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The Hybrid Witch

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""Alpha, you know I can take care of myself. I'm not a piece of fragile glass that can be broken on a whim."" ""I know you can, Kaleigh. You can take down just about everyone in this pack if you want, but I'm here, so leave it to me, I'll take care of everything for you."" ""That girl coming towards the truck is Amber. Wait here while I deal with her."" Dominick said. ""Hell no. I'm your mate. Let's make sure she understands that you are mine."" Kaleigh wrapped her arms around Dominick's neck and gave him a long kiss right in front of everyone watching. They could hear Amber growl under her breath. ------------------------------ Kaleigh is a hybrid werewolf witch that is the last of her coven. Dominick is her fated mate and the next Alpha of the White Raven Pack. Kaleigh must decide if she will accept him or reject him to keep him from those that want her dead. Will their love be enough to ward off the evil that is out to destroy them?

Prologue - Parents Sacrafice

Jasmine was beautiful with the distinctive looks of the women of her coven. She was tall at 5'9" with long strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, and emerald green eyes. Jasmine had grace and calmness about her demeanor that brought others comfort. Jasmine was one of the last surviving witches of the Emerald Stone Coven. Emerald Stone witches have a powerful magic that makes it imperative that their location is unknown. Witches in this coven were so secretive that they typically didn't marry or leave the safety of their hidden place. Brandon was a warrior for the Pale Moon pack. His brother was the Alpha of the pack. Brandon had been looking for his mate for a very long time. He never imagined that his mate was not a werewolf at all. Jasmine and Brandon were both in the forest for different reasons. Jasmine was there looking for herbs for a potion she was working on. Brandon was in the forest looking for a rogue who had stolen from his pack. The wind was blowing, and a slight chill in the air made Jasmine smile. This was her favorite time of year when everything was blooming and beautiful. Jasmine was softly humming to herself. Jasmine was looking at the base of the redwood trees for the ingredients for her potion. She was startled when a noise caught her attention. Jasmine was used to animals, but this sounded different. Jasmine immediately tried to hide behind one of the enormous redwoods. She may not know how to fight, but she could use magic to protect herself. Jasmine cautiously looked around the tree and saw a man approaching in the distance. When Brandon saw Jasmine for the first time, he stopped breathing from the beauty in front of him. He could tell she was scared as she tried hiding behind the tree. Brandon approached without making any sudden movements. As he got closer, and his wolf got a whiff of her scent, he declared she was their mate. At first, Brandon didn't know she was a witch, but even if he did, he wouldn't care. She was his, and he would do whatever was necessary to keep her. Jasmine was stunned when she saw the tall, tanned man with long black hair walking toward her. He was wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans; his top half was bare, showing off his distinctive muscles. The man was so handsome, and Jasmine felt something pulling her to him, making her want to run into his arms. She had never felt that way towards any man. When Brandon got to Jasmine's side, he declared that she was his mate. Jasmine felt a minute of dread thinking she wouldn't be able to go with this man even though every fiber within her wanted to be with him. When she explained why she had to stay hidden, Brandon promised to keep her safe for the rest of his life. Jasmine took Brandon to her coven to meet the other three witches and talk. When Jasmine explained everything to the witches, they thought it might be better if Jasmine went with Brandon. The three older witches explained that maybe they had been wrong to stay together all these years because if they were found, they could all be killed, eliminating their coven. Jasmine made her mind up to follow Brandon to his pack and never looked back. She was glad to get the opportunity to be with her mate even though she didn't understand the whole mate bond thing as a witch. Jasmine did know that she wanted to be with Brandon and no one else. After Jasmine left, the three remaining witches of the Emerald Stone coven tried to continue keeping their magic and location secret. Things had not gone as planned. A few years after Jasmine left, their enemies, the witches of the Dark Sphere Coven, found their location and killed the remaining Emerald Stone witches. The enemy thought they had killed them all. They didn't find out until later that Jasmine had left the coven with her mate, so the hunt for the last remaining witch began. Jasmine and Brandon decided not to let the Pale Moon pack members know she was a witch. Jasmine thought it would be better for her to pretend she was a human. It was not unheard of for werewolves to mate with humans, so no one thought anything about it. Jasmine became pregnant a few months after she moved to Brandon's pack. They were secretly excited to see if their child would be a witch or a werewolf. When Kaleigh was born, she was the spitting image of her mother, from the strawberry blonde hair with emerald green eyes to her creamy white complexion. They didn't realize until she was three that she was a hybrid. Jasmine and Brandon kept the fact that Kaleigh was a hybrid from the pack. They already thought Jasmine was human, so they didn't think it would be hard to pretend that Kaleigh was only a werewolf. When Kaleigh was five, her parents explained that even though she had a wolf, she was also a witch. They told Kaleigh they would have to keep the information about her being a witch a secret because there were terrible witches who would want to hurt her because she was an Emerald Stone witch. Kaleigh was upset that she couldn't use her powers anywhere other than at home. Still, she did as her parents told her and never told anyone about being a witch. That didn't keep her from going out into the woods and casting spells where no one could see. As much as Jasmine and Brandon tried to hide Jasmine's true identity, someone had found out that she was the last remaining Emerald Stone witch. Those from the Dark Sphere Coven that had killed off the others had been searching for Jasmine for years. When they finally found her, she felt the spell they put on her and knew her days of living would be over soon. Jasmine was devastated when she found out they had also put a spell on Brandon. Jasmine had enough magic left to protect their daughter and hide her identity from those of the Dark Sphere. However, she and Brandon's fate had already been sealed. They spent their last days with Kaleigh, preparing her for what was happening. Jasmine knew there was a way to protect them from the Dark Sphere. However, it would put her daughter in jeopardy. Jasmine and Brandon agreed that they would accept their fate to protect Kaleigh. Jasmine and Brandon went to Brandon's brother Randal, the Alpha of the Pale Moon Pack. They told him everything and explained that they were both under a spell that would kill them within a few days. Randal and his mate Leila agreed to adopt Kaleigh and raise her as their own. Randal and Leila also decided to keep Kaleigh's identity a secret so no one would know she was also a witch. Jasmine and Brandon died a few days later. The Alpha claimed they had an illness, never revealing the truth about the death spell. Kaleigh knew the truth of her parent's death, and she understood they were dead because of her. Kaleigh didn't understand all the details, but she knew she would live with that guilt her entire life. Kaleigh held on to the last words that her mother spoke to her. Protect yourself, Kaleigh, and let your heart be the guide. You are a strong independent girl. Don't live in your head too much, or you will never be happy. Remember that if you have the chance to love, take it. I will never regret my decision to mate with your father and have you. You and I are witches, Kaleigh, and you hold the key to protecting our coven. You are much stronger than me, Kaleigh, even as a little girl. I love you, my daughter, more than anything in the world. Kaleigh remembered what her mother said but didn't know if she could honor her mother's wishes. As Kaleigh grew up, she became fearful as her mother had been. Kaleigh didn't want to repeat her parents' fate, so she vowed no matter what, she would not lot fall in love even if she found her mate. Kaleigh decided she would be alone forever.

Chapter 1 - Kaleigh

Kaleigh was standing on the packhouse's large upper balcony, looking over Lake Tahoe's beautiful view in the distance. The Pale Moon packs' location was in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There were surrounded by forest in every direction. All the houses in the area where the pack members lived were cabins accessible by cars, so when humans found their way there, they didn't think anything of it. Many pack members worked in the small towns up and down the lake in stores, medical offices, or as police officers.  Having pack members in the towns gave the pack eyes and ears all over the area to know what was going on in the human towns or if any rogues were causing trouble. Most humans were unaware of the supernatural beings that lived all around them.  From the balcony, the lake looked small but still beautiful. Kaleigh could make out a few people walking on one of the beaches with her wolf's eyesight. The weather was still rather cold, with some snow on the

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