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The Vampire's Revenge

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(Contains s*x scenes) KYLE’S POV, “You are driving me crazy, girl, "I said as I took her earlobes in between my teeth and scraped them sexually, her moans filled my ear and I bite it harder as I recollected all I did just to get her to be mine, that is the price every human male makes to get to date a female werewolf. It is really crazy. Now, I am no longer a human. I am now an immortal who got his own power just like every werewolf. “Wait a little,” she said as she shoved me into the bed. I slumped on the bed as I attempted to quell my emotion. She twerked her asses in a way that sent some sensation down my spine, I groaned and held my d*ck. Suddenly, she turned her face to me and I smiled, she frowned. “Who are you?” she asked me in a cozy voice as she paced up and down like a giant warrior. “What do you mean?” I asked as my gaze swiveled around and I saw the mirror overlooking her back. Has she discovered the new me? I implored in my mind. Then my eyes flickered. I stood up in speed and strode to the window and looked up at the stars. “I am a Vampire!” I yelled. There were four werewolves kingdoms in the oasis of Credos and those kingdoms enclosed human beings. There were restrictions and regulations guiding the peaceful co-existence between the four kingdoms and the humans for many years without any bleach. Until a college boy turned into a Vampire. The boy was always treated badly by the humans, especially his stepmother. He returned back home without anyone observing that he had died, he started attempting to unravel who he had become, he uncovered his new abilities and researched them. Without the human's awareness, he snipped himself and dipped his blood into liquor at a party, thus turning those who taste out of the liquor into Vampires. He compelled an army of Vampires and perpetrated anything to avenge the werewolves. Will the werewolves condone this? When the vampire boy and the daughter of one of the Alphas were mates? And the same girl was assigned to coax him into their den. Will she decide on love or her people? And there existed a brave human, HUNTER, who when others were terrified, was called to challenge and annihilate the Vampires. Will he accomplish his goals with the help of his siblings, the werewolves and daughter who is the Vampire boy and Werewolf girl's classmate and the Vampire boy's secret crushes?

The black moon

Kyle's pov

It's been exactly a week since that awful incident happened, but yet, neither talked of it died down nor had the memory left my head.

It was like, something punched the repeat button on my brain remote control so that only that ugly event played in my mind. It's not like I've had any pleasant events anyways. Or maybe I have... However, whatever good memory I had died alongside my parents seven years ago.

I was only ten when my parents had an automobile crash that took their life. At that time, Alpha Aloysius, the ruler of one of the four werewolf kingdoms that surrounded the human village, just had a son, and he had invited everybody to the celebration.

The peaceful coexistence that ensued between humans and werewolves at that time was strict because of some restrictions, rules, and regulations that governed them all.

Everybody, including the inhabitants of the other three werewolf kingdoms and the humans too, was invited. However, despite how my mother, in particular, had coaxed me into going with them, I refused to go. And it is that simple refusal that probably kept me alive till today.

However, the event of seven days ago made me question the reason behind my existence. I was better off dead anyway. I should have gone with mama and papa to the Alpha's ceremony, the weakness in me thought. I should have died with them.

It was cold. I felt my pulse quickening, almost like I could hear the snapping and buckling of my bones. My mind was in disarray. A mirror of my past, I might add. Fragments of these memories came crashing down on my senses, and even in my sleep, I could hear distant noises, heartbeat, and footsteps that disturbed my rest.

The sun had dropped and abandoned the sky, and the moon was crimson red, looking as though it sought blood. The night bird flew over, around, and about it as I continued to run wild inside the thick bush. The echoes of my chasers close on my heels. The air thickened around me as I tried to run quicker. They were behind me, hunting and chasing me like I was the plague. My leg caught up with a tree root which made me double over, and I fell headfirst right into the big tree standing in my front, and I passed out on the ground immediately.

The giant black creature hovering around the moon descended low, sailed over my head, and sat on my head. "Wake up!" I heard the voice whistling. "Arise!" it seemed like it commanded.

The voice of the creature continued to ring in me until I jumped up from my bed; my eyes snapped open. I squinted my eyes when the brightness from the sun ray almost blinded me. I yawned and scratched his eyes. It was that dream again.

It has been seven days since the accident in the thick Bush. And it has been seven days since I started having this weird dream —where I fell flat on the ground, and an uncanny creature came and bid me to stand up.

It wasn't just about the dream. It was the seventh day those weird feelings started. The one where I feel the presence of something around me when in fact, I was always alone. I sat up from my bed to adjust the old ragged blinds hanging on my window to minimize the light that came into my room, and that was when I saw it again.

A mimicry of the creatures from my dreams was standing on the oak tree, a few feet from my bedroom window, glaring away. But why does it seem like I could understand the sound coming from it? Although it didn't speak. I felt and heard him saying, it seemed.

The creature turned my way and looked right into my eyes, which might have seeped through my soul because as I looked right back into its eyes, what seemed to be more than just a recollection of my dreams clouded my mind.

The images were so uncanny and scary and mind wrecking too that I had to slap my eyelid shut to prevent myself from seeing more. My hands frantically shot to my ears to keep them from hearing more unnerving sounds that appeared to be coming out from the eyes of the creature... If that was even possible.

"The days of rebirth are complete. No longer a part but a whole. No longer a basic but a rare. The night calls for sharing of flesh and the drinking of blood. If the moon goes thirsty, let it drink!" The creature spoke, and I heard it through my mind. But with a voice that sounded hoarse and rustic. Like an old man. And immediately, it disappeared.

What the hell? I thought and turned away from the window to the kitchen, feeling famished all of a sudden. Maybe the fall affected my brain somehow, which was why I was hallucinating, I thought.

My stomach grumped, and as I turned sideways, searching for some leftover food to eat, I caught sight of a slightly wounded rat eating from the grains on the ground. Immediately, my nose twitched in recognition of the alluring stench of blood, an act I noticed to have started at least the last four days. My stomach groaned again in gratification.

And with desires as strong and wild as anything, I caught the rodent in one swift motion, and before I understood what I was doing, I tucked my teeth into its flesh and s*ck*d its blood—devouring it like it's the best delicacy I've had in ages. And in truth, it was!

I jolted and reeled backward a bit when the realization of what I had done struck me, and with a pace, I never knew I had, I dashed to my bathroom and looked into the mirror to confirm my doubt, but for the life of me, I couldn't see my reflection at all.

What the heck" I shouted in alarm, then jumped backward. My leg hit the toilet seat at my back, and I fell, and immediately everything turned utterly black.

"What the heck" I shouted in alarm, then jumped backward. My leg hit the toilet seat at my back, and I fell, and immediately everything turned utterly black.

Welcome, dear reader, to my new book. I appreciate you and your help. The journey just starts, please, add it to the library and comment. , don't forget to more chapters, love you.

The strange openings

Kyle's pov

I had only one purpose, and that was to find out why and how I turned out this strange and weird. Last night was worse, I couldn't even take a little sleep, and neither did my craving for blood subside. I'm guessing at this point there are no more rodents in my room.

I had conducted a series of blood tests in the lab to see if I'd have the edge over my newly profound abilities. I sat silently on the lab stool to wait for the results until it was ready and came out.

I was shocked by the revelation of the result. Not wholly shocked, I must say. Although my instincts pointed to the fact that my hunches were correct, the logical part of my brain fought against the possibilities. But now, it is confirmed.

And after a couple of other research from the web, mythological books, and journals, I knew for a fact that I died and woke up. I am no longer a human. The words of the owl played once more in my head. Wake up! Arise!



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