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The secret triplets of the Alpha

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"I, Elijah, reject you as my companion," the words, at last, were said, "From today you will again be what you have always been within the pack, a worthless wolf. Grace is a young orphan who mysteriously lost her parents. After living a difficult life alongside Uncle Boris, she sees her life change when Elijah, future Alpha, chooses her as his companion and saves her from living a miserable life. But on her eighteenth birthday, Elijah rejects her and she is forced to flee the pack not to be humiliated by the whole pack. Grace flees to the human world carrying a secret and when her triplets are kidnapped, she is forced to seek out the only person capable of helping find her children. Now Elijah is a powerful alpha and feared by all, besides having at his side, Elara, his destiny companion. But when Grace comes back asking for his help, he realizes that not only the past has returned, but that now he is the father of three boys who are missing. Will Grace and Elijah be able to overcome the past and join forces to find the triplets? Elijah will know once and for all if he is willing to face anyone to find his lost children.

Chapter 1

Grace just wanted her parents to be there, to see her change for the first time. But she didn’t want to change, even though her wolf showed signs that she was too different for her pack. Grace didn’t find anything exciting about turning eighteen. Her parents had died in an ambush. Grace never knew how it had really happened; her uncle Boris always avoided the subject. He was the only one who knew the whole truth. But someone had always marginalized the omegas within the pack, and when Grace’s parents died, no one cared to uncover the genuine reasons.

For many years, uncertainties plagued Grace. They resurfaced every time a cycle completed in her life. Being enslaved by her uncle Boris only made things worse. For a long time, she lived under his nefarious care until Elijah appeared in her life and saved her from the clutches of a cruel wolf.

It forced the Grace to snap out of her thoughts when she noticed Derrick’s presence in the room. “Filthy orphan,” Derrick spat on the floor, showing his contempt for Grace. “Dress decently, because Elijah is waiting for you.”

“Elijah?” she exclaimed, wide-eyed, while whispering.

“Are you deaf or what?” he bared his yellowed teeth, “Useless b*tch, don’t keep the Alpha’s son waiting.”

Derrick’s heavy footsteps gradually faded until Grace couldn’t hear them anymore. However, the tension he had dumped on her shoulders as soon as he entered her room lingered, almost paralyzing her. Derrick was the beta and Elijah’s best friend. This fact made him feel important, superior. He despised Grace because he believed she didn’t deserve to be Elijah’s mate, being from an inferior caste.

Her body trembled as she thought about what Elijah wanted with her. For a long time, she had questioned what the Alpha’s son would want with an omega. Perhaps Derrick was right when he said she wasn’t worthy of the future alpha. Why did Elijah choose her as his mate? It certainly wasn’t because she was an orphan raised by her, despised and treated as his personal slave. But Grace had a beauty that no other girl in the pack had. She wasn’t as strong as she should be, but there was something about her that Elijah certainly admired. In his thoughts, Grace would make a good girlfriend, even though he was a wolf known for being relentless and impulsive. And so it went for two long years. She became his mate, and honestly, Elijah’s reputation didn’t matter to Grace; she loved him and became an important member of the pack, thus escaping the hell of living alongside her uncle Boris.

What else could ruin her happiness? She was his future Luna, and Elijah would be happy when she told him the news she had been keeping for some time.

After she felt ready, Grace went to meet Elijah. She took deep breaths before mustering the most innocent gaze and directing it at him. Elijah looked at her so mysteriously that Grace felt afraid. Her inner wolf started to stir and growl within her.

“Elijah,” she said excitedly before enveloping him in a warm embrace.

But he didn’t respond as he used to, nor did he hug her back. Grace slowly pulled away, trying to understand what was happening.

“I have good news,” she said enthusiastically, but there was still no emotion on Elijah’s face. “besides, today is my birthday.”

“I know.” the dry and cold tone of his words made Grace certain that something was wrong. “Let’s save the good news for later.”

“Is there something I should know?” she asked, wide-eyed and distressed, “today you’re acting stranger than usual.”

“I’ve always been a very strange wolf, Grace,” he replied with a mocking smile, acting unusually towards her, “at least that’s what the pack members have been saying.”

“And since when do you care about what the pack says about us?” she questioned, but he scoffed at her. “We’re a couple, and we love each other.”

“I never loved you, Grace,” his voice rose, displaying an unusual impatience, “I can’t be your mate, especially now that I see you’re still a weak wolf carrying the gene of your inferior caste.”

“Why are you saying these things?” her voice faltered, and the pain prevented her from continuing.

“Because I was mistaken about you,” he said callously, making things seem faster than they should.

On the other side of the room, Grace could hear the sound of Derrick’s laughter, shamelessly displaying how happy he was to witness that moment.

“I, Elijah, reject you as my mate,” the words were finally spoken. “From today onwards, you will return to what you were always within the pack, a worthless wolf.”

Grace felt a sharp pain pierce her heart. She felt destroyed, not only herself, but her wolf also felt the trauma of rejection. She wondered at what point she got lost in the illusion that Elijah truly loved her. How did he manage to deceive her for two long years?

She swallowed the desire to tell him that she was pregnant as he looked at her with contempt and walked away without looking back.

“I, Grace Ross, accept your rejection, Elijah,” she said when he stopped halfway, looking at her coldly.

Grace was depressed, and even though she didn’t feel the bond being severed between them at that moment, Elijah would certainly feel it. She could see it in his eyes. But Elijah left, silently, without any emotion or remorse on his face. But Derrick remained there, savoring every second of his victory.

“Now would be the moment when you run away desperately and disappear from the pack forever.”

That wasn’t a suggestion, but an order. Grace’s voice got stuck in her throat, along with the tears she avoided shedding. Derrick growled, grabbing Grace by the neck and pinning her against the wall.

“Did you really think a weak orphan like you would be his Luna?” Grace couldn’t answer, only feel Derrick’s hatred coursing through her body. “Run, Grace, if you don’t want to be an outcast within the pack.”

He immediately released Grace and, without waiting to hear what she had to say, he left with a satisfied smile on his face. Her legs went weak; she could barely stand up. But during the minutes she lay on the floor, she made the decision to flee from Elijah’s rejection and her past.

She ran back to her room as if her life depended on it. Grace had no more time to lament; soon the entire pack would know about her rejection and humiliate her for the rest of her life. She opened the old trunk where she kept all her belongings, took them out, and put them in a garbage bag.

She waited until nightfall so that no one would see her escaping. Her wolf continued crying because their mate had rejected them so blatantly. Her eyes blurred in the dark and cold night as she looked at her home for the last time, promising never to return. She swallowed her tears and ran, getting lost in the dense forest ahead.

When she realized it, she was already running along the road that would lead her straight into the human world. She followed aimlessly, with a shattered heart and a child forming in her womb.

As the sky collapsed, Grace promised herself that she would take care of herself and be an exemplary mother, without Elijah ever knowing about the existence of their child.

Chapter 2

In the world of humans, everything seemed to be different. The light rain that fell soaked Grace’s clothes, making her feel cold and helpless. She took shelter under an old building, but couldn’t sleep. Her wolf, alert and restless within her, wouldn’t let her rest. In Grace’s mind, humans seemed more dangerous and deceitful than werewolves.

The next day, she didn’t know what to do. Where to go or whom to ask for help? She felt hungry and an anguish that constantly exploded in her chest.

Two days later, while searching for food in a trash can, sharing space with enormous rats, Grace was interrupted by a gentle touch on her shoulder and a woman’s voice behind her.

“Hi, miss,” her eyes sparkled, but there was sadness when she looked at Grace, “Are you hungry?”

Grace backed away, shrinking her body. The woman didn’t seem threatening, but she couldn’t trust anyone anymore. She just shook her head, confirming the desperation of her body.

“Do you want to come


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