t worry myself anymore, I was told I would shape shift at the age of 16, here I am..I haven’t yet. My 17th birthday passed and still nothing, I’m just so happy my pack members aren’t angry at anything. My father still sees me as his own and everyone else, so I don’t have a problem at all with it. “You’ve locked me before, Chicken!” I clicked my tongue and walked past Vernon heading to my room. As soon as I got to my room, I got a phone call from Bailey, my best friend. “Hey sweetheart are you ready?” Her voice came up happily “Yeah, just few more minutes, I’d be leaving the house soon” I replied and ended he call. She’s been attending West bridge university. Now we are both happy we would attend the same university. Immediately, I got dressed up in my uniform and grabbed my backpack. “Okay, all done!” I sighed and walked out of my room to see Vernon standing before me again. “WHAT NOW?!” I yelled “You see, that’s it..that’s what I want to address, learn how to talk before you go there, you might just open your mouth and say what you aren’t supposed to say go someone” he sighed “Thanks, just so you know..I don’t talk anyhow” “You’re stubborn and bad mouthed” he stuck out his tongue at me. “Dad” I yelled out.

Chapter 2: First day

Layla POV My Dad slapped his forehead, I could hear him groan lowly and tiredly. “Don’t kill my dad, Vernon!” I yelled at my brother. He’s very disturbing and frustrating. “For goodness’s sake, leave Layla alone, Vernon!” My dad said to him tiredly. I gave a side smile at him and shrugged, “whatever, I made you breakfast” he said to me. Oh, yeah, he’s nice. Even though I can be troublesome, he would always be a sweet big brother to me. I chuckled lowly and shrugged, “Thanks bro” I replied and walked with him to the dining. Walking to the dining, on the table I saw a package and was sure it was my breakfast. “Yeah, I knew you’d be running late, that’s why I made you burgers, you can eat them on your way” he replied. A side smile appeared on my face, “Aww, Vernon! Thanks, love” I replied and rushed to grab my breakfast. “So, Dad, we are leaving now” Vernon said out loud. “


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