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The Beta's Revenge

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The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury………. Ian had just met his mate Sinead from the Crimstone pack and all he ever wanted was a peaceful life close to the sea with his sister and his mate by his side but things changed when the alpha of her pack wanted his mate as his mistress. The alpha of her pack kidnapped her and locked her in his inner chambers to keep her away from him. Alpha Dwight, the Alpha of the Crimstones pack, a tyrant feared by his subjects and other neighboring packs finds interest in Ian's mate and won’t be denied having her as his mistress but Ian isn’t going down without a fight. Knowing that both packs have a truce is he willing to break the truce just to free his mate from the evil tyrant?

Chapter 1


Being the head of the Beta came with a lot of responsibilities too, I didn't get a lot of respect from the others but Alpha Dean made sure I was treated with the utmost respect and soon they began to give me the respect I deserve as their head.

Things were set for hunting, my colleagues were waiting for my order to move out but my alpha wanted to be part of our little hunting. It was rare to see Alpha Dean go hunting with the squad. I walked into his chamber to inform him of our readiness, but there he was having s3x with one of the Omega, Sally. Sally was his favourite mistress and according to him satisfied him better than his Luna. I rushed out of his chamber apologizing.

"I'm sorry Alpha, I didn't know….."

"It's fine, Ian," he cuts in, "Enjoy the view, you can take a few lessons from your Alpha while you await your mate," he added laughing out loud.

He grabbed his robes and beckoned Sally to leave his chambers, she got out of his chambers still naked.

She winked at me and said, "Alpha Dean is a good teacher, you should consider his offer."

"I'll put that into consideration, Sally," I said smiling at her

"So what is it you wanted to see me for Ian?" he asked as I walked into his chambers.

"The squad is ready and awaits your presence, sir" I announced.

"Squad? What for?" He asked looking confused. He had forgotten about the hunting and I should have known better.

"The hunting, sir," I reminded him

"Oh! I forgot, give me a minute," he said as he quickly dressed up.

We made our way to where the squad was, they rose when we walked in and bowed to the Alpha.

"Shall we?" Dean said as he led the way to the woods. It was fun whenever Dean joined us to hunt, I enjoyed his company every time. His reign as Alpha was peaceful, unlike his tyrant of a father.

Dean was a good leader who made sure his people were safe. He laughed with everyone and the little ones were not afraid of him.

"We are here, get prepared boys," he said. His hunting skills were more than perfect.

We observed for a while then an innocent deer came out of the woods in search of grass. Dean turned to me and smiled

"Let's see who gets the first kill," he said through the mind link.

"I will," I said as I made my way to the deer, Dean was behind me with the rest of the troops. We quickly transformed into our wolf form as we ran.

The deer noticed us and fled for dear life but it was too late for the deer, I struck it down with my claws, and the deer fell to the ground whimpering as blood gushed out from its side.

"Nice move Ian, you need to teach me that when we go out hunting next time," Dean said patting my shoulders

"I'm glad you finally admit that I'm better than you at hunting. I'll be glad to teach you my dear Alpha" I mocked him

Dean beckoned one of the guys to carry the deer as we made our way back to the pack.

Suddenly, I heard a creaking sound from the woods, I turned towards the sound but I saw nothing. Disappointed I ran to meet up with the rest of the troop when I heard the sound again, this time a soothing scent filled the air. I turned again and saw a woman hiding in the woods. Gayle my wolf was restless now and she kept howling the word 'mate'

"Mate? Is that our mate?" I asked Gayle using the mind link.

"Yes, that's our mate, Sinead," she said

I turned in her direction but she was gone, I followed her scent as she ran, she was faster than I could imagine.

"Ian! Ian!!!" Dean called out but I was long gone. I needed to stop my mate before he ran out of sight. Dean chased after me after asking the rest to return to the pack. He kept calling, beckoning me to turn back but I paid deaf ears to his words, finding my mate was important. I was closer to her now but she still wouldn't stop.

"Please stop, I just want to talk to you" I pleaded but she wouldn't listen.

We were gradually coming to the end of the ridge when she stopped, I lost balance and fell from the ridge, she quickly grabbed my hands stopping me from falling off the ridge. She tried to pull me up but our hands were sweaty and slippery, I was losing grip and was beginning to lose hope. I let go of her hand and gradually fell but Dean from nowhere grabbed me and I was back at the surface. For a minute I thought I was going to die, at least if I died, I had finally met my mate.

Dean charged at her attempting to strike her with her claws but I stood in front of her shielding her from Dean before she got killed.

"Dean don't!" I pleaded.

"Get away from her Ian, let me tear her into pieces, limb by limb," Dean said angrily.

"You'll have to go through me first," I said bringing out my claws too.

Dean was surprised he had never seen me act this way before so he knew something was up.

"You don't even know who she is and you are protecting her, she tried to kill you. Do you know her? He asked. I ignored him but he seemed to understand perfectly.

"I'll leave you two then. Be back before sunset " he said making his way back to the pack

"Yea Alpha, thank you"

She wasn't scared of Dean, she looked dignified exactly how I'I'dlways imagined my mate to be, now there she was, standing in front of me. I was speechless for a minute, I didn't know what to say to her. After a long silence, she finally broke the silence

"Hi, I'm Sinead and you are?" she asked.

"Uhm, I'm uhm…" I stuttered.

"You are who, do you suddenly have speech impairment cause the last time I checked, you were speaking well enough. Did the cat catch your tongue huh?" she said, making a mockery of me.

I loved her already, she was perfect. I loved her sense of humor.

"Sorry, I'm Ian. Nice to meet you" I said.

"Nice to meet you too, Ian, right?" she extended her hand to me, and I took her hands in mine. It was so warm and soft, that I couldn't help but imagine what it'd be like to feel her hands on my skin. The thoughts alone made my body tense, my wolf was howling uncontrollably, he wanted the same thing too. I tried to control my thoughts, it wouldn't be nice to have such dirty thoughts about her during our first meeting. I still needed to know her better, what pack she was from, and why she was in the woods alone.

"So you are my mate, how ridiculous" she scoffed.

I wasn't expecting that from her, she was supposed to be excited as I was, not being rude to me.

"What do you mean?" I asked feeling disappointed, she didn't like me I could tell.

"I have to go now before I get punished," she said as she tried to run.

"Get punished? By who?" I asked but she ignored my question and turned to leave.

I quickly grabbed her hands before she did.

"Will I see you again?" I asked.

"I'll find you," she said as she ran into the woods.

I stood there watching as my mate ran into the woods. I was going to find her no matter what.

I headed back to the pack, thoughts of her in my head, I got to the pack and found Dean and my sister Irene waiting at the entrance. It looked like they had been waiting for me for a long time.

"Please don't tell me you've been waiting out here for me," I said as I entered the premises

"Why wouldn't I? You ran off like a chicken in search of a chick and almost lost your life, you moron" he yelled at me" And who is that girl you were protecting me from hurting. She tried to kill you and you protected her," he added

"She's my mate!" I screamed at Dean "I'm sorry, Alpha Dean, I didn't mean to yell," I said bowing to him. I never meant to be disrespectful to my Alpha but I couldn't stand the thought of him killing my mate.

"Your mate?" They both said

"How is that possible? Just this morning you were a lonely Beta now you suddenly found your mate" he said. I knew he was making fun of me, he always did but right now I was serious, I wasn't in the mood for jokes. I needed to find my mate.

"I'm not joking Dean! She's my mate."

He saw the seriousness in my eyes, I wasn't joking with this.

"Wow, Uhm, so where is she?" A smile smoothened on his lips as he spoke. I wondered what he was thinking when he asked about her whereabouts.

"Gone," I replied

"Gone?!! How can you allow her to go? You finally found your mate and you allowed her to go just like that" he said, disappointed

"What was I supposed to do? Force her to come with me? C'mon, Dean you should know me to be better than this" I was angry at myself for letting her go like that. I should have convinced her to come with me to the pack.

"I'll find you", I thought of what she said earlier. How was she going to find me when she didn't even know where my pack was?

"So you finally found your mate, I'm happy for you bro. Finally, we will move into our home" Irene said, grinning from ear to ear. Dean smirked and lightly punched me on my shoulder.

"Ouch! What was that for?" I said rubbing my shoulder.

We both burst into laughter as we made our way to the courtyard.

Chapter 2


I was bored of sitting down and doing nothing so I decided to take a walk in the woods. I needed to clear my head. I grabbed my pair of sneakers and left the house, my mother had warned me severally about going to the woods alone.

"Stop going to the woods, it's dangerous out there, besides remember the law, no one is to be found philandering around before dusk" she would say. I understood why she was overprotective of me, I was all she had.

We had watched as my father was killed by that tyrant, Alpha Dwight, for breaking the rules. He pleaded guilty and told him the reason why he broke the rules but he didn't care. He stood by his rules and beheaded my father, our pleas fell on deaf ears as they meant nothing to him. I never considered him as my alpha and I was surely going to get my revenge one day.

I wasn't a little kid anymore, I was all grown now and will be 24 soon but I was still my mother


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