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(Contains s*x scenes) KYLE’S POV, “You are driving me crazy, girl, "I said as I took her earlobes in between my teeth and scraped them sexually, her moans filled my ear and I bite it harder as I recollected all I did just to get her to be mine, that is the price every human male makes to get to date a female werewolf. It is really crazy. Now, I am no longer a human. I am now an immortal who got his own power just like every werewolf. “Wait a little,” she said as she shoved me into the bed. I slumped on the bed as I attempted to quell my emotion. She twerked her asses in a way that sent some sensation down my spine, I groaned and held my d*ck. Suddenly, she turned her face to me and I smiled, she frowned. “Who are you?” she asked me in a cozy voice as she paced up and down like a giant warrior. “What do you mean?” I asked as my gaze swiveled around and I saw the mirror overlooking her back. Has she discovered the new me? I implored in my mind. Then my eyes flickered. I stood up in speed and strode to the window and looked up at the stars. “I am a Vampire!” I yelled. There were four werewolves kingdoms in the oasis of Credos and those kingdoms enclosed human beings. There were restrictions and regulations guiding the peaceful co-existence between the four kingdoms and the humans for many years without any bleach. Until a college boy turned into a Vampire. The boy was always treated badly by the humans, especially his stepmother. He returned back home without anyone observing that he had died, he started attempting to unravel who he had become, he uncovered his new abilities and researched them. Without the human's awareness, he snipped himself and dipped his blood into liquor at a party, thus turning those who taste out of the liquor into Vampires. He compelled an army of Vampires and perpetrated anything to avenge the werewolves. Will the werewolves condone this? When the vampire boy and the daughter of one of the Alphas were mates? And the same girl was assigned to coax him into their den. Will she decide on love or her people? And there existed a brave human, HUNTER, who when others were terrified, was called to challenge and annihilate the Vampires. Will he accomplish his goals with the help of his siblings, the werewolves and daughter who is the Vampire boy and Werewolf girl's classmate and the Vampire boy's secret crushes?

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“Waoh! Do I really slap him?” “Am I not going insane? Sh*t!” I say as I sit down on the floor, resting my back on the door. I'm still musing over the kiss when there's a stiff thump at the door. I assume it's Lucian, but I take notice it's Kim’s voice. Kim is the maids’ head and she extremely dislikes me for winning the boss’s heart. She'd been working for them since when she was a kid. Her mother also was a maid to them before she passed on. Since she'd nowhere to go, she begged the boss to permit her to be their maid. Then Mary had already won the boss’s heart and had been the one attending to her. When Mary left, she thought that she would be chosen but I was chosen instead of her. She'd vowed to deal with me. She turned herself into my enemy. “What do you want?” I say. “Common open the door!” she orders and I furrow my eyebrow as if she's with me. “Miss, if you can’t tell me what you want from me, just leave,” I yell. “Because I'm not opening any door,” I add as I bark at her. "Keep barking, well done, the boss said that you must be the one to cook lunch for him and his mother. You've charmed both mother and son. Very soon, I'll be the one to break the charms,” she says, then I hear her swearing and footsteps because she's a loud walker. I'm so shaken at the news she conveys to me. “Is that hoodwink….hmm, I mean that handsome…no …that dense…what should I call him…desperate…yes…that dense desperate brat, intend to overburden me? Chai! How could he? …” I say but I'm disrupted by the ring of my cell phone. “Get into the kitchen right now!” he orders. I'm taken aback. ‘How did he get my phone number within a short time? It must be the jealous brat… I'll surely deal with her,’ I murmur inwardly. Standing up, I begin to pace up and down, thinking of what to do. The only thing that moves my mind is ‘Escape!’ I quickly saunter to my dresser and grab my light traveling bag. I pack up some of my favorite clothes and shoes. I don’t even bother to change. I don’t want to draw attention from the other maids. I quickly zip up the traveling bag; take my phone and dash toward the stairs. Sneaking out without making any sound, I haven’t taken five steps when I hear his voice as he calls my former name. “Nicole!” “Sh*t!” I swear. **** She was dispatched for the first time by the Mafia lord, Lord Sir Gabby Anderson, and she was apprehended, she managed to escape. After eight years, she was sent once more, this time to confront his mother. He returned to tend to his mother's needs. Can Emily elude her past with him? Continue reading! Leave your thoughts, rate, and savor the tale...


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