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The Alpha and Me

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Azera Cordelia Ross thought her life had reached its maximum limit of misfortune, but it turned out that fate still had surprises in store. Yesterday she was a poor college student running away from a drunken father, and now she was a future Luna locked in the golden room of the Alpha, Oscar Donovan. The prophecy had come true. The herd rejoiced. The ceremony and the feast were ready. Only Era was lost in a question. Am I a werewolf?


Date 14. The peace and tranquility that have long shrouded the Lunaria Forest have been shattered. It was caused by a horde of Xylvaneth Pack, exhausted by unrest.

The noise was thunderous. The silence was oppressive. Every breath was no longer comforting as seconds passed in uncertainty.

Restlessness, like a thick darkness, deepened, casting a shadow over hope. The future was shrouded in the uncertain clouds of fate. Everything became one, then clumped together, giving rise to despair.

Hope rebelled. In gazes that tried to pierce the dark night, they offered prayers. Was there a chance that fate would smile upon them?

Days have turned into months. Time unfolded in units of years. All endurance and patience became silent witnesses of a long wait. It was not wrong for them to demand a solution now.

"Oh, children of the wolves!"

The echoing voice of Ursa Waverly, The Sacred Elder of the pack, resounded. She broke the silence of the night with a call that echoed through the air. Both hands raised, she tilted her head back, gazing at the full moon.

The wind hummed. Leaves rustled. Shadows that were once still now sway. Everything has lost direction. Everything has gone astray, and only one thing has managed to calm it.

Ursa closed her eyes for a moment. She felt the caress of the night wind, then her lips parted and she spoke again.

"Our wait is at an end."


Selenophile 1

Azera Cordelia Ross tried to remember the reasons that had successfully compelled her to return to the village of Avaluna, her birthplace and the place where she had spent her childhood with memories that were anything but pleasant. As far as she remembered, she had decided to accept the offer of her college friends who had invited her for a vacation to La Bay Beach. But here she was, in a dilapidated house with blood dripping from her forehead.

Era shouldn't have come back. That irrational decision proved to be yet another reason why not everyone has a hometown worth longing for. She should have erased the name Avaluna from her life and continued to live as an orphan.

In Era's eyes, she stopped having a family about ten years ago, when her mother, Sylvie Blair, took her last breath. Sylvie died and a life of misfortune began.

Era's childhood was a sad time, but without Sylvie, her life became a living hell. She no longer had a protector, defender or


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