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The Alpha's Sex Slave

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At first, the kiss was slow, thoughtful. Tender and light like a summer breeze. But as I began opening up to him. Making him know I wanted this as bad as he did, he devoured me hungrily. Possessively. As though he’d been waiting a thousand years for this. His hand clamped my chin in place as his tongue delved deeper into me, exploring the recesses of my mouth. Sending shivers of desire racing all over me. Setting my whole body on fire. Burning me to ashes. The world around me was spinning in a whirlwind of blinding speed, almost overwhelming. Instinctively, I shut my eyes, allowing that velocity to envelop me completely. I surrendered to the raging storm, letting it carry me away in its fierce embrace. **** Brianna Campbell, a young female Omega with beauty as charming and as enchanting as a mermaid's is abused and sold into slavery by the same Alpha king who she thought loved her and will make her his Luna. The new Alpha king that bought her was different. Way too different. He seeks not servitude, but to erase her pain, claiming not only her body but her heart, soul, and the very essence of her world. As boundaries blur and desires ignite, the question lingers: How far will he go to make her his own?

Chapter 1


The tears I fought so hard to hold back prickled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I stood naked in front of the mirror. Bruises and scars adorned me to the extent I found my body unrecognizable. Stifling a sob, I wiped the teardrops that escaped my moist eyes. The sun had just risen and it’ll be bad luck to begin my day with tears of sorrow.

Grabbing my hairbrush from my vanity table, I brushed my hair slowly, letting out a slight wince as the bristles untangled my twists. I sat down and applied makeup to conceal my black eye and the bruise on the side of my lips. Hermes always wanted me to look my best for him no matter what.

He threatened to pluck out the eyeballs of any other male including his guards who dared look at me with desire, and that was his main reason for keeping me locked up in his castle; to have me all for himself.

There was a tap on the door and I rose in an instant, sliding into my panties and a long gathered gown to hide the remaining marks on my body. I unlatched the door and was met by the red, bulgy eyes of one of the male servants who I hadn’t seen before. Hermes had stopped the female servants from attending to me due to how well I rapport with them in helping me escape. This was my second attempt to escape. And I failed. I always failed. And now I’m starting to believe I’ll spend the rest of life locked up in this hellhole with that psychotic brute.

Judging from the dullness of the servants’ face, one could tell he was denied a sound sleep last night. Hermes’s sister must have overloaded them with work. She was so hateful and inconsiderate and never cared about the well-being of others.

“Good morning, Miss Brianna,” he bowed slightly. “Alpha King Hermes has called for you.”

I groaned inwardly on hearing this. It was still early in the morning. The last thing I needed was another round of his defilements and insults and beatings.

“And where is he?” I asked, trying to mask my inner turmoil. Is he at the dining already?”

“No,” he answered. “He’s still in his chamber getting ready.”

“Very well then, I’ll be there.”

He jerked his head and left. Pushing the door close, I rested on it, biting hard on my lower lip till it throbbed like my pulse. I just prayed Hermes won’t land me with another slap or blow that’ll send me to the recovery bed again.


Hermes’s chamber door squeaked as I pushed it open. His inconsiderate sister was sitting on the edge of his bed with her legs crossed mannerlessly. She rolled her eyes at me the moment I entered. Ever since he brought me to his castle, she seemed to despise me and treated me as badly as him.

I ignored her scowl and darted forward.

“Good morning, my love,” I said with a slight bow. That word ‘love’ felt heavy in my mouth and for a moment, I regretted saying it. This wasn’t love if I was nothing but a s*x slave to him, it wasn’t love if he would beat and insult me in the slightest of chances, not minding who or what was watching.

“A very good morning Brianna,” he replied, and I couldn’t help but notice a sinister smile on his face.

My brows lowered in suspicion. I knew for a fact that he always acted that way whenever I had done something wrong, and when I refused to accept it or defend myself, he would flare up like a blazing fire and punish me for it.

“Have a seat,” he screeched the cushioned stool away from the table that lay at the centre of his chamber, motioning for me to sit. “Have a coffee with me if you don’t mind.” That fake, dangerous smile still on his devilish features.

I looked at his sister who kept sneering at me, trying to hide her mischievous giggles. At that moment, I knew something was under the carpet. What could I have done this time?

I walked slowly to the stool, throwing momentarily glances at him as he kept feigning the smile. Before I could sit, my knees involuntarily crouched to the floor.

“Please my lord,” I pleaded. “Forgive me. Whatever you think I did, I didn’t do it.”

He scoffed and pressed his lips together in suppressed anger. He hated it whenever I didn’t admit my mistakes and pleaded for mercy.

My knees stung with pain as I dragged myself to him, begging for something I knew I never did.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

He pushed me aside and walked towards the door as I crashed with a loud thud, already on the brink of tears.

“Guards!” He screamed and at once, two stone-faced guards walked in, dragging a stranger whose head was bent low along.

“Hope you remember your s*x mate, you sl*t,” his tone was venomous.

My lips parted in shock. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Why would he think of me as a sl*t? Who was this man and why was he here? Hermes took my virginity. He was the only man I had ever been with. And he knew it too well.

“My lord,” I called out, trying to recover from the shock. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I am not a sl*t…”

“Not only is she a pathetic sl*t,” his sister stood from the bed and walked to him, her lips twitching with a wicked smile. “She’s also a pathetic liar. She needs to be punished harder for this.” She balled her fist and showed her bare teeth. She was enjoying this.

If given the chance, she’ll send me to my early grave in the blink of an eye. And I hated her. With every fibre in my body. Every blood that runs through my veins. With every beat my heart makes, I hated her and her psychotic brother.

“Please hear me out,” I begged, still on my knees, even though I knew doing so was like pouring water into a basket. “I don’t know this man…”

Before I could finish, he marched to me and landed my right cheek with a slap that sent it burning with pain. The pain seared across my face and it went numb for a moment.

“I did you a huge favour by picking you from the gutters and this is how you repay me.”

I cradled my cheek and sobbed as hot tears steamed my vision and burned my cheeks the more.

“Where did you say you met her?” He turned to the stranger.

“I usually water the garden and when I do, I notice she’s always staring at me from her window. It wasn’t until one day that she beckoned to me to come inside secretly from the back. Ever since then, we’ve been sleeping with each other.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. They were about to fall out from the lie he just told. It all seemed surreal to me. Being locked up for what seemed like ages, I never for once stepped foot outside the castle, talk more of knowing the castle had a gardener

“So you’ve been sleeping around with the gardener?” He turned back to me, shaking his head in disapproval.

My lips tried moving but his glare made the words pile up in my throat. And I swallowed the lump.

“And do you have evidence to back up your claim?


The guards freed the stranger’s hands. He dipped his fingers into his pocket and dug out one of my favourite panties that I have been searching desperately for.

My pupils dilated in shock and with the little courage I had left, l lunged at him and bit his right ear, but it didn’t produce the effect I had wanted as the guards restrained me and pinned me down on my knees.

“You b*st*rd liar! Who paid you to do this?!”

He cradled his ear and looked away, avoiding my gaze at all costs. His guilt won’t let him meet my eyeballs.

This was all a set-up. Someone broke into my chamber and stole my underwear. Everything he said was a bunch of fabricated lies geared at embarrassing me more. But who could have been behind it?

I looked at Hermes’s sister, whose lips were still twitched with that wicked smile. It must be her. From the first day I stepped foot into this castle, she never liked me. Or could it be Hermes? It was him probably, he took pleasure in maltreating and embarrassing me. They both did.

I was still lost in my thoughts when he walked to me and ripped my gown apart.

“My lord, what are you doing?” I tried to struggle but he was too strong, coupled with the guards that held my arms.

“Since you love being a sl*t, I was hoping to help you carry along with it.”

His lips curled to a lustful smirk when my breasts slipped out into view. I screamed and wept so hard that I felt my spirit leave my body.

He reached for my underwear – the only thing covering my womanhood. My dignity. And tore it without effort.

There I was, stark naked in front of his sister, the guards, and the lying stranger. With the little dignity I had left, I tried covering with my hands but he cast a heart-stopping glare at me and I let them down immediately, my head slumped to the ground in shame.

“Leave us,” he commanded.

“Let me do the honours of punishing her myself,” his sister gritted scornfully.

I was stupid to think she would have a change of heart and help me out as a fellow woman.

“Everyone leave!” He yelled, his jaw tightening.

She huffed out a breath and left reluctantly, the stranger and guards following as the door clicked shut.

Chapter 2


“You’re so pretty,” he said as he clutched my chin, forcing me to look at him. “Of all the girls I have been with so far, you seem to be the… prettiest.”

He turned my face from side to side as I shivered, studying it. With that look on his face, I knew where it was all heading. And it wasn’t good.

“My lord please, not again,” I whimpered.

He turned deaf to my pleas. Before I could beg some more, he jacked me up and balanced me on his right shoulder, spanking my bare butt as he marched to his bed. My head throbbed and I winced as he landed me roughly on his bed.


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