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obsession with my CEO
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After saying these words, I put back the piece of pancake in my hand onto my plate. Then I went to the washbasin and washed my hands and mouth. I took my bag in my hand and said goodbye to my mom and dad before leaving the house. Looking at their face, I understand they didn’t accept that kind of reply from me. What can I do about it? I can say only one word, sorry. While standing at the bus stop, my whole mind was on my father’s question. Dad was right. I have brought no boyfriend of me to my home yet. Because none of the guys I dated not qualified to become my boyfriend. I didn’t get the man of my dreams, till now. I am waiting for my special one. One day I will find him and I introduce him to my parents and Lucy.” After a while, a car stopped in front of the shop opposite the bus stop where I was standing. A young man from the driver’s seat opened the car door and got out. The height of the young man was about six feet. He is handsome. His clothes were a t-shirt and shorts. There is also a cooling glass on his face. I could enjoy his sexy body because of the tight t-shirt. The front door of the car on the other side opens. A girl came out of it. “Jessica” I carefully looked at the girl again. I’m not wrong. It’s her. “Jessica” Even from afar, I will never forget her golden hair, huge breasts, and her huge butts. They both held hands and went inside the shop. “Poor boy, he will lose all his money today”. Jessica and I were in the same class in college. She is a bitch in college. All the boys were behind her. I watched her go with the boys in BMWs, Benz, and Lamborghinis. She always selects high-class boys. I could never be able to fall in love with a high-class boy. High-class guys don’t like average girls like me. I don’t have a curvaceous body like Jessica. No golden hair. No huge butts and breasts. I am not a Kim Kardashian. I am just Ruby Anderson. After a while, Jessica and the young man came out of the shop. She had a lot of shopping bags in her hand. They both got into the car. Then the car sped off. I saw the bus coming for me from some distance away. “bitch”.

the myth
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They both reached a darkened room. Suddenly, the light rose from the lamps that were there. He realized it was the magic of the monster. The room was full of lamps and utensils. There was also a wooden swing in the middle. After releasing his hands, the monster climbed on the swing. Then she slowly swung. Arjun did not know what to do. This continued for some time. " Come close to me" Arjun stood motionless. Though an adult with a body, Arjun has now like a child. Now Arjun wants to cry. "Do not be afraid" The monster tries to calm Arjun. Arjun cursed his decision to come here several times and moved closer to the monster. Arjun approached the monster and bowed. The monster stopped playing on the swing. "Sit here" monster knocked on her next spot on the swing. Arjun sat on the swing. But he was a little far from the monster. The monster smiled. Arjun tried to convince himself that the monster sitting next to him was not a danger to him. “I haven’t sat been so close to a human being for years. “ monster told Arjun. But his thought was how to escape from there. "I will not eat you. please breath, coward."


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