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The Clawless Luna Wants Rejection

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The clawless luna, that's what they called her. Vione Celestie Munest had reached a point where she no longer hoped for destiny. Living without a clear origin and claws was painful enough for her. She didn't want to add to her suffering by being humiliated by her Alpha, Usher Thorne. So when Usher decided to sever their bond, Vione's only words were. “I, Vione Celestie Munest, accept your rejection as luna and mate, Alpha Usher Thorne.”

The Clawless Luna 1

"I love Alpha Usher Thorne."

Vione Celestia Munest was frozen. She remained motionless and said nothing in response to the confession she had just heard. How should she react? Should she continue to expend energy, as she had done before, knowing that it would be in vain?

Vione realized that Mireya Lark would not waver. Mireya would never leave, but neither would she.

"Why are you silent, Vione? Didn't you hear what I just said?"

Vione blinked. Her shoulders shifted slightly as she took a breath. "What do you expect me to say? You don't expect me to congratulate you, do you?"

This time Mireya remained silent. She stared at Vione with narrowed eyes, clasped her hands in front of her chest, then walked around Vione with a mocking expression.

"I don't need your congratulations. It's not important, but I think someone is coming to her senses."

Vione closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and hoped in her heart that this disgusting conversation would end soon.

"Congratulations? Hmm. Doesn't this prove that you can finally accept the truth? Turns out it wasn't you who ruled Usher's heart all along. Not you, but me."

The air was trapped in Vione's chest. Thunder echoed there, releasing an uncontrollable heat.

"Enough, Mireya."

Mireya grinned mockingly. "Enough?"

"You shouldn't talk to me like that. Anyway, you should remember that, Meriya," Vione continued and opened her eyes. She breathed slowly and looked straight ahead. "I am his Luna."

Mireya's mocking smile vanished. The small steps that had been circling Vione stopped abruptly. Stunned, she decided to wait for Vione's next move.

But Vione did nothing. She did not say anything. Instead, she walked away from Mireya.

Mireya growled. For a moment, she rolled her eyes in disbelief. Vione just left like that?

Unacceptance made Mireya follow Vione. She grabbed Vione's hand and said, "You are nobody's Luna, Vione. Just as you realize that I'm the only one in Usher's heart, you should also realize that you were never the real Luna.”

Vione steadied herself. Mireya's words made her body tremble in an attempt to deny it, but it was all in vain. Mireya continued to corner her in every possible way.

"You know, right? The only reason you became Luna is because of that d*mn prophecy. Without Ayla's prophecy, it would be impossible for Usher to make you his Luna. You are a pitiful werewolf, Vione. You don't deserve to be Usher's mate."

It seemed that Vione did not need a reminder of the origin of the bond between her and Usher. All thanks to the prophecy of the Sacred Elder of the Frostholm Pack, Ayla Crandall.

Rarely in the history of the Frostholm Pack has a Luna been chosen based on a prophecy. According to the history in the pack's library, the last time it happened was 148 years ago. After that, Alphas always found their Luna by their own destiny.

The incident shook the pack. Some packs voiced their objections, but there was nothing they could do. Ayla's words were absolute and had to be obeyed, even by the Alpha.

As heir to the position of Sacred Elder, Ayla continued the important duties of the previous Sacred Elder. She led all the ceremonies and gave blessings to all the werewolf offspring. She also relayed every prophecy nature showed her, including the fate of Usher's mate.

Many disagreed. Some doubted Ayla's prophecy. But the Thorn family showed their authority. They accepted the prophecy and decided that Vione was the right werewolf to be Usher's mate.

Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. In their eyes, Vione was most unworthy of being Luna. She was unfit to be Usher's mate.

Vione lowered her face. She saw Mireya's grip and slowly let go.

"Deserving or not, the fact remains that I am the Luna now. Not you, Mireya."


"No matter who holds the throne in Usher's heart, the fact remains that I am his mate now. Not you, Mireya."

Mireya's eyes widened, especially when Vione released her grip a moment later.

"I don't care how people see me, but I am Usher’s luna and mate. While you?"

Vione stared at Mireya without any emotion. After all, why bother with something she had already realized? Just pretend it doesn't exist and is meaningless.

"People only see you as Usher's mistress. Nothing more than that."

Vione closed her eyes as soon as she finished speaking. Mireya's hand floated down and landed on her cheek. The sound of the slap accompanied Vione's head tilting to the side.

Mireya's breath warmed. Her chest rose and fell as she glared at Vione in anger.

"What did you say?"

Vione felt a hint of bitterness at the corner of her lips, but she did not grimace. She held back the pain and smiled.

"Shall I repeat it?" Vione asked in a mocking tone. "Are you sure?"

Mireya did not answer but raised her hand again. The second slap was ready to land on Vione's cheek, but failed. Vione caught her wrist at the right moment.

"It seems you didn't understand my words earlier, Mireya. I am Usher's mate. Like it or not, I am Luna. So, watch your attitude."

Mireya growled as she tried to pull her hand away. "Watch my attitude? Dream on, Vione. You were never anyone's Luna. You should think about it; you're not worthy to be Luna. You should be self-aware. You are just a discarded werewolf without a family, a werewolf without claws".

Being destined to be Luna was not a bad thing. But to be born without a clear origin and claws was a catastrophe for Vione. Until this moment, she realized that these two things made her life feel like hell.

Vione tried to strengthen her resolve. She lifted her chin to build a camouflage that had successfully supported both of her feet so far.

"Imagine this, Mireya. Even with a family and claws, you still can't compete with me."

Mireya's face hardened even more. Vione's reaction fueled her anger. She could no longer control herself, but something caught her eye as she was about to retaliate against Vione.

"Let go of me, Vione! You're hurting me!"

Vione furrowed his brow. "What do you mean?"

Mireya's change of attitude confused Vione. She looked at Mireya with an expression of incomprehension, and suddenly a thunderous cry erupted.

"Vione! What are you doing with Mireya?!"

Vione jumped, not only from the scream, but also from the jolt that sent her stumbling backwards a few steps. Fortunately, she was agile enough not to fall.


Vione's eyes widened in disbelief at the scene. With her own eyes she saw Usher approach Mireya and check her wrist.

Vione gaped in disbelief. Could Mireya really pull off such a cheap trick?

"Are you okay, Mireya? Is anything hurt?"

Mireya shook her head as Usher examined her. "No, Usher. I'm fine. Thank you."

"Thank God," Usher said, turning away without letting go of Mireya. He made sure that Mireya was standing right next to him, and then stared sharply at Vione. "What's going on, Vione? What do you think you're doing with Mireya?"

Vione could see the mocking look on Mireya's face. Mireya also smiled, as if to signal that there was nothing she could do. Everything was clear. She meant absolutely nothing to Usher.

"What did I do to Mireya?" Vione repeated quietly. Her face was expressionless and she bit her lower lip. "You should ask your mistress about that, Usher. What did she do to me?"

Usher's eyes widened. Mireya also jumped when Vione spoke with contempt. Apparently, neither of them had expected Vione to retaliate.

"She, Usher. She's the one who slapped me. She also said I didn't deserve to be your Luna."

Usher could see the red mark on Vione's pale cheek, and Mireya noticed it too. She waited, wondering what Usher would do next.

"Looking at your behavior, maybe what Mireya said is true."

Vione was stunned, while Mireya felt relief in her chest.

"Your attitude really doesn't reflect a true Luna."

"Doesn't reflect a true Luna? Oh, dear Usher." Vione chuckled ironically while shaking her head repeatedly. "Can you tell me what a true Luna is? Is she a woman who willingly watches her husband's mistress enter her home?"

Usher clenched his jaw. "Watch your words, Vione."

"You must also watch your behavior, Usher."


Vione did not have time to blink as Usher stepped forward, suddenly standing in front of her. She was shocked, but not for long. Usher immediately grabbed her throat, making it impossible for her to breathe.


Vione's hands went up. She tried to pull Usher's hands away from her throat. But the Alpha's strength would never be a match for her.

"U-Usher, let me go. I can't breathe."

Usher's stern face indicated that he was unmoved by Vione's plea. He stood still, his large fingers squeezing.

Vione struggled even harder. Her lungs rebelled and pain began to radiate throughout her body.


"You should watch your attitude, Vione. Don't think you're special just because we're pairing. You know very well that all this happened because of that d*mn prophecy."

Vione could not respond to Usher's words. She gasped for air and her eyes began to blur.

Tears began to trickle down. Her mouth widened and her vision began to blur.

Is this the end of my life? Is this the end of my patience?

Vione closed her eyes. In her heart she cursed herself. She should have left a long time ago. She should not have listened to Ayla's prophecy. She should have ignored the interests of the pack. After all, they were right.

I should have been self-aware. I am truly unworthy.

In the last moments, when Vione thought her breath would stop, Usher released her. She fell to the ground and took a quick breath, still alive.

"This is your final warning, Vione. Lay a hand on Mireya again, even a little, and you'll bear the consequences."


The Clawless Luna 2

Vione must have heard wrong. Maybe Usher had misspoken. After all, how could an Alpha threaten his own Luna in front of his mistress?

It was not embarrassing, but it was heartbreaking. Even Mireya's slap could not compare to the reality that had just hit her.

True. In Usher's eyes there was only Mireya. Vione never meant anything. Just as people had said, she was just a worthless werewolf. She was an invaluable Luna.

Vione's vision was blurred by the tears. In the midst of her efforts to regulate her breathing, she saw Usher leave her to embrace Mireya again.

They looked harmonious. Both handsome and beautiful. They were like gods and goddesses who should be together.

"Usher, aren't you doing a little too much? Look at Vione. She seems to be in real pain."

Usher turned and looked at Vione with a snarl. His look was mocking and highly contemptuous.

"I thought it was the other way around. The punishment is no


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