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The Lycan King's Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: R.Y.E.
  • Chapters: 70
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • πŸ‘ 2.8K
  • ⭐ 8.8
  • πŸ’¬ 142


Lycan King Alder Volcik had been waiting for his mate for over a hundred years. What would happen if he found his mate in a pack he was to visit because of the Luna challenge that occurred and he found out that she was also the same Luna who lost the challenge and was rejected by her mate, who was the Alpha. Cindy Mills is the daughter of a billionaire who was betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend and killed her after. But it did not end there. She was reborn in the body of the lost Luna named Clover, who died because of the rejection? What will King Alder do when Clover doesn't want to accept him because of her past rejection from Alpha Vlad and, at the same time, lose her title to another she-wolf and, as Cindy, who was betrayed by the two people he trusted and cared for other than her father? As Alder tries to get Clover's trust, they will both discover Cindy's true identity. She, on the other hand, will do everything to get her revenge on her ex-boyfriend and best friend that killed her and her father. Once Cindy accepts Alder, will she give up herself and live as Clover for the rest of her life?

Chapter 1

Alder's POV

My name is Alder Volcik, and I am the Lycan King. I am 187 years old and have held the title of king for over 150 years. Lycans are widely recognized as the most powerful species. We aim to safeguard the werewolves and uphold equilibrium among all supernatural species. We remain immortal unless our heads are severed, and our hearts are simultaneously removed. We have the ability to heal faster than werewolves, both in terms of physical wounds and speed. Additionally, a regular lycan is capable of defeating an alpha.

Indeed, we possess great power. We strive to be responsible individuals who are mindful of our actions, ensuring that we do not abuse our power to bully individuals of any species. The person who committed the act would go through a trial and, if found guilty by the council, would suffer severe penalties.

As a royal, I possess unique abilities that set me apart from other lycans. However, I prefer to keep these abilities hidden unless it becomes absolutely necessary to reveal them. However, I admit that I have utilized my abilities multiple times in my effort to find my life mate.

I had been running the kingdom on my own, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mate. However, we Lycans faced significant challenges in locating our destined mates. Most of the Lycans I knew didn't find their soulmates until they were over 300 years old, well past the age of 18. That is why many of us choose to have a chosen mate.

However, I have no intention of doing so. I am willing to wait patiently for what is mine, even if it takes a thousand years. I am not an angel; therefore, I have indeed been in the company of female lycans. I was not seeking a relationship but instead just looking for a way to find release, and they were aware of that. I have always been sure that I would wait for my destined partner, so everything we did together was pure and intimate. As a Lycan, I experience a heightened intensity of intimacy compared to werewolves. I made a conscious effort to minimize that need as much as possible, and I took precautions to ensure that none of them became pregnant. I plan to have children only with my partner and no one else.

"Alder," Lance, my beta, called out to me. I allow my best friend, Charles, to call me by my name with my third in command. We were in my office, and he mentioned that he had plans to attend a Luna ceremony at Raven Claw Pack in Canada. I wanted to avoid participating in an event like that because I was sure that everyone would start inviting me once people found out I made time for the Raven Claw.

"What?" I asked lazily.

"You must attend this event because Luna earned her title by challenging the Alpha's fated mate." I glanced in his direction. It is hard to believe they were still engaged in such activities. I think such practice was abolished many years ago. It is possible for individuals to be paired with weak mates, which makes them vulnerable to being challenged by stronger werewolves or lycans. Interestingly, my father, who is also the former Lycan King, issued a royal decree regarding this matter. Challenges can only be initiated when the person being challenged is deemed unworthy.

"Why did that event occur?" I asked, and now he has captured my attention and piqued my curiosity.

He answered, "The fated mate was known for her promiscuity, and the challenger believed she did not deserve to become Luna."

"So, is the challenger a virgin?" I asked lazily. He glanced at me and chuckled, joining in with Charles. "If she is, then she has the right to challenge her. However, if she is not, then she is also not suitable to be Luna. The only difference between them was the number of wolves they had.

"We are aware of that, but I believe the Alpha himself also did not have affection for his destined mate. That is likely why he allowed the challenge to take place," Charles explained.

"Do you know what made me curious?" Lance inquired, his expression serious. He then added that the destined mate is the daughter of a gamma, but surprisingly, she lost to an ordinary she-wolf.

"I find that much more intriguing," I remarked, and both of them nodded in agreement. In preparation for Luna's ceremony in two weeks, I made sure to complete all my pending tasks to avoid a backlog of work upon my return. We will depart in one week. I had intended to stay there for approximately one week.

I have decided to bring a few warriors along with my beta, Lance. Because Charles didn't enjoy attending such events, I entrusted him with the responsibility while we were absent. "I will return as soon as possible, so please ensure that everything is in order by then," I told my gamma.

I have confidence in his ability to do his job. However, what concerns me is my understanding of his character. Compared to Lance, Charles is a Lycan who desires to meet his mate but also has a strong inclination for physical intimacy. I am uncertain about his reaction when his partner arrives while he is in the company of another female Lycan.

Is everyone prepared? I asked Lance for his input.

"Yes, Your Highness," he replied, causing me to roll my eyes. They both chuckled before we departed from my office. After leaving the palace, we will proceed to the hangar where the private plane of the palace is located. Afterward, we will move to Canada, with an estimated flight duration of approximately 4 hours. The Hill Crest Pack has a private hangar in the region, which is collectively owned by all the packs. The palace provides financial assistance for its maintenance and operations. We decided to go to Raven Claw Pack from Hill Crest for the convenience of all pack members, especially the Alpha.

As our convoy ventured into the pack's territory, I couldn't help but be captivated by the sheer beauty of their surroundings. From the moment we crossed their border, it was evident that the place had been well-maintained. The patrol guards on duty stopped us, but they granted us permission to enter once they discovered our identities. I don't have any objections to being thwarted at every border because I fully respect the security procedures in place and harbor no ill feelings toward them. I would feel less anxious if I could ensure each package was secure and in good condition.

We traveled along the concrete road, which had hedges on either side and a central divider separating the two lanes of traffic. The Raven Claw Pack stands out as one of the most affluent packs in the region, primarily due to the influence of its former Alpha, John. I had the pleasure of meeting him and found him incredibly kind, just like his Luna. I had high expectations for their son to become an outstanding new Alpha, but now I am disappointed with the current Alpha.

However, due to the incident with the challenge, I wonder if I will be able to develop a liking for the new one. Both Charles and Lance expressed their dislike for him to me. A true mate would never allow their friends to be challenged so quickly, especially if they hold a leadership position like an alpha. It confirmed Charles' belief that the new alpha strongly disliked his mate.

Our SUV came to a halt in front of a massive warehouse, which, in my estimation, appeared to be a five-story structure. Standing on the landing porch were the former alpha and Luna, along with the others. I think the two individuals between them were the new ones. I observed the new Luna closely and noticed that she blushed. Did she assume that I was interested in her simply because I glanced in her direction?

They were aware of my identity, and I made a deliberate effort to inform them. I emit a significant amount of aura, causing others to show deference towards me, particularly those two individuals who are especially inclined to do so. I allowed Lance to greet them, as I preferred not to involve myself with the two new leaders. I noticed that the new Luna gave me intimate looks, making me uncomfortable.

"Your Highness," the former Alpha John greeted me kindly. I nodded at him while maintaining a serious expression. I want to inform him that I was not pleased with what occurred regarding the pack. Annie, his Luna, stood beside him and greeted me with a respectful smile before taking John's hand. I smiled back at her because she always remained sweet to her partner. I greatly admire women who possess the qualities of loyalty and the ability to support and respect their partners.

"John, where will we settle during our stay?" I was supposed to ask the new alpha, but as I mentioned earlier, I didn't like him at all. John and Annie exchanged glances, then responded to me after considering their son.

"The villa is prepared and awaiting your arrival with your convoy. We want to invite you to join us for a meal before we escort you to the villa for some rest. If it is acceptable to you, Your Highness,"

"I would love to have a meal with you and Luna Annie. You reminded me of my parents, who were destined soulmates and remained together until their final moments."

"It is a pleasure, Your Highness. If that's the case, please follow us to the dining hall," he replied. I glanced at Lance, who in turn signaled our warriors to follow. Both new leaders were rendered speechless, as they did not attempt to engage in conversation with me. What type of leaders are they?

I couldn't help but be astounded by the interior's opulence as we entered the pack house. I briefly believed that I had entered the opulent mansion of a prosperous entrepreneur. I refrained from showering them with compliments about their wealth, as I didn't want to offend John. I am aware of the immense effort he puts into networking and engaging with individuals, particularly humans, in order to establish business connections with them.

'Your Highness, please take a look at the new alpha. He seems upset because you have been neglecting him and his Luna.' Lance said through our link.

'I don't care,' I replied. I heard him chuckle, but I chose to ignore it. We were all seated, waiting for the omegas to finish filling the table with food.

"Your Highness," John said, catching my attention. "This is my son, Vlad, the new Alpha of the Raven Claw Pack, and his Luna, Monique," he proudly introduced. I glanced at him and then shifted my gaze toward the two individuals he referred to.

"John, I have agreed to be present here because I have discovered that she is not the true Luna. I would like to thoroughly examine the fairness of the challenge in order to determine its validity." I told him. The young alpha and his Luna both had their heads down. I noticed a look of concern on John and Annie's faces, which confirmed my suspicion that something was happening.

"I didn't want to spoil the feast you prepared for us. I highly appreciate the dedication and effort of those who work in the kitchen of the pack house. It is important to me that everyone can fulfill their responsibilities without any concerns." I suggested, pausing momentarily, "Would it be possible for us to have a meal first and then discuss my visit tomorrow morning?"

"Of course, Your Highness." Both John and Annie responded, and we proceeded with our meal. I observed Vlad and Monique exchanging glances, and a smirk crossed my face as I realized that something had gone awry.

The meal was delicious, and we left the dining hall feeling satisfied. Lance would be content staying in the pack house by himself, surrounded by food. Since it would only take 10 minutes to drive from the pack house to the villa, I decided to walk there instead. In addition, it served as a form of exercise for me, allowing me to observe my surroundings simultaneously. We were accompanied by three warriors, as I chose to avoid having the new alpha join us. Additionally, I didn't want to inconvenience John and Annie, as I had a suspicion that they were the ones who had made themselves occupied during our visit.

"The villa is right over there, Your Highness," one of the warriors informed me, to which I nodded in acknowledgment. As the wind blew, a delightful aroma wafted through the air, captivating my senses like never before. I enjoy the flavors of honey and vanilla. The experience was incredibly intoxicating, and my Lycan was filled with excitement, causing it to howl in my mind. I glanced around, attempting to locate the source of the scent.

"Your Highness, is there a problem?" Lance asked. He might have observed my unease.

"Did you catch a whiff of that scent? I posed a question, and all eyes turned towards me, including those of the Raven Claw warriors.

"What is that scent? I don't smell anything unusual," Lance replied as my eyes scanned the surroundings.

"Your Highness," the warrior who informed us about the villa being close said, "There was no unusual scent other than Clover." I stared at him intently.

"The leaves?" I asked.

"No, Clover, our supposed to be Luna," he answered, his head lowered.

"Do you mean Luna, who was defeated?" I asked to confirm and ensure accuracy.

"Yes, Your Highness," he replied, and I nodded in understanding.

"Let's go," I said, and we walked. I was surprised to find her here. Why did you choose to come here out of all the possible places?

Chapter 2

Cindy's POV

"Mooonnn Goddeeeesss, please bring her back to me!!!!" Who the hell was that? She was screaming, and I don’t know why my heart aches for her. And who the hell is the moon goddess? My eyes were so heavy, but I tried to open them up. I want to see the woman who was in deep sorrow.

beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp ....

What are those beeps I’m hearing?




Just as I've tried, I finally opened my eyes and stayed that way. I didn't move and just studied my surroundings and how I felt on the ceiling. I was in a room, and it was a little dim. It is not too dark but not too bright either. I felt my eyes were heavy, but I fought not to close them again. I want to know where I was and what I am doing here.

I tried to remember what had happened, and my memories started to flash simultaneously.

*** Flashback ***

"Cindy, stop crying already," my friend Lin said as she stroked


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