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The alpha's contracted Luna

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Claire is an omega of the blue moon pack. Claire and her mother Sara are one of the servants of the pack house. Claire’s mother Sara is the favourite omega to Luna. Claire always gets played by the betas and gammas. One day, her pack is attacked by twin alpha brothers. Claire loses her mother in that attack. She became an orphan. Claire's life becomes hopeless. Everything changed when Alpha Tyson offered her a contract to become his luna. Alpha Tyson offered this contract to Claire not because of love. He wants to forget the memories of his lost luna. Can Claire get respect from her pack? Did Alpha Tyson forget his lost Luna and love her?

Chapter 1

I was walking through a dense forest. The sound of birds and animals were heard all around me. I just removed the plants and small trees in front of me with my hands. The sound of water is heard from a small distance from me. I followed the sound of the water by removing the obstacles in front of me quickly. Finally I reached the side of the flowing water. Surprisingly, the water is coming from a huge nearby waterfall. It looks amazing. I stepped into the water and headed towards the waterfall. I can feel the coldness of the water in my legs. Slowly I moved towards the waterfall. When I got near the waterfall, I saw a man standing near the waterfall. I can’t see his face, his head is towards the waterfall. My legs slowly move towards that man. Reaching near him, I can see his hot body clearly. He didn’t wear a shirt. That man’s body is wet. A sudden feeling felt in my whole body. I finally came near him and stopped my walking.

“Who are you?”. I asked.


“Who are you?. I repeat the question.

“I am your mate”.

A rough voice was heard. The man slowly started to turn towards me.

“Claire”. Mom's voice was heard.

I woke up from the dream. Just another dream?. This is the third time this dream is haunting me. I always saw a man in every dream. The interesting part is I won't see the face of the man in the dream. Is my mate approaching me quickly? So, finally I am getting a mate? 

“Claire” mom started to shout.

“ Mom, I am coming,” I shouted  back. 

I get up from my bed and go straight to the bathroom. When peeing, my mind is filled with the picture of the man standing at the waterfall. Who is he?

“Claire, where are you?. Hurry up, beta sam commented to clean the conference room immediately”. 

My mom's voice was heard from next to the washroom door. She started knocking on the washroom door.

“ Mom, cool down. I already cleaned the conference room yesterday itself”. I said.

“ Beta sam already commanded us to clean the room. Whether you cleaned the room yesterday or not. You must  clean the room immediately again”. Mom commanded.

“Yes, mom. I will clean the room. That’s my job” 

Mom’s footsteps go away from the washroom door. So, I want to clean the room again. What’s so urgent? Is any important meeting taking place today?

I wore my cleaning dress and took the bucket with water in one hand and a mop on the other hand. When I reached our kitchen to see mom, she was preparing our breakfast. Mom's face looks very tired. She always finishes the job for the alpha family early. She is the main cook for the alpha family. My mom Sara is the favourite omega for Luna Ellis. I came near to mom. When I reached near to her, she looked very angry at me.

“What are you thinking, Claire?. You must wake up in the early morning. You are an omega. We omega always have duties. We must do our duties whatever happens. Blue moon is our pack and alpha Tyson is our alpha. We live for our pack and alpha. Don’t forget and act responsible” Mom said.

“Yes, mom. I will do my duty”. I said. 

“Good girl”. She said by making pancakes. I moved towards the pack house main building.

On the way to the main building, I heard gunshots. Oh moon goddess, they already began their training?. I increased the speed of my walking. Now I can see Arnold and his gammas were training. They didn’t see me until now. All are focusing on their training. My feet were hardly placed on the soil. I want to increase the speed of my walking a little bit and also want to maintain zero noise. I slowly moved from Arnold and the team. Thanks moon …

“Stop there”.

I stopped and I looked at my back. Arnold is coming towards me. My hands started to shake. Some drops of water came out from the basket.

“Where are you going, f*ck*ng omega?” Arnold asked. Arnold has the right to ask. He is a beta and brother of Beta Sam.

“I was going…” I tried to open my mouth, but I couldn't.

He looked at the bucket of water and mob in my hand.

“ Are you going to clean the toilets?”

“ Confer… conference room” I said.

“ Conference room? For what?. To discuss the internal matters of the pack?

Everyone started to laugh except me.

“ Did you find your mate?. I was looking for a mate”. Arnold said.

I didn't look at his face. My face was looking down.

“Are you mad? This creature is omega”. One of the gammas standing with Arnold said.

“ Maybe she is omega. But she has a nice *ss. I like doggy style very much”.

Everyone started laughing. When I look at Arnold’s face, He is showing doggy style to his friends.

“What is happening here?”. A rough voice heard from a distance.

I looked at the place where the sound came from. A few metres away, Beta Sam was standing. He is looking at us with a red face. Sam is the beta of Alpha Tyson. He is the second in command of our pack. Sam looks more powerful than Arnold.

Arnold and his team moved away from me and kept a distance. Sam comes rashly towards us.

“Why are you late?. The conference takes place at a anytime.Hurry”. Sam said to me after reaching near to me.

“What are you looking at? Get back to training”. Sam commanded Arnold and the team.

Without a second thought, I started walking fastly to the conference room.

I was cleaning the conference room. There is no dirt or dust in the room. Actually the room is clean. Yesterday I cleaned this room myself. I have the duty to clean this room. But like my mom said, duty is duty. When cleaning the floor, the face of Arnold appeared in my mind. That *ssh*l* always makes me a joke. One day  I definitely hit that bloody beta with my hands. By thinking of slapping Arnold, I came backwards without noticing that the bucket filled with dirt water was lying behind my back. I hit the backet and the dirt water in it fell to the floor. Oh moon goddess. I am dead. I heard the sound of the handle of the door. The door opens, It is Sam. He entered the room. He comes towards me with a tense face.

“Is the cleaning done?” Sam asked.

At that time, Sam noticed the dirt water on the floor.

“What the f*ck?”

Suddenly, some people started to enter the room. One of them is the powerful and ruthless alpha Tyson. When Sam saw Tyson, he went near him. I don’t know what to say or do. I looked at Sam. But he looked at me with sympathy on his face. Tyson slowly came towards me. He looked at the floor. Tyson came aggressively close to me.

“You didn’t even know how to clean a room?” Tyson asked.

I looked at the floor. I don’t have the courage to look at the face of Tyson.

“Look at my face, you b*tch” Tyson growls. His eyes become red. He slammed in my face with his hands. That slam hurts me a lot. Tears started coming from my eyes.

“Get out, you b*tch” Tyson growls. 

After taking the empty bucket and mop in my hands, I slowly left the room with tears in my eyes.

Chapter 2

When I reached the corner of the main building, I put the bucket and mop on the ground. Still tears have been running out of my eyes. I want to sit alone for a few moments. Nobody comes to this side of the building at this time. I sat on the ground and started to cry. I cried like a baby. Alpha’s that slap still hurts me. He slapped me at the front of everyone that hurts even more than the slap. I know omega’s life is like this. We didn’t get any respect from anyone.With my amazement, Luna Ellis appeared in front of me. She is looking at me. I suddenly got up from the ground.

“ Are you crying?” Luna asked.

“No, luna. I was just sitting here”. I said.

Luna came closer to me and looked at my eyes.

“You are eyes telling a different story,” Luna said.

I didn’t say anything. Luna runs her fingers through my red cheeks.

“Looks Like someone slapp


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