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The Alpha King's Precious Rose

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Paris is on the run from a mobster and her dangerous twin brother. She lands in a werewolf community meanwhile The Alpha King loses his mate sending him into a spiral of self-destruction and depression. Marcel, the prodigal son returns to claim the throne while his brother is unable to assume it. Everyone opposes him but the arrogant King doesn’t care. His job is to make the pack ruthless and impenetrable and nothing’s going to stop him except a waitress at the town’s famous restaurant. He should stay away from her, she’s human and sacred laws forbid their union. But there’s nothing he can do when his wolf chooses Paris to mate. They must keep their relationship secret to keep each other safe but Paris’ past is rapidly catching up to her. Will she end up running from Marcel after all? Or will he show the shifter world what happens when they mess with the Alpha King's mate?

The Luna Ceremony

It was the dawn of a new era for Malik’s pack. After a year of searching, he finally found his mate. Amelia was going to make a great Luna and a life companion. It felt like he’d been waiting a lifetime. Now he only had to wait a couple hours until the moon came out of hiding from the clouds so they could begin the ritual. Uncle Gary walked up to Malik, a warm smile on his face. He couldn’t be more optimistic about the pack’s future, especially with his nephew leading them and the tribe packs as Alpha King.

“Anxious?” Gary asked.

Malik chuckled, “That obvious?”

“A little bit. She’ll be out any moment. I’m sure your aunt hasn’t stopped talking her ear off.” Gary shook his head.

His half-sister Olga was the healer of the pack and had a slight thorn in his side.

“I can’t wait to see her.” Malik ran a hand through his satin-like black hair.

Suits weren’t the most appropriate attire for these ceremonies. He wore a black shirt and pants, but his Luna would be dressed in white the shade of the moon tonight.

“He didn’t show,” Malik uttered, almost absent-mindedly.

“No,” Gary said forcefully.

“I know uncle.” Malik sighed.

“We’re not talking about your brother tonight. Marcel chose his path.”

A path Malik knew he would always go down. Marcel was banned from the pack when their father chose Malik to be the next Alpha and Marcel chose to join a group of rouge wolves that know nothing but chaos.

The moon was finally out. The taunting was over. Malik straightened his spine when the door to the little house his Luna had been hidden away in swung open. Amelia was going to stand on a spot hit with perfect moonlight. She walked out, a bright smile put on for the man she would spend the rest of her days with.

She grabbed the front of her dress while Olga carried the back of it like a maid of owner would do for a bride. Gary patted Malik on the back before moving away to join the crowd. Malik would meet her under the moonlight and their union would be blessed by the mood goddess.

Amelia finally made it under the moon close to a frail oak tree. She gave him a tiny wave. Malik chuckled and smirked. Could they hurry it along he needed this to be over so they could get to the best part of the ceremony. Mating. Malik shot his uncle daggers. Gary laughed, understanding perfectly the urgency. He walked to the centre so he was between Malik and Amelia and in front of the pack.

“Alright pack. Settle down. We don’t have many of these, but I bet you remember what the last Luna ceremony felt like. We’re gaining a wonderful Luna. A mother to us all and a valiant warrior who’s going to help keep all clans safe as Luna Queen. Before the moon goes back into hiding Malik take the walk that will join you to your Luna forever. Under the witness of the moon and the pack.”

It was a short walk, barely ten footsteps he would have to make, though it felt like an abyss to brave before he could capture her cheeks and press his lips against hers. She tilted her head and mouthed, “Come on.”

Malik rolled his shoulders back and started his walk. Two feet away from the love of his life. Fire burst from the ground, throwing Malik towards the pack. Bursting from the ground and engulfing Amelia whole. Her screams went as high as the angry red flames themselves that scorched the leaves of the old tree.

“Amelia!” Malik’s eyes went bright yellow as his wolf sprang into action to save his mate trapped in a cage of fire.

“Malik stop!” Olga yelled. “Gary do something! He’ll die.”

Gary frozen in a state of utter shock broke the chains of paralysis and reached for his nephew before he could reach the wall of fire.

“Don’t Malik!”

The crowds cowered back, but couldn’t look away. Seconds ago where their Luna stood now in her place a monstrous flame threatening to swallow them all whole.

Malik shrugged his uncle off, but even from where he stood the intense heat of the fire threatened them. Amelia’s cries had long vanished into the night.

“I have to save her.” Even as he spoke, despair had firmly settled into his soul.

Men came running with buckets of water to try and drown out the flame, but before water could make contact with the fire it was gone. Like a candle blown out in the wind.

“Amelia!” Malik rushed to the charred ground. He dropped to his knees at the body of his beloved. She was gone and so was he.


Gary lived in a nice condo like his nephew. He hadn’t stopped drinking since the incident. The pack was in a frenzy and other packs were restless. He didn’t have the answers anyone needed and his nephew was worse and to top it off his sister was late!

One knock came from the door followed by Olga walking in. She raised her hands and stalked to him where he stood by the door to the balcony.

“D*mn it, Olga.” Gary spat.

“At least I’m not hiding away while the pack runs itself silly. People are worried Gary.”

“I know! I need you to give him something anything to cure him.”

She wrapped her arms over her chest. Sometimes she couldn’t believe how stupid her brother was.

“He lost his mate two days ago! He’s heartbroken. Nothing I can give him will bring him out of this.”

“He has to! If he doesn’t we’re facing an uprising. A hot-head Alpha could attack and we lose everything, Olga.”

“I know. He just needs time.”

“We don’t have that d*mn it! We need a King!” Gary blasted. He was on the verge of throwing his glass off the balcony.

Olga raised her hands and stepped closer to her brother. “There is another option.”

It took Gary a couple of seconds to process what she was saying. When he knew, he shook his head and walked out into the night air. He couldn’t do that. That would be just as catastrophic as an invasion.

“Marcel is a good boy. He loves this pack and he loves his brother. He’ll come back.”

“Good boy Olga? He’s the head of his gang now.”

“He’s still got Alpha blood and that’s what we need. Bring your pride down and call him. Or an invasion will be on you.”

Gary ruffled his salt and pepper hair. Malik hadn’t come out of his condo since Amelia was killed. He hadn’t said a word to anyone. It was like he wasn’t there.

“He won’t come, Olga,” Gary said.

“He’ll come if I call,” Olga smirked.

“If anything goes wrong it’s all on you!”



After one hammering sound at the door, Gary jolted from the couch to answer the door. He wasn’t the wolf he used to be, he couldn’t take an ambush. He peeked through the hole and was more stressed than relieved to know it was Marcel.

Gary opened the door to let him in. Marcel was younger than Malik by a year. He was the hot-headed one, by some margin the stronger of the brothers. He was never fit to be Alpha. His father knew Marcel was always drifting down his own path in life. The man who marched through the door was power, money and desire.

He had diamonds on his wrist, designer shoes and a billion-dollar sports car left idling outside.

“Where is she?” He barked.

“Olga couldn’t wait for you. She had to be with the pack.”

Marcel groaned, “Why is your sister so dramatic? She said she’d broken something. Why the hell am I here?”

“Because we need you, Marcel,” Gary said closing the door.

Marcel scoffed and laughed, “You need me now? What? Are you in debt? Can’t afford the fancy condo anymore. Don’t worry old uncle. I’m sure you’ll find a better sucker to pay your bills.”

“It isn’t that Marcel. Something’s happened to the pack.”

“I don’t give a sh*t about the pack.”

“You care about your brother.”

“Define care.”

“Marcel…” Gary sighed. “We need a king.”

Marcel looked at his uncle with a side glance but noticed the whiskey first. He helped himself to a glass.

“Has my brother chickened out?” He threw his head back and swallowed half the glass.

“Malik’s been running the pack fine without you.”

“Then why the hell am I here d*mn it? If he’s doing splendidly why do you need me?” He growled.

“Because your brother lost his mate. She died.”

Marcel set the glass down and shut his eyes. He poured another half glass full.

“I didn’t know he found her. What happened?”

“We aren’t sure. Malik hasn’t been the same. He can’t run the pack. You know what’s going to happen if we don’t have a king.”

Marcel picked up the glass and walked to the couch. He reclined crossed his leg over his knee and shrugged. “No.”

“What the hell is wrong with you man?!” Gary blasted.

“I won’t play substitute.”

“You’re mad.”

“I won’t let you use me.”

Options were few, time was moving fast. They needed someone with a crown and power.

“What are your conditions?”

“This deal… remains permanent.”


Slow day at the Barn. I work at a place called the Barn. Tess thought it was funny to name her breakfast restaurant that. Good thing it was a busy place and the tips were good. The folks were nice. The charm of small towns. I worried I wouldn’t fit in after moving here four weeks ago but things had been moving smoothly.

The town’s people were nice but they kept to themselves and were somewhat secretive. This morning there seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over the town. Four days ago the local billionaire lost his girlfriend to a horrific fire.

Amelia came in a few times. She had a warm smile and bright honey-blonde hair I would kill to have! Though, I doubted Amelia’s death was the reason for the dull mood in the restaurant. Even Mr Henley my usual admirer was in a sour mood.

I didn’t think Timothy; the cook’s bad mood was due to anything happening in the pack. He was always mad.

Pans rattled in the kitchen and fires grew. Just like every other day.



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