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Érica Christieh

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  • 7.3
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About me

Writer since 2012 and I have six books published. I am a mother of two girls.


Aurora: The Billionaire's Heaven on earth
  • 👁 432
  • 7.5

Luke Fagundes is an irresponsible young man who does everything to get his father’s attention. However, in one day, he discovers that Gonzalo is unfaithful to his mother and challenges him. Gonzalo to punish Luke sends him elsewhere. In the middle of hell, Luke meets Aurora, and she ends up being the relief for his worst pains. But Luke has a desire for revenge that burns in the chest. He needs to find out who the woman Gonzalo cheats on his mother are. On the other side, we have Aurora, rejected by her father and who watch her mother die so young. Still living the mourning, Aurora needs to live with her father’s mistress inside the house itself.

Wedding bet
  • 👁 3.6K
  • 8.0

Ashley is a teenager who prepares to enter college when she receives the news that her father, Ethan bet her on a game of chance and lost her. Now she will be forced to marry Oliver, an arrogant man and Ethan’s former partner. After they marry, Ashley becomes pregnant and discovers that Oliver has a mistress, and that this woman is his best friend’s wife. Stefany, the mante tries in every way to end Oliver’s fake marriage and even tries to kill Ashley. Ashley has a mission to hide the pregnancy so that Oliver doesn’t find it. When the two years of the contract is fulfilled, Ashley breaks up and tries to go on living taking care of the son that Oliver does not even know. Until life put them face to face again and reconnect them. In the end, Ashley stays with Oliver. And Oliver discovers the true meaning of love.

Apuesta de matrimonio
  • 👁 13.4K
  • 9.8

Ashley es hija del ex millonario Ethan, que a lo largo de los años ha ido perdiendo toda su fortuna en juegos de azar. Abandonado por la mujer y completamente en bancarrota, Ethan está en casa una vez más sumido en el vicio y en la vida miserable que vive. En una cálida noche de Los Ángeles, Ethan apuesta a su hija de 18 años y pierde ante Oliver, un hombre mezquino y soberbio. Ashley se entera dos horas después de que su padre la perdió en una apuesta de juego, y ahora tendrá que casarse con Oliver, el ex socio de su padre.

  • 👁 7.6K
  • 3.5

Arthur is the brother of millionaire Paul Bernad. Irresponsible and obstinate, Arthur gets involved in a traffic accident and sees his whole life change when he is ordered to stay in a wheelchair. Arthur already knew Morgan, but will find out how much she is able to show all her love for him. Morgan sees her life change when she finds out that her father is alive and that her mother hid it from her. Living between two loves, Morgan needs to decide between staying with Arthur or living a great love alongside Eros. Between discoveries, betrayals and disappointments, the loving triangle will discover that love ́ ́e able to heal many wounds.

  • 👁 5.8K
  • 7.6

"I, Elijah, reject you as my companion," the words, at last, were said, "From today you will again be what you have always been within the pack, a worthless wolf. Grace is a young orphan who mysteriously lost her parents. After living a difficult life alongside Uncle Boris, she sees her life change when Elijah, future Alpha, chooses her as his companion and saves her from living a miserable life. But on her eighteenth birthday, Elijah rejects her and she is forced to flee the pack not to be humiliated by the whole pack. Grace flees to the human world carrying a secret and when her triplets are kidnapped, she is forced to seek out the only person capable of helping find her children. Now Elijah is a powerful alpha and feared by all, besides having at his side, Elara, his destiny companion. But when Grace comes back asking for his help, he realizes that not only the past has returned, but that now he is the father of three boys who are missing. Will Grace and Elijah be able to overcome the past and join forces to find the triplets? Elijah will know once and for all if he is willing to face anyone to find his lost children.

  • 👁 27
  • 7.5

Un matrimonio por contrato, una muerte trágica, un divorcio apresurado. Una mujer con el corazón destrozado. Un ex marido que se descubre enamorado de su exesposa y tendrá que reconquistarla, curando primero las heridas del propio corazón. Por otro lado, Giovana tendrá que perdonar el pasado para intentar seguir adelante, sin o al lado de Antony.


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