The Last Beta Queen

The Last Beta Queen

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Lynn Balzano
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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Lilith had always been an outsider in Shadowed Moon Pack, shunned for not having a child and unable to live up to her duties as Jeremy Brooks’ Luna. Lilith has only two choices, go rogue or sought refuge in the Moonlight Sonata. Lilith suddenly finds herself caught in the web of lies her parents told her about who they are in Moonlight Sonata. Now she not only needs to prove herself to her new Alpha, but she also has to keep the Alpha from knowing her secret power. However, Lilith finds that keeping her secret is harder than she thought when Alpha shows great interest in her. But darkness looms, and secrets are revealed, more than she ever imagined. Now Lilith doesn’t know who to trust? But what is it that keeps chasing Lilith? why does it keep chasing Lilith?

The Rejection

“I Alpha Jeremy Brooks reject you Lilith Gutierrez as Luna. You couldn’t fulfil your duties as a Luna, and I reject you. From now on you won’t be the Luna of Alpha Jeremy Brooks, you won’t be the Luna of Shadowed Moon.”

I’m silenced as soon as I heard a sentence come out of Jeremy’s mouth. I looked at Jeremy with an incredulous face. My face flushed. My body was boiling well.

“Are you seriously going to reject me as Luna? But why?”

“Why are you still asking my reasons for rejecting you? It’s obvious you’re incapable of fulfilling your duties as Luna. You’re barren!” Jeremy shouted at me.

“Jeremy, the doctor said we could have a child if I could--“

“Enough, Lilith. I’ve waited so long to have a child. We’ve been married a year and you can’t give me a child,” Jeremy cut me off.

My heart skipped a beat when Jeremy dismissed my efforts as meaningless. Jeremy looked at me as useless rubbish. The elders of Moonlight Sonata dumped me because I was the weakest wolf. Jeremy dumped me because I was allegedly infertile.

This reality is terribly painful.

“Leave Eunice alone. Please give me one more chance. I can give you an obedient child and—”

“Eunice will give me an heir to Shadowed Moon soon. You don’t have to worry.”

“Jeremy, please give me one more chance,” I begged him.

He let go of my hand. He glowered at me. “Don’t be such a fool. Stop bugging me. I’ve rounded up my strength. I reject you, Lilith Gutiérrez.”

“Jeremy, please listen to me. The doctors just ruled me childless because of the stress that--”

“I don’t need to repeat myself,” Jeremy replied rudely.

“I’m sure you’re joking. You can’t do this after I help you.” Tears were falling. I shook Jeremy’s hand.

Jeremy shoved my hand roughly, then smirked.

“Are you kidding me?” I whispered.

“No. I’m serious. This is the last time I’ll ever see you. I’ll take you back to the Moonlight Sonata.”

“Jeremy, why are you doing this to me? You dumped me because Eunice is pregnant with your child? You remember that Eunice never helped you when you were broke!”

“Have you lost your mind? It’s obvious you can’t give me a baby. You useless, she wolf! I need a baby for the future of the rest of my pack. I don’t think I need to explain myself to you!” Jeremy answered me with a glare.

His words stung, digging deep into my flesh so hard. Jeremy insulted me so badly. I feel ripped. His insults haunted me until I’m depressed. Jeremy pressured me so hard that I didn’t have time to think about my own mental state.

“Stop crying. You look uglier when you cry,” Jeremy said without turning to me.

I bow down in sorrow. I can’t stand looking at his green eyes. I can’t go up against Jeremy. In the midst of my pain over Jeremy’s rejection. Eunice came to us.

Jeremy was so sweet to Eunice. I’ve never even seen that side of Jeremy. Eunice was a lucky girl to have such a gentle attitude. I’m not the legit Luna of Jeremy Brooks.

Jeremy’s never been so sweet on me. The jealousy in my heart is heating.

“Honey, how are you?” Jeremy greeted Eunice with a hug.

“Jeremy, I’m just here to deliver this soup.”

“Soup? I’d like that. You’ve been very good at cooking. Not like that stupid wolf.” Jeremy was treating me like a stupid wolf.

It was suffocating. The harsh reality choked my neck. Jeremy made me helpless among them.

“Don’t act so pathetic, Lilith. We both know that our marriage is a compulsion,” he scoffed.

“You know I’m not comfortable with you. We shouldn’t continue a relationship that makes one of us uncomfortable!”

Jeremy’s words made me gasp. I ran away from Jeremy and Eunice. I cried myself to death. I ran as far as I could to relieve this suffocating pain. My pacing became more and more rapid as the tears flowed.

I tore up the trees along the way. I vented my anger, raging in the woods. My wolf ran fast and fell into a sharp stems puddle. I gave her full control because I knew she needed this.

As loud as I could, I screamed. The tree trunks hurt me, but I didn’t care. I tried to get out and knelt to cry. I cursed my bad luck all the time.

I hated my life. Being born into a cruel world made me sad. I couldn’t understand why I had the worst fate among the other wolves.

I can’t remember the last time I felt the most sincere happiness. I feel empty all the time.

An hour passed, and I accepted it was finally time for us to return to the Shadowed pack house. I nudged her head to state that we should go home, but she let out a low growl to let me know she wasn’t happy with this idea.

“Lilith!” I turned and found Eunice following me into the woods.

“We need to talk about this.”

“Will you bow before me?” I looked at Eunice with tears in my eyes.

“Lilith, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Eunice grabbed my hand.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” Without looking into her eyes, I asked.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. Lilith, I’m trying to be a beta obedient to the pack leader.”

I smiled. “Really? Did you obey him by sleeping with him while his legitimate wife was struggling to minimise Shadowed Moon’s bankruptcy?” I screamed.

“I can explain everything, Lilith.”

“What can you tell me about this incident? You want to explain that all you fascinate the men?” I gritted my teeth.

Eunice tried to hold my shoulder, but I pushed her away. Eunice crashed into a Burmese rosewood tree behind her.

“Congratulations to Eunice. You have become a special Luna to Jeremy Brooks.” I was snorting.

Eunice groaned while holding her stomach.

“Why are you pushing me, Lilith? Why are you trying to hurt me?” Eunice was in pain.

Hearing Eunice’s question made me cry. I cried, saying nothing. I hate myself for not being perfect.

“Lilith... forgive me,” she tried to grab my hand.

“I would never complain if I didn’t love Jeremy. Jeremy got me out of hell at the Moonlight Sonata. But why are you here?” I was crying.

“Lilith... this is all Jeremy’s plan. If he doesn’t, akh! --“

It shocked me when Eunice cried out in pain. I approached her.

“Are you all right?”

“My stomach hurts so much,” she complained.

“Oh, my God, I’m so sorry, Eunice. You know what? I didn’t mean to hurt you or your baby. I was just—”


Fleeing From Mental Abuse


I was startled when Jeremy came galloping towards us. Jeremy pushed me and took Eunice into his arms. Jeremy looked at me with hatred. I struggled to hold back my tears when a sharp branch hit my ankle.

“How dare you hurt Eunice! She’s carrying my child! How dare you push her until she gets hurt! You have bad intentions towards her!” Jeremy snapped at me.

“I didn’t push her on purpose. I didn’t mean to hurt her,” I retorted.

Jeremy approached me in anger. He slapped me hard. I gasped after Jeremy slapped me. I winced. I couldn’t understand why he’d slap me for Eunice. My lip wounded and started bleeding, but Jeremy didn’t care about that. My ankle got a deep cut too.

“You’re a werewolf with no feelings. You don’t deserve to be a Luna!” Jeremy shouted.

“I didn’t push Eunice on purpose. I just couldn’t control my fluctuating emotions and I-”

“Enough Lilith! I’ve had enough of your explanations. You’ve gone too far! You just endangere


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