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The Lycan Princess In Dragon's Arms

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He made a step forward near her. “You are here in my Thregonad Village Shelyca, or should I say she-wolf?” He darted her with a look that seems to be traveling down her every spine. Princess Shelyca was caught off-handed. “How… how do you know? I am in my human form,” confused she asked. He stepped one more time and then caught her face in between his big callous hands. “I saw it while I was trying to revive you but don’t you worry, I can keep a secret if you want it to be a secret,” he whispered. “Who are you really? I can feel you are not an ordinary human,” she asked while looking at him this time. She wanted to determine what is deep within his eyes. “You are right, I am not an ordinary human but I won’t tell you. It is up for you to find out." He eyed her while grinning. *** He found her on the verge of death; breathed at her and gave her a second life; He is a Chieftain and a Dragon Master; magnificent, fearless, gorgeous, and robust but somehow, cold-hearted. She is a Lycan Princess with all her grace and beauty but with a hidden spirit of being a warrior too. Secretly, he fell in love with her but she has a fiancé waiting or searching for her; the Duke of Sussex. What will happen if circumstances would force the Lycan Princess to submit herself as a wife to the Chieftain Dragon?

Chapter 1 - PROLOGUE

The loud sound from the gun surprised the jet’s pilot, making the aircraft sway left and right and destructing the attention of the man with a gun.

The jet’s pilot tried to turn his head to check what was happening at the back but the man in a black suit shouted at him. “Control the plane properly or I will shoot you to death!”

“Princess, save yourself; get the parachute below our seat and jump out of here.” With a very low voice and almost catching her breath, Krista told the Lycan Princess.

“No Krista, I won’t leave you here.” Tears are now rolling down the Princess’ cheeks as she holds in her hands the almost lifeless body of her beloved Personal Assistant.

Even in her condition, Krista tried to grab the parachute bag below their seat where she fell down.

“Get this and go… please Princess … save your...” Krista was not able to continue her words anymore as her body was already lay lifeless on the jet’s floor.

Still, in tears and upon seeing the man in a black suit pointing his gun at her again, Princess Shelyca tried to destruct the man’s attention by throwing at him Krista’s bag that she was able to get from her seat; then she swiftly grabbed the parachute bag from Krista’s hand.

Princess Shelyca immediately jumped down the window, avoiding the next bullet that was supposed to hit her body.

As her parachute opened, Princess Shelyca heard another sound of the gun. The bullet pierced through the parachute and down to the Princess, hitting slightly her left shoulder.

At that moment, fears crept through her mind as she speedily fell down on the seawater.

Just after a few seconds, Princess Shelyca hit the water; a loud sound was heard and the Royal Jet, which is on fire already, can be seen speedily falling down into the ocean.

The loud crashing sound reached the ears of the dragon man, who just woke up from his soft King size bed and got out of his big hovel.

He heard the crashing sound not too far from where he stood. Thereupon, a slight sound of a woman’s cry tried to creep through his ears. He closed his eyes and strengthened all his senses. Indeed, he could hear a woman’s tiny voice; wait, he could also hear her controlled sobs.

He did not think twice as he shifted himself into his dragon form, flew, and followed the wind to find that tiny voice and controlled sobs.

The wind led him to the vastness of the ocean and as he flew more, the sobs he heard became more detectable.

The Lycan Princess at that moment was struggling, trying to shift into her wolf form so that she could easily swim to the nearest island. Nonetheless, it was difficult for her; she could not feel Sheenei, her wolf inside. In her human form, she will find it hard to swim until she finds a safe place to stay for a while.

She could also feel the weakening of her body. Her wound on her shoulder caused by a silver bullet could not heal as easily as healing an ordinary wound. As a Lycan, though said to be a more powerful and smarter werewolf species yet still, silver is like their kryptonite; it can weaken them and can kill them in the end.

Nearby, the man in his dragon form continued to flip his wings, senses strongly awakened. Suddenly, the sobs he heard disappeared and except for the waves’ sound, the atmosphere was ruled by silence thereafter.

He flew more rounding the vastness of the ocean and then he saw something floating into the water. He speedily flew down and there he saw a human form almost wrapped around by a colorful nylon fabric; where if not for such fabric, such a human might have drowned already.

He opened his claws and readied to grab the human out of the sea.

As he grabbed the human, he was stunned to see that she is a woman; a beautiful, the most mesmerizing, almost lifeless creature he had ever seen in his entire dragon life.

With eyes wandering the vastness of the ocean, he soared up, holding carefully in his claws the mesmerizing woman, who he knew would be changing a great impact on his life.

He brought her to his village and tried to revive her.

He checked on the breathing of the woman and he became confused when he noticed that her breathing was slowly fading. Her only injury was a small wound on her shoulder yet she was already dying.

Lights came out of his hands as he put them above the dying body of the woman and as her body illuminated, Dareon’s forehead furrowed. He intensely looked into the whole form of the woman and out of his shining hands, a new form came out of the woman that only he could see. Like being burned by her body’s light, Dareon’s hands flipped, like a strong wind caught them and threw them aside. Her current was too strong that can make even the strongest fire in him subside.

As he looked at the wound in her left shoulder, a vision flashed through his mind, and with that Dareon already knew what to do. With the image that flashed through her body and the silver bullet that flashed through his mind; he could determine now the reason for her dying condition.

Dareon opened his mouth near the woman’s wound. He needed to burn the silver metal that clung to her skin. After Dareon blew her wound with his hot breath; the woman started to breathe normally. Thereupon, Dareon opened his palms and closed them again after gathering some air around him. As he spread his palms above her heart; the woman’s eyes started to slowly open.

Mesmerized; his brown sharp eyes locked into those beautiful greenish eyes, which were looking back at him, wide with shock.

Chapter 2- The Tragedy and the Dragon Man


Hours before . . .

“Are we ready now?” The Lycan Princess of the Kingdom of Gold Valley asked Krista, her Personal Assistant who happened to be her first cousin also. She walked out of her room, well dressed; an epitome of a true Princess with such grace and beauty. “It’s almost five o’clock in the morning already.” She added.

“Yes, Princess Shelyca; the Palace’s Royal Jet is waiting for us now at the heliport,” Krista answered after vowing her head to the Lycan Princess.

Princess Shelyca smiled at Krista, “That’s good Krista; we need to go then. The Duke of Sussex is waiting for me.”

“Right my Princess. I am wondering what he looks like in person.” Krista smiled.

Princess Shelyca nodded. “He seems to be a refined and dignified man; no wonder the King and Queen, like him for me. I need to see him first though before I accept his marriage proposal that he sent through our King and Queen. I need to know if he is my destined mate.”



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