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The Alphas Feral Little Mate

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As a small omega, Jazz has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. It had never occurred to her that things could turn for the foreseeable future in an instant. A moment of happiness abruptly turns into a terrifying nightmare as she is thrown into the forest like unwanted litter. In order to survive independently, Jazz has to start from scratch. In the world of werewolves, Alpha Lex is king, with a mission to protect and locate mistreated pack members all over the world. Despite having the most powerful pack, he still lacks one thing — a mate. Little does he know that the moon goddess has something special in mind for him. When he meets a mysterious woman, he instantly knows she's the one. Does she have the capacity to overcome her feral instincts and try to overcome the tragedy that awaits her? Will he accept what the moon goddess has given him, or will he throw her away like everyone else?


When Jazz talks about memories, these are the memories that go through her head that make her continue with life even when she is eager to join her parents.

Flash back one-year-old

“You've got this, my love, just take one step,” Mommy reassures me with genuine enthusiasm, extending her hands towards me as I work hard to stay steady on my feet.

Filled with anticipation, I take a step forward, trying my best to maintain my balance as I cautiously extend my other foot towards mommy. Overwhelmed with fear of stumbling, I can't help but let out a whimper. “Don't worry, my darling, you're safe. Mommy will always be here to catch you,” mommy reassures me, her face beaming with a comforting smile.

As I extend my little arms towards my mother, a surge of inspiration fills me, urging me to take my very first step. The instant I gather the courage to do so, a radiant smile spreads across my mother's face, illuminating the room with pure joy. The sound of her laughter fills the air, creating an atmosphere of sheer delight that resonates within me.

The overwhelming happiness that engulfs me becomes so intense that I can't contain it, causing my hands to come together in a spontaneous applause of delight. However, in my excitement, I lose my balance and end up tumbling onto my bottom, which only adds to the contagious laughter that erupts from within me.

“Wow, darling, did you witness that incredible moment? Our little one has just taken her very first step!” mommy exclaims joyfully to daddy, her face beaming with pride. Daddy, filled with excitement, bends down and swiftly lifts me up, playfully tossing me in the air, which elicits a delightful squeal from me.

“Look at how determined you are, my precious baby. Soon enough, you'll be exploring every corner of the world,” Daddy lovingly expresses, before planting a playful raspberry on my belly, causing me to burst into even more joyful squeals.

Flash back four years old

“Sweetheart, come join us for a delicious meal,” my mom lovingly calls out to me, her voice echoing from the kitchen entrance. I find myself lying on the floor, unable to contain my laughter as my dad playfully transforms into a wolf, playfully crawling all over him. In the midst of our joyful laughter, the wolf affectionately licks my face, spreading an overwhelming sense of joy and warmth throughout the room.

When I enter the kitchen, a wide smile spreads across my face when I see my mother's delightful creation of crispy chicken nuggets and golden french fries. Just as I settle into my chair, daddy enters the room and plants a loving kiss on mommy's cheek.

While I witness the sight before me, my face involuntarily scrunches up in a mixture of surprise and amusement. With a playful tone, I can't help but exclaim, “Oh my, daddy, that's absolutely gross!” The sound of his contagious laughter fills the air, spreading happiness all around. He walks towards me, showering me with tender kisses that instantly bring forth joyful squeals of laughter from deep within me. Eventually, we all gather around the table, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and love as we savor our meal together.

“Let's have a delicious meal, and after that, we can venture into the enchanting forest for a day filled with fun and play,” my father cheerfully suggests. Causing a joyful response from me, as the forest holds a special place in my heart.

Soon as I finish my meal, I quickly stand up from the table, filled with excitement to outpace my father and get ready for our adventure. The captivating scent of the forest and the feeling of its soft, earthy ground beneath my feet bring me an indescribable sense of happiness and delight.

Flash back six years old

When I wake up, I feel a strong pain in my body that makes me cry. The excruciating ache in my stomach is unbearable, leaving me writhing in agony. My distress is so intense that it immediately catches the attention of my concerned parents, who rush into my room with worry etched on their faces. They quickly gather by my side, their presence providing a comforting peace amidst the torment I am experiencing.

“Oh my goodness, what is happening to her?” mom exclaims, her voice filled with sheer panic and concern.

“Look, she's attempting to transition into her wolf form,” dad exclaims to mom, a mix of excitement and concern clear in his voice.

“Mom's voice filled the room with concern as she exclaimed, 'She is too young to be shifting!' Yet, despite her worry, she gently ran her hand through my hair, providing a comforting touch as tears streamed down my face and I writhed in agony. The pain was unbearable, but her presence offered a glimmer of solace amidst the turmoil.”

During this transformation of my skeletal structure, my bones gracefully align and adjust themselves, preparing for the imminent shift into my lupine form. At this moment of intense metamorphosis, a mixture of exhilaration and trepidation fills the air, causing me to release a heartfelt cry and scream.

Sensing my emotional turmoil, my loving parents rushed to my side, offering solace and reassurance. Their comforting presence serves as a soothing balm amidst the chaos, as my wolf finally emerges from within me, leaving my parents astounded and breathless with astonishment.

Flash back eight years old

“Darling, today we have the wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with our dear friends,” mom cheerfully announces while preparing for our outing.

“Mom, I'm thrilled to get ready and go,” I express eagerly, conveying my excitement. Meanwhile, Daddy swiftly enters their bedroom and shuts the door, adding an air of anticipation to our upcoming adventure.

My mother entered with a troubled expression on her face as I sit in my room. Without wasting any time, she informs me about an unexpected change in our plans, saying, “Sweetheart, there has been a change of plans. Your father and I have to attend an important pack meeting, which means you will have to spend the rest of the day at the pack house with the other children.”

When she leaves my room quickly, I jump into action because it's important for both my parents to be there. Despite my longing to remain in the comfort of my own home, I understand the gravity of the situation and promptly prepare myself to face whatever lies ahead.

Getting ready to leave, I quickly slipped on my shoes and coat, while my parents followed suit. We were all eager to head out to the pack house together.

Flash back Ten years old

Throughout my childhood, one thing that stands out vividly in my memory is the constant feeling of being smaller than my peers, both within my pack and in my class. This physical difference often became a source of amusement for others, leading to teasing and bullying. Unfortunately, my health has also been a recurring issue, causing me to fall ill frequently and miss out on a significant amount of school. These challenges have shaped my early years, leaving a lasting impact on my self-esteem and academic progress.

While I lay in bed, feeling unwell, my mother entered my room with a tray in her hands. On the tray, there was a bowl of hot soup emitting steam and a refreshing glass of water. With utmost care, she placed it on the bedside table and settled down beside me, her eyes filled with worry. She gently spoke, “Darling, we have an urgent task to run the border tonight. Do you think you'll manage on your own, or should I give Samantha a call to come over and keep you company?”

“Mom, I want you to know that there's absolutely no need for you to worry about me. No, I don't need Samantha to come over. I'm simply going to eat my meal and then peacefully drift off to sleep,” I reassure my mom, trying my best to muster a faint smile.

Raising my eyes, I catch a fleeting sight of my father peering in with a smile spread across his face. “Don't worry, my girl. Always remember that we love you and will always stand by your side,” he says, his words filled with reassurance.

As I watched them leave my room, tears streamed down my face, overwhelmed by a deep sense of unease. The weight of worry settled heavily on my chest, making it hard to breathe. The thought of my loved one's venturing out into the unknown, facing the dangers that lurked beyond our doorstep, filled me with a paralyzing fear. But amidst the chaos of my emotions, I managed to gather myself, wiping away the tears that stained my cheeks.

With a heavy heart, I turned my attention to the tray of food my mom had brought me. The aroma of warm soup and freshly baked bread filled the room, offering a small comfort in the midst of my distress. I knew I needed to eat, to nourish my body, and find strength within myself. So, I picked up the spoon and forced myself to take small bites, the taste of each morsel bittersweet against my tongue. Plus, just the right temperature that I don't burn my mouth as I continue to eat slowly because my stomach is rolling.

After finishing my meal, I lay back down on my bed, the weight of the situation pressing down on me like a suffocating blanket. The room felt empty, devoid of the laughter and warmth that usually filled its walls. The silence was deafening, amplifying the unease that had settled deep within my bones. I closed my eyes, seeking solace in the darkness, and fervently prayed that they would return home safely by the time I woke up.

My mind became a battleground of worries and what-ifs, each scenario more terrifying than the last. I imagined the dangers they might encounter, the obstacles they would have to overcome. The world outside seemed like a treacherous place, filled with unseen threats lurking around every corner. But in the midst of my fear, I clung to hope, desperately willing it to manifest into reality.

Resting in that moment, my mind, and my prayers became entwined, and within that union, I discovered a faint glimmer of tranquility. Fragile and delicate, the overwhelming burden of my worries could shatter this sense of peace, yet it still managed to provide a small measure of comfort.

Clinging tightly to this lifeline, I allowed it to serve as my anchor amidst the tempest of uncertainty that surrounded me. With every breath, I softly uttered their names, releasing my affection and safeguarding intentions into the vast expanse of the universe, hoping that they would find their way to those I cherished, regardless of where they may be. “I love you, mom and dad. I hope you make it back to me safely.”

Unbeknownst to me, as I lay in bed, feeling unwell, I had no idea that the moment my parents left for their border patrol duties would signify the end of a significant chapter in my life. From that point forward, I would never have the chance to see them again or feel the warmth of their love and care that I yearned for so deeply. Little did I realize the terrifying events that were about to unfold, as what awaited me was a story far beyond the enchanting realms of fairy tales.

Chapter 1


As I gradually awaken, the inviting warmth of my comfortable bed envelops me, creating a reluctance to part ways with its soothing embrace. Extending my limbs, I release a hearty yawn, sensing the weariness from a restful sleep gradually fading away. My eyes, still weighed down by drowsiness, find it challenging to adapt to the gentle morning sunlight seeping through the curtains.

With a lazy movement, I shift my head to steal a quick glance at the clock resting on my nightstand, fully anticipating the comforting sight of the familiar digits displaying the time. Yet, as my eyes land on the clock, a sudden jolt of fear courses through me, causing an involuntary gasp to escape my lips. To my utter shock, the once radiant numbers on the clock are now concealed in an eerie darkness, leaving the entire face blank. Panic instantly floods my veins, and I find myself desperately struggling to grasp the gravity of this perplexing situation.

As I sit


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