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The Alpha and Me

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Azera Cordelia Ross thought her life had reached its maximum limit of misfortune, but it turned out that fate still had surprises in store. Yesterday she was a poor college student running away from a drunken father, and now she was a future Luna locked in the golden room of the Alpha, Oscar Donovan. The prophecy had come true. The herd rejoiced. The ceremony and the feast were ready. Only Era was lost in a question. Am I a werewolf?


Ashleigh LeRoy

Review after the novel completion

Hopefully Era will finally embrace being Oscar's Luna. Wondering what is special about her and why she can't eat meat. Can't wait to read how she gets out of this mess in the woods in the middle of her research project. Who bound her werewolf with magic? Who was her mother? Will Julie and Philo end up together? Or is Julie going to try and become Luna? So many questions that I can't wait to have answered. Looking forward to reading to the end!

April 28, 2024

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