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Sold And Mated To The Alpha Kings

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Babzie
  • Chapters: 74
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 707
  • 7.2
  • 💬 6


"Quinn!" I cried as I came, gushing my juices dripping down on his lap and onto his sheets. Flynn grunted, releasing his massive load on me. She is feisty. She is bold. She is possessive. She is dominant. Aurelia, a feisty tribrid who defies all odds to avenge the demise of her parents, is kidnapped and sold to the two Alpha Kings of Callahan, who are her mates. In Aurelia’s world, the only thing she wants is revenge and not to play house with her mates. Will she be able to trust the two brothers, Quinn and Flynn? Will she submit to the mate bond like everyone else does?

Chapter 1


“Aurey, where are you?” I heard my dad and mom mention my name with panic evident in their voices.

Innocently, the little me muttered, "Mom, dad, I am coming,” as I got down from the kitchen stool.

I walked into the room away from the kitchen with the plan of taking some jellies interrupted. Upon arriving, mom and dad looked so frightened, which made me know that we had to run away again because the bad guys were coming for me, like papa and mama said.

Tears began to spill from my eyes.

Dad carried me and wrapped us in a cloth that always protects us from the bad guys. Mummy said a few spell words, which I am quite affiliated with. We walked out the door, and immediately the hut began to burn into ashes.

I dreaded seeing all this happen almost every year in my life, making me understand that they want to take me from my mom and dad.

Immediately we got into the forest, and we never looked back as we began to run with my father's vampire speed.

But all of a sudden we fell to the ground, and immediately thousands of people were behind us, and the only person I could remember was my uncle, my papa’s brother.

“You agreed you would not harm my daughter, Brandon,” Dad said with panic evident in his voice as he tried to put my head on his neck, hoping I could disappear.

“You know she is much more powerful than the both of you, right?” he laughed wickedly, causing me to begin to shake in the arms of my papa.

"Okay, please leave my daughter alone. My mate and I will do what you requested of us, please, Brandon.” Dad pleaded with him, hoping Uncle Brandon would change his mind.

“I do not want to be a hybrid anymore; I want to be a tribrid just like her,” he shouted angrily.

I noticed my papa and mama mindlinked throughout his talk.

“You leave me with no choice then,” mom screamed loudly, causing them all to fly in the sky.

“You will pay for this Everly, I swear,” Uncle Brandon wailed.

“You remember everything we taught you, Avery,” Mama whispered, making me nod at her.

“We love you, Avery; never forget that, and we will do this a thousand times if we have to,” Dad said, sobbing loudly.

I just nodded, not knowing what was about to happen.

“The time has come, June. Hurry; I can sense them coming back,” he cried out.

“Whispers of the ancient winds, weave thy magic through the fabric of time and space, let the mystic realms unfold before me, grant me the power to shape destiny's embrace, from the depths of twilight to the heights of dawn, let the arcane energies dance in harmony, as I speak the words of creation, so mote it be," she yelled, looking up into the sky.

Those were the words Mama had been practising since I could remember.

“We will come for you, Avery; take care of yourself until then,” Mom said under her voice, causing me to nod.

Before I could realise what was happening, I disappeared.


Rivulets of sweat trickled down my body as I remembered the nightmare I have always had since I was ten years old, when both my papa and my mama failed to come back to me as they said.

Looking inside my room, it was still nighttime, but I felt nothing like sleeping again. My name is Aurelia. I am a tribrid, making me a species of vampire, witch, and werewolf, but I have concealed that so that I will not be discovered by anybody.

I am not so lucky to have been the only Tribrid in the whole world. I have people wanting to do wicked things to me, and one of them is my uncle, the one I trusted so much after my papa and mama. He took them from me, and I was going to get my revenge on everyone involved in this.

After my mom said the spell words she had been practicing since I was ten, I am eighteen now, and I now understand all that happened back then, making Luna, Lyra, and Nova always want to get revenge.

Luna was my vampire side, Lyra was my witch side, and Nova was my werewolf side. I love them so much for always fending for me and protecting me.

Every year, I remember running away from where we lived. I knew bad people were after us, as Mama and Papa explained to me. I know all that they wanted to do to me back then. They wanted to kidnap me and use me for whatever they were thinking of, which I had yet to find out.

I have started my revenge by killing the other people who were involved in my misery, but I cannot find where my uncle is, which has caused me headaches every evening, scared that I would be discovered soon.

Growing up, I had to fend for myself in any way possible just so I could live, making me kill anyone who thought they could come in my way. I will just s*ck blood out of you, and voila, you will be dead.

Speaking of blood, I have not had one in two days, and I cannot stand it. I need to reach my target tonight.

Getting up from the bed, I looked for my s*xy dress, which was always doing the job of attracting people to me. I strapped on my ankle boots, and I was good to go.

I teleported behind the bar and entered through the back door. As usual, Club 233 was always buzzing with people, regardless of the time. I came here or went to another five bars away from my home, I could not risk anything, like Papa and Mama said.

By masking my smell, everyone, even werewolves, will think that I am a human. With the help of Lyra, everything was possible. I walked over to the bartender, Nick, who was also human. I smiled at him.

“Where have you been, Ember?” he shouted, so I could hear him because of the loud music playing in the background. It was unknown to him that just a whisper would make me hear everything that he was saying.

I used Ember and sometimes other names because I could not risk getting caught. A girl's gotta do whatever she has to do to survive.

“Around,” I said to him, smiling.

“Nick, a human, did not know that the club was filled with witches, werewolves, and vampires. The number one rule in our world is to not hurt a human until they are a threat to you. Before you do so, he is safe.

I had broken countless rules just so I could survive.

“What should I give you?” he yelled, shaking the bottles with drinks in them.

“The usual,” I said above my voice so he could hear me.

I loved s*x on the beach; it always gave me the right amount of a boost I needed before I drank from my prey.

While handling a twenty-dollar bill and reaching for my purse, I was stopped by a male werewolf who placed a hundred-dollar bill on the counter.

“On me,” he muttered, smirking at me.

No, I was unlucky tonight. I could not drink from a werewolf; I only drank from humans because I could not risk getting caught.

“Thank you,” I muttered uninterestedly, making him get the message that I was not interested in talking to him at all.

“See you around then,” he muttered, and he walked away disappointedly.

“He was hot; why did you not give him a chance?” Glared Nick.

“I do not want to get laid tonight,” I lied to him, making him nod at me while he went back to preparing someone's order.

I have never used my money to buy drinks at a club before. Sometimes I compel them to buy for me by hypnotising them.

Due to the fear of getting caught, I will have to reject my mate when I find him so that he will not be in danger or, who knows, stab me in the back. Who will even want a criminal like me to begin with?

I have s*x whenever I want to, and of course, only with humans. Before morning, I will be gone before he even realises.

It was almost three am, and my time was wearing out. Maybe dancing will do the trick. I cannot leave without having blood because Luna will be restless.

“Are you leaving so soon?” Nick purred at me while he had so many orders to work on.

“No, just going to dance, okay,” I assured him as I walked away to the dance floor.

I can say I only make friends with bartenders, with Nick being the closest of all. How can I not be his friend? He is cute and handsome, though he is gay.

Walking over to the dance floor, I had already spotted my prey; He winked at me, causing me to smile, knowing that the wait was finally over for me.

Immediately, he started rubbing his back on my *ss, and I was loving it. I had a fat *ss just like my mom, making it one of my weapons. I could feel his hard-on, and on cue, he muttered, “Can we get out of here to my place?” he slurred, causing me to smile at him.

“You are so gorgeous, babe,” he whispered, grabbing my butt cheeks and slapping them, making them bounce.

“Let’s go through the back door.” He nodded, not caring about what I said. I would have slept with him while I drank from him, but his d*ck was not as huge as I always wanted it to be.

As usual, the back of the club was always devoid of people because people were scared that they could get hurt since it was dark with no lights out there.

This guy was so impatient that he began to rub my breasts and buttocks, causing them to jiggle. I looked around with my vampire eyes, which could allow me to see in the dark, and there was no one around me.

“Forget this,” I muttered, hypnotising him, and I sank my canines into his neck.

It tasted tasty, as always. The young humans had a fresh taste of blood, and for the old people, it was okay but not as tasty as the youngsters.

I sealed the marks with a few spell words, muttered in my head, and teleported back into my room.

He will just feel drunk. That is why I always went to the bar because everything was perfect there, leading to no suspicions.

When drinking from humans, you cannot go over the limit, or else they will die. The rule that you should not hurt a human also implies not drinking from them. Most vampires drank from animals, but the animals' blood did little to satisfy my cravings, so I always broke the rules.

Sadly, I would have to reject my mate or else I would be drinking from him, which would be more delicious, and I can drink a lot because werewolves have a lot of blood that immediately replaces itself.

I needed to get his smell off me. I sank into my tub as I washed myself of every smell of that human. Getting out of the bathroom, it was already five in the morning, and I was sleepy as hell.

I could sleep without worry because I placed magic around my house so that it would not be seen immediately. If the spell is broken, I will feel it and transport myself back to my other hiding places.

Days went by with me doing the same boring stuff, trying to investigate what was happening and who were the people after me and my family when I was ten, but as usual, I always came back to where I had concluded when I was fifteen years old, and it was driving me insane.

Uncle Brandon was nowhere to be found. The missing lead was him; if I found him, I would finally get my revenge on him.

Chapter 2


It was time for me to get blood as usual, and today I was going to Sunlight Club, which was a bit further away from me, but with my ability to teleport, everything was going to be okay.

Opening my wardrobe I started looking at the dresses that would best suit me for tonight. It needed to be sexy and sultry. Voila, hiding behind a pile of clothes, laid my purple strapless, shiny dress I got last year. I was going to wear it tonight. To hunt my prey down, I only wear dresses that will accentuate my curves in the right spot.

Laying it down on the bed, I entered my adjacent bathroom to take my shower. I stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash over me like a gentle embrace. I reached for the shampoo, working it into my hair with slow, circular motions, massaging my scalp with care.

As I rinsed, I tilted my head back, closing my eyes, to fully immerse myself in the sensation. With the conditioner in hand, I applied it methodically, running my


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