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The Luna’s Killer

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"I'll never reject you, Ivanna, but I'll make your life hell. You'll remain as my mate and I'll remain your nightmare. I'll forever punish you for what you did to me and the Pack. For being a shameless Killer…" "I didn't kill her!" "Liar!" He barked, hitting my face. "You killed her. And I'll do the same to you. Slowly. Painfully. Until you're choking on your last breath and desperately ready to tell the truth. That you killed her." —---------------------------------------------------- When the Luna mysteriously died before my eyes, everyone tagged me as her killer. I went through hell and back. My life became an endless circle of misery. But I wouldn't break. I wouldn't give in to my abusers, no matter how brutally they try to break my soul. I was determined to fight till the end. Until I've proven to them that I'm not the Luna's Killer.

Luna’s death

Chapter One - Luna's Death

Ivanna's Pov

Strolling the hallways of the Packhouse, I headed to Luna's quarters with a bright smile on my face.

"Good evening, Miss Ivanna." One of the servants greeted me.

"Good evening to you, too." I waved at her.

"I love your hair, Miss Ivanna." Another random servant complimented, giggling with her friend.

"Thank you." I ran a hand over my straight, black hair with a chuckle.

"You look beautiful, as always, Miss Ivanna." Another one complimented. And just like that, the compliments flooded into my ears.

Like always, I tried to politely thank every one of them. I get this every day. The constant compliments. The requests to be friends with me. The constant gifts. And from the guys, of course, endless wooing.

My name was Ivanna Devi. I was Beta's only child. But as much as I can remember, I'd been treated like the Alpha's daughter or even like a princess.

I grew up with so much love from my parents and the whole Pack. Everyone had a reason to admire me, and I must confess, I loved the attention. It felt nice and it made life easier.

It didn't inflate my ego or make me snobbish like some thought it would. On the contrary, it made me more accessible and loving. I was always ready to put myself out there. Always ready to help. Because I knew they all loved me.

"Ivanna, you're here." Luna Eleanor said as I walked into her room. She hugged me and made me sit next to her on her bed.

One of those who loved me exceptionally was Luna Eleanor. Ever since I clocked 6, she had me always visit her quarters and play games with her.

"Yes, Luna." I smiled. "How are you?"

"Better now that you're here." She held my hand and was staring sweetly at me. Her maid, June, was beside her. Of course, I greeted her too. But she only nodded.

I blushed at Luna's sweet words. "You know I'm always gonna have time to come see you."

"I know, Ivanna. That's why you're my baby." She pinched my cheek playfully. "You know what? I can't wait for you to meet Rocco tomorrow."

My eyes dilated at the surprising news. "Rocco will be returning to the Pack?"

"Yes, dear. Can you believe it? After six years of being away from the Pack, he's finally decided to return. I couldn't contain my excitement when he called and dropped the news. I will get to see my boy again!"

Yeah, Rocco was Luna's only child and also my childhood friend. He left the Pack when he clocked 10, and hasn't returned since then. Well, until now.

"You've missed him so much, haven't you?" I laughed at her childish display of excitement.

"Of course, dear. Haven't you?"

"Well, more or less," I shrugged.

She gave me a pinned look and a pout. "It breaks my heart when you say it like that."

"But why?"

"Because…" She huffed with a shy smile. "You know I've always fantasized about you being my son's mate. Ever since you were born, you have held a special place in my heart. And I've prayed endlessly to the Moon goddess to bring you both together."

"Geez, Luna." I stood, taking her clothes and sending them to her closet, trying to avoid her faze. Conversations like these made me shy. Especially since we had an audience. And also, especially because I've always had a low-key crush on him. On Rocco.

"I'm serious, Ivan. You were his playmate when you were growing up. It wouldn't hurt if you became his mate. It would be like those fantasy love stories with happy endings."

Her eyes were shut dreamily and she placed her hands on her chest. It was really childish that I had to laugh. On the outside, she puts up a stern face. But behind closed doors, she was the complete definition of a child.

"Enough of the fantasies, Luna. Let me go get you a drink,” I offered. Butterflies were letting loose in the pit of my stomach from the discussion. I was feeling giddy and I didn't want her to see that. Or she'd never stop.

"Alright, dear. But we'll talk more about it when you return. And you'll allow me to dress you up tomorrow."

"Oh, Luna." I sighed softly.

"Promise me, Ivanna. Promise me."

"Fine. I promise. I'll let you do whatever you want with me tomorrow."

"Yes!" She squealed, tossing the pillows in the air. June was giving her a weird look, but I left them both and went to get the drink.

When I got back, June was arranging her box of jewelry and Luna was rummaging through her closet.

"There you are, Ivan." Luna Eleanor beamed at me. "Come, tell me which one of my clothes you like. I'll have the exact dress made for you for tomorrow."

I set down her drink on the nightstand and went to look through her clothes. But I couldn't even make a choice. They all looked pretty. I would want a replica of all of them. But I can't say that. I would come off as greedy.

"Don't just skim through them. Make a choice, Ivan. So they can start making the clothes today." She said and went to grab her glass of juice. The one I brought.

"Alright Luna," I replied and took a deep breath before skimming through her clothes again, forcing myself to make a choice.

A loud retching sound made me turn around in fright. Luna Eleanor was wriggling on the floor and was vomiting blood.

"Luna!" I ran to her side, picking her up. "June, go get help, please!" I yelled to the maid who was with us in the room. She ran off hysterically.

I was already in tears and it got worse when Luna coughed again and took her last breath in my arms. A sad smile was etched on her face.

"No!" I shook her body repeatedly, crying profusely.

Heavy footsteps rushed inside the room. June was back, but she brought the whole squad of soldiers with her. They stopped at the door, staring at me.

I quickly stepped away from the dead Luna but my hands were covered with her blood. I was in a daze from what just happened, but for some reason, I felt the need to explain myself because of the way they were staring at me.

But before I could, June pointed at me and declared, "Arrest her. She poisoned the Luna. Ivanna just murdered our Luna!"



Chapter Two — The Luna’s Killer

Ivanna’s POV

“No, I didn’t!” I finally got my voice back and snapped out of my daze. But it seemed it was already too late to defend myself.

The soldiers were glaring at me, and their limbs were itching to grab me and cut me in two. Why did June say that? Why did she accuse me of Luna’s death?

“Yes, you did,” June said firmly. “She died after drinking the juice you brought. Quit lying, Ivanna. We both know you killed her. It was you. It couldn’t have been anyone else.”

“I didn’t!”

“Shut the fuck up, you lying bitch!” June yelled in my face, delivering a hard slap to my cheek. What?!

“How dare you slap me?” I asked, looking at her with eyes wide as saucers. She was an Omega. She never addressed me without a ‘Miss’ attached to my name. She never had enough boldness to look me in the eyes. Now all of a sudden, she had enough guts to hit me.

I expected

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