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The Guardian of Silvermoon

The Guardian of Silvermoon

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The Silvermoon kingdom is in search of a Royal Guard who should be responsible for protecting the kingdom and the Alpha from threats. Aurora is a young werewolf who lives in the untamed lands of the kingdom. She is a rogue, packless, and with no status. Her pack was brutally taken over when she was just a child, and she has been living on her own ever since. When Aurora turned 18, she ran to the castle and contested for the Royal Guard trials where she battled against hundreds of high blooded boys in hopes of becoming the Alpha's guard and the kingdom's golden warrior. Along the line she fell in love with the Alpha and uncover some mysterious secrets of her past


Aurora Nivia, 12 years old

"Listen up, my dear," my mother's voice quivered. "Run, run as far as you can from this place; head south, past the dungeons, and don't stop moving, okay, Aurora?"

The night sky was filled with thick black smoke, and an eerie silence descended, broken only by the sound of branches cracking and fires roaring.

All I could see were her green eyes, tired and glossy, locked onto mine.

A blood-curdling scream pierced the night, and a wave of uncertainty washed over me. My mother clutched my slender hand, shaking me and urging me back to reality.

The smoke was suffocating, creeping through my veins, making it hard to breathe. But my mother refused to let me give in.

"Wake up, Aurora! Don't deny me those eyes I've given you, not now," she urged, and I blinked hard, straining to keep my eyes wide open. "That's it, my brave girl. Just as I raised you," she whispered, pride and fear mixing in her voice.

The sound of someone pounding on our door reverberated through the house.

"When you turn 18, make your way to the castle and become the golden warrior your father trained you to be. Do you understand?" I nodded frantically, desperately searching for a way to save us both.

My mother glanced back at the violently shaking doorknob, her grip on my arms tightening. Tears welled up in my eyes, not from pain but from the agony of having to leave her embrace, of knowing it might be the last time I gazed into her eyes.

"Mama, I can't." I shook my head, tears betraying me and streaming down my face. "I can't-"

She pulled me into her arms, her shoulders trembling as she wept into my shoulder, silencing my protests. Time was running out; the doorknob's screws were coming loose, the screams outside intensified, and the flames consumed our home. I could only hope that Father and Remy had escaped.

"I love you, Aurora," she murmured into my hair, her hand gently stroking my back.

"I love you too, Mama," I replied, my voice quivering. The sound of the door being forced open filled the room.

Her eyes held a strength I'd never witnessed before. She tilted her head toward my closet and placed a finger on her lips, urging me into silence. It was the first time I'd seen her so consumed by sorrow.

"Go!" she ordered, pushing me away. I obeyed; what other choice did I have?

I stumbled toward my closet, noticing something in the darkness that beckoned me—a glimmer, a reflection. I rapped on the back of the wardrobe, hearing a hollow sound. Something was hidden behind it.

Before I could investigate further, the sound of wood splintering and soldiers shouting echoed through our home. I screamed into my hands, burying my head in my knees, unable to control my trembling.

Peeking through the gap in the closet doors, I saw my mother grasp her sword, its metallic clang resounding, and she growled with such ferocity that it shook the ground. My inner wolf whimpered, eager for us to take action, even if it meant risking our lives.

I saw doubt flicker in the eyes of the soldiers as she fought them, her ferocity a sight to behold.

Until a cowardly soldier crept up from behind and thrust his sword into her back.

I screamed so loudly that it seemed like the very stars trembled and the clouds parted.

With tear-filled eyes, I watched her go limp, her sword clattering to the ground, her eyes losing their spark. Without hesitation, I burst out of the closet, snarling ferociously as the walls seemed to shake. I couldn't see clearly, only red. With claws extended, I slashed the throat of her murderer and delivered a fierce knee to his head.

The soldier behind him grabbed me by the waist with one hand, clamping the other over my mouth. I bit down hard, feeling his bones give way. He dropped me to the floor with a guttural growl. I scanned the room for a weapon, my gaze landing on my mother's sword.

On its gleaming surface, I saw my green eyes. I saw her in my reflection.

Was this the day I'd die, or would I make it out alive?

I seized the sword and thrust it into his stomach; my screams were extinguished.

That day, I crawled through the secret passage my father had dug for me, my ears ringing with the cries of my pack members calling for help. I ran south and never looked back, until my mother's lifeless eyes no longer haunted my thoughts and I collapsed with nothing left in me.

Chapter 1

6 Years Later


I quickly stood at attention, saluting with one hand while keeping the other behind my back. My throat was sore from the blows of my opponent, each bruise tingling with discomfort. My vision was a bit blurry, and I couldn't clearly see the general's face, but I knew he was there in front of me.

"You've passed the final screening round. Your last test will focus on your psychological and mental abilities related to protecting the King of Wolves." The general's tone conveyed disapproval as he examined me up and down, his fists clenched. "Now, you'll be outfitted to meet the former Luna, whom you should address formally. After that, you'll be excused to your quarters.

My hands were trembling, and my whole body felt shaken.

"These high-born females are really becoming a problem," he muttered under his breath, shaking his head and clenching his fist.


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