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The Darkest Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Emaa
  • Chapters: 123
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 20.9K
  • 7.7
  • 💬 954


What's worse more ! is that you are sold to a possessive and dark alpha, or that your father is the one who sold you and put you in this predicament. I do not know how I will survive all this, but I never gave up... He wants to sell her to the Alpha of the Black Moon and he is a dark alpha He is cruel to the extreme, and for him killing is the easiest thing to do... Lily is mad because of what her father is doing, as well as her brother, Jason. They do not believe that he wants to sell her to him so easily

Chapter 1

"You can't do that!" I looked at my father full of hatred and I could hear him clearly in my voice. Anger graced me as well, and no one could miss it.

He sat in a chair behind his desk and laughed mockingly. He enjoyed having the upper hand and doing me this torment. This man was the pure sadist.

"You do what I tell you. It's decided and you have no choice. Basically, it's none of your business."

I had been standing in the middle of the room and took two steps to be right in front of his desk. That way I could glare at him better, which is why it was more articulate. "It's my business." My voice was still calm, but now I got louder: "It's my life, I can do what I want with it! You have no right to sell me!"

With this act he outdid himself. He may be cruel and an incredibly bad father, but that was the height.

A hideous smile graced his lips and he said, "You don't even know exactly who the buyer is."

Whoever bought another person was scum. You didn't need any details to know it was a monster.

Unasked, he continued: "Xavier Blackmoon."

Everything inside me froze and my angry face fell. If it was the man I had in mind, then I was dead. My face turned white and my throat was tight. It was like an anvil he had thrown at my feet.

The office door was left open, so we didn't notice my brother's presence until he asked, "What about Alpha Blackmoon?"

I was unable to move and stared at my father. This had to be a sick joke. It had to be a lie.

Our father angrily said to him, "Jason, this is none of your business. I have something to clear up with Layla." Apparently it was nobody's business, not even me, even though he was ruining my life at the time.

My brother wasn't a man to get rid of lightly, and he proved that by saying assertively, "No, you tell me what's going on. What about Alpha Blackmoon? Is he still giving you trouble?"

That was new, because nobody had given me this information.

Our dad rubbed the bridge of his nose and said, "No, I was able to sort it out. Layla solved that."

I came out of my rigid state as the anger returned. So I turned to my brother and explained: "The monster sitting smugly on his throne has decided to sell me. According to him, a contract has long been drawn up and signed. He just informed me that the buyer is Xavier Blackmoon. "

It hadn't quite arrived and I was hoping it was a sick punishment, which is why he threatened it and it was b*llsh*t. Like a mind game he wanted to use to torture me.

Jason asked a little too loudly, "What?!"

In the next second my father was behind me and turned me around to face him. He glared at me and that was never good. "What did you call me, b*tch?" Aja, there we had his true face, the blow would come soon or something like that.

His main problem with me was that I didn't like to keep my mouth shut and counterattack.

I looked at him unimpressed and didn't bat an eyelid when I answered seriously: "A smug monster sitting lazily in his office chair."

Being the future alpha, Jason could be just as faster as a standard werewolf. It wasn't just our father who had the advantage.

So he aimed a punch, but Jason caught the hand. Which was only possible because he was standing right next to us, otherwise it would have hit me. Even if I didn't show any pain, because I never did. Just because I was way too used to it.

I said coldly, "I certainly won't go to Alpha Blackmoon. Find another submissive dog who will. You'll never see me again in your life."

I actually wanted to go, but of course he stopped me. He yanked his hand away from Jason and grabbed my wrist. "Princess, you will move your *ss where I tell you to. I am your alpha."

I laughed in his face and then said, "You're a pathetic alpha who didn't deserve that title for a second. So shut up old man." I liked provoking him far too much, which could definitely be described as stupid. But this man was much stronger than me and regularly inflicted pain on me. The only slaps I could give were the ones that were verbal.

Jason thundered: "Enough!"

In my opinion, my brother was already the better alpha, even though he hadn't even started the job. But he did it to perfection and, unlike the monster standing right in front of me, was a good man.

Nevertheless, I looked at him in surprise, because this tone would have consequences for him. But my brother stood by me from an early age and always helped me.

Our father looked at him very angrily and said, "You shut up because I'm the boss. You have nothing to report. The b*tch will go to Alpha Blackmoon. She will marry him well and produce his offspring."


This man was sick and unrealistic. Nobody could ask that of me.

Outraged, I asked, "What am I supposed to do?! Not only do you want to sell me, you allow Alpha Blackmoon to do whatever he wants with me? You allow the greatest beast to marry and r*p* your own daughter? Is that yours bloody serious?!"

My father's face was red with anger and the vein on his forehead stood out. He was already yelling: "Countless humans and werewolves will die if you don't do it! This man will burn my territory to rubble if you stay! Do you want that?!"

That was another sentence that first made me disbelieve and then knocked the rug out from under my feet.

Chapter 2

Jason grabbed my father and very abruptly, which is why he let go of my wrist. The next moment my brother slammed him against the nearest wall and put his hand on his throat.

He hissed, "You certainly won't send your own daughter to that beast. You're a pathetic alpha if you can't resolve this matter normally."

Since he had found a good argument and I turned to the two. Jason's knee-jerk reaction had revived me, so the shock took a back seat.

That's when I heard Lilia, my inner wolf, in my head: "Layla, kill that man. If he sends us to Alpha Blackmoon, we can never find our mate or be with him."

I had jumped in shock because I had been too much in reality. I had completely forgotten my wolf.

Lilia snapped at me, "Layla! Our mate! Action needs to be taken!"

oh mate

I hadn't thought that far, because all the new information was too much. But she was right, we could never have the perfect man by our side. With that, we were deprived of the poss


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