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The Misjudged Alpha

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"It was a regular day like any other when I got into the Hardwood Forest. However, staring at the terribly wounded human with a deadly poison almost engulfing his heart, I was utterly confused. I couldn't help wondering, " how did he get here?" "Oh yeah! How do I know his heart was almost engulfed with poison?  The answer is simple. I saw through his organs." Gosh! Do I regret saving him? I don't even know, but one thing I know is that I want to be with the seemingly dangerous man, even though I feel strongly that it's best to avoid him." ... More than five centuries ago, Annabel the elf princess, Celine the vampire princess, and Monella the werewolf royal joined their powers to stop the century-long rivalry among their kind. They aimed to unite all beings within the realm.  One among them was to wield that unimaginable power but they were all killed before the transference.  Hidden in an inconspicuous pendant on Monella's neck, she kept it away, wishing it finds its rightful owner. ******* NB: The Book cover is mine FB@Keith Shamel Mullon  Contact her for your beautiful cover

Chapter 1 Encounter At The Hardwood Forest

Lolita bade farewell to her grandmother as she promised to be back early for dinner. Fully clad in all-black attire, a black top with a matching black jacket, accompanied by her black trousers, she was ready for the usual.

There is no way her backpack was not black. Oh yeah! Did I mention that her motorbike was also black? Guess I just did.

Lolita had no way of explaining her feelings at the moment because she is accustomed to doing such random things that surprisingly lead to very positive outcomes.

At the moment, she only feels a certain urgency like never before, to rush to the Hardwood forest without the least bit of knowledge of what to expect out there.

Due to the sense of crisis, Lollita sped above the speed limit on her unbranded custom-made motorbike. A wolf needs saving, so she thought.

There was no patrol team on the road leading to the Hardwood forest as no patrol vehicles ever bothered coming towards the area around Hardwood forest unless on request.

Moreover, the town folks wouldn't dare go towards the forest after Sunset. It isn't fun to court death after all.

Actually, there is one resident of Smallville who dares, not only at Sunset but at any other time of the day, even at midnight.

Lolita, in her all-black attire, could not be made out but still garnered enough attention from anyone she passes along the road.

There were a lot of curses thrown at her as she sprayed dust everywhere she passes. As residents had never seen such a hooded person in black before, they could only conclude that the rider was just passing through town and was rushing to be as far away from Hardwood forest as possible.

Lolita entered the forest and felt as though a compass and a map were directing her steps. At the final turn the motorbike could cross, she suddenly killed the engine and headed deeper into the forest on foot. She did not give a d*mn about any lurking animals as she has never been at their mercy. If anything, all other animals are at her mercy.

As a result, the wolves, lions, tigers, and all other dangerous creatures in Hardwood forest avoid her path whenever she arrives.

Although the friendly wolves still get close to her, no other animal could stand her sight. She never understood why all the wolves in Hardwood forest love her so much that they call for her when they are in distress.

She has never really stopped to think about how she communicates with them in the first place. Why does it come so naturally? It's as if she is one with the wolves, but she's human. Strange! Isn't it?

It would be awesome to see her expression when she finally finds out the real reason she seems to have a certain affinity with the wolves

Lolita was mistaken enough to think that, this was going to be just like any other trip into the forest whereby she saves a wounded wolf or rescues one from a hunter's trap and returns home after treating the poor animal. Unfortunately, she was bound to be disappointed this time around.

There was no sound when she stepped into the forest as it was eerily quiet. There was no howling of wolves as expected, no chirping of birds, and even the owls were nowhere to be seen either.

The only noticeable sound was the hushed chirping of crickets. Could someone tell her what is going on right now? Even the crickets are being careful.

Lolita couldn't help muttering "what the heck is going on here?"

The eerie silence of the forest did not affect Lolita in the slightest. As a child, she had never been afraid of the dark like other kids her age.

No one could tell what she feared and not even Lolita herself could place her hands on anything she ever feared. If even it had any effect, then it was how her curiosity got piqued, just like now.

As she went further and further into the forest, Lolita couldn't help checking her time and realized it was thirty minutes past hour seven. This means that she had been walking for thirty whole minutes as she started her one-hour ride to the forest a few minutes after 6:00 pm.

What was baffling is that there was no mention of rainfall in the weather report for the day, but entering the forest this day seemed like Lolita had entered a completely different world altogether as the clouds started gathering the moment she for into the forest.

This was accompanied by lightning and thunder, a clear indication that, rainfall was imminent and a heavy one at that.

Suddenly, the low whimper of what seemed to be a human being took her out of her thoughts.

The rain had started drizzling about now but she could still hear the indistinct chattering of a group of people and kept wondering to herself if they were friend or foe.

Lolita would be shocked if she even heard as much as a chatter, considering how far away the group was from her.

As she got further into the forest, there lay a wounded teenager about three meters away from her.

The person, or what's left of him was lying in a pool of his own blood with his eyes tightly shut. Stab wounds could be seen in many parts of his body and Lolita suddenly realized that he was even bleeding from all his openings

Anybody who sees a young man in a pool of his blood in a forest could either run or call for help, but not Lolita "how are you still alive?" Said, Lolita.

She used the hood of her jacket to cover her head to avoid her hair getting wet and as a result, the injured teenager could not see her face. But there was no mistaking her smell, she was definitely a werewolf like him, so he thought. "So the chickens actually sent a woman to finish the job huh!"

Approaching the almost lifeless human, she didn't pause in the slightest when she said "poison" and this made her double her steps and treat him faster than intended. She first stuffed a pill into his mouth and tore his shirt to use as bandages.

If she had unlocked the ability to read thoughts at the moment, Lolita would have been shocked and silent by the question on Calvin Greene's mind. "how did she recognize the poison just by glancing at him?"

After treating the victim, Lolita said "I can't leave you at the mercy of the weather can I?" She then got closer to him and said "I live not far from here. Please feel free to call your family when we get home okay!"

The petite Lolita carried a fully grown human being almost twice her weight on her back and walked the same distance back to her motorbike.

She then gently supported the human baggage behind her with a synthetic wire strapped securely around both of them and zoomed off on her motorbike.

The two narrowly missed an angry Zack who returned to finish what they started. "Why wait for him to bleed out and die when you could end him once and for all?"

As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Saving him was like any other wounded wolf, but this one came with a baggage of trouble and dead bodies in his path.

Lolita will later regret inviting trouble into her home, but unknown to her, this meeting is also the start of great awakenings in her life.


Chapter 2 Men In Black!

It was already past nine o'clock p.m when Lolita made it back home with her human baggage strapped to her back on her motorcycle.

Thankfully, the whole town was indoors, as everyone was yet to recover from a bear attack on some residents which occurred the previous night.

As a result, everyone went indoors immediately after the sunset.

It was this same reason that Lolita met many town folks along her way to the Hardwood forest.

Smallville as the name sounds may seem like a small town, however, it is not so.

It is a town of about fifty-thousand residents.

The town may not be as busy or fancy as the big towns, but it is not so lacking in the things all the big towns could boast of.

There are a number of hospitals, schools from all levels to tertiary, banks, various recreational centers, a police station, and many more.

The incident that got the residents all worked up, occurred the previous day, when a wounded bear rushed into the t


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