The Hunter's Hunter.

The Hunter's Hunter.

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: sono_ciliegia
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • πŸ‘ 2
  • ⭐ 3.0
  • πŸ’¬ 1


GENEVIEVE ANDERSON becomes an orphan at the age of 7. She saw how her parents got killed in front of her and how her parents protected her. She swore to the grave of her parents to seek revenge to those people who cruelly did that to them. Until she met this annoying alpha who keeps on chasing her. And as far as she knew, they never interacted with each other. EZEKHIEL HOWARD was sent to an academy in where they specialized in training young future alphas when the tragic happened into Genevieve's life. Together with his friends, they learned everything that they needed to learn.


A once innocent girl who got her emotions erased, because of the incident that take her innocence away. She promised to her deceased biological parents that she will take revenge on those hunters who killed them both.

Adopted by the werewolves, she begins torturing herself by training everyday while reminding herself to avenge her parents. The moment she proves that the werewolves didn't raise her for nothing, her name becomes known in all of the packs, including their whole country.

But, what's with this annoying Alpha? The last time they talked to each other was.....none. So, why does he keeps pestering me everyday?



"Why... Are you so dΓ‘mn outstanding? Why can't you be just normal? Men can't stop wanting you because of how talented you are. Even those humans have thoughts on you! I might just tie you on me so that they won’t be able to get you.."

Ezekhiel said as he look intently at the eyes of his mate, who's staring emotionless at him.


Genevieve said as she watch her Alpha lean closer on her and cornered her in the wall.

"You're mine, Eve."

"I'm no one's property, Alpha."

When Ezekhiel and his wolf heard that, they felt a surge of emotions and knew that they're going to lose control so Ezekhiel can only kiss Genevieve to control both he and his wolf.

Chapter 1

"Baby, listen. You have to run really fast, okay? You know where the house of your Uncle Ethan is, right? Just say the truth and tell them to prepare, okay?"

A beautiful woman dressed in white as she repeatedly reminded her 7-years-old child about what to do in their current situation. She knows that it'll not be too long before the hunters found them. Not wanting to implicate her daughter, all she can do is to convince her baby girl.

"What about you and Dada, Momma?"

With a cute voice, the 7-years-old girl, Genevieve, ask her mother, Kristelle, even though she already know what'll happen the moment she obey her mother's words.

"Don't worry about us, princess. Dada and Momma will come get you at your Uncle Ethan's house, okay? Just wait for us."

A man with a strong build, Lucas, said as he carefully assured his daughter incapable of telling her the truth but, unexpectedly his daughter said,


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