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Slave Mate to His Luna

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Winter Cheshire, a future alpha by fate, but a slave mate by her father's choice. Lucky for her, Castro, her third chance mate rescues her from her abusive captor. To her dismay, even her savior gives her a cold shoulder after bringing her to his pack. After two rejections, Castro's unwillingness to accept her is salt on her wounds. What's the point of staying if she isn't good enough for him? So she runs away, little does she know, someone is watching her and knows the true potential of her wolf. A war of betrayal, redemption, awakening, and a fated bond is waiting to unleash on all of them. Just remember the moon goddess, is on her side, and they should be ready for Winter's wrath.


"Tag you're it, Winter; catch me if you can," Donovan said, sticking his tongue at me as he ran further ahead.

I ran after Donovan immediately, which I almost had him until I tripped over a rock and landed on my face in mud.

"Winter, you look like a monster with all that mud on your face," Donovan replied with a chuckle.

I responded, "You sure talk so much trash, to be twelve."

"Just because you the oldest does not mean you get to bully me."

"Let's race, the first one to make it to that tree wins" I pointed to the tree.

"Ok Winter, how about we place a bet? You get to do all my chores for a month if I win, including my homework," Donovan said.

?"Ok, Donovan, you're on, but if I win, you have to do anything I'll tell you to do.?

"Deal" Donovan shouted.

"Ok, let's get into the running position." As soon as we were ready, I began to count. "Ok, on the count of three, one, two, three, go" off we go, Donovan taking the lead, I caught up with Donovan. He gave me a look of shock, which I accepted, giving him a smirk running past him. I was the first to reach the tree; Donovan came from behind.?

? "Ok, sis, a deal is a deal; what do I have to do?" Donovan ask.

? When I was about to say something, I heard a twig snap that alerted Donovan and me. Two tall men came out from the brushes out of nowhere, and I grabbed Donovan placing him behind me.

I ask, "who are you, and what do you want?"

One man walked forward to speak, "We are here for you, Winter." The man said.

"How do you know my name?"

"It's not important; you will be coming with us."

"I'm not going anywhere with you two,"??

"Donovan, I will distract these two; I want you to run and get help," I whisper.

"Ok, sis"

I turn back to the two men; Both men seem to see their eyes were clouded, I told Donovan to run as fast as possible. Donovan wasted no time as he ran fast, passing them; when the men's eyes went back to normal, he noticed that Donovan was gone.

"I advise you two to leave before my dad comes here and rip you two to pieces."

Both men smirked. "You have no idea at all, do you?" the man with the scar on hisw face said.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You will find out," The other man said, walking towards me. Grab my arm lifted me by placing me over his right shoulder; I begin to kick, and scream, as we was heading to my yard. I kick the man in his chest, he loosened up his grip on me and Ibroke free, running to the front, and ran straight to my dad.

"Dad, help, some men are after me," I told him with tears coming from my eyes while embracing him. When I pulled away; I looked into his eyes, showing emptiness and disgust which confused me.?

"Dad, what's going on?" I ask feeling scare.

"I have sold you, my child, to another Alpha; you are no longer a pack member." He said with no emotion.

"You cannot be serious; why would you sell me off?" I ask with more tears coming out of my eyes.

?"Because our pack is a male dominant, and you know that its tradition that the Alpha's firstborn had always been a male. Since you are my firstborn, I supposed to hand the title over to you, females are weak. And I will not let you disgrace this pack.

I pleaded, "Daddy please, if that all you are worried about, then we can lie; Donovan can take over as planned because my mate made be at another pack, so it's a win situation, everyone happy no one outside the pack will have to know.

"That’s the point Winter, I will know and soon people will talk, and I’m not going to risk that; take her away, boys.” My father said.

Immediately the men grabbed me, and I could not break loose. I looked my my dad again I retorted “ If you care so much about your reputation than why not give me up at birth?”

“ Cause your mother wanted you, I on the other hand did not. I only kept you around long enough so I could sell you, trust me you was worth every penny” He said with a smirk.

I took one look into my father eyes and said.“I hate you, you selfish b*st*rd, I hope that we never cross paths in the future if we do, I will kill you” I said, walking off. As we exit, I say the words I never thought I would say “I Winter Beloved Cheshire, cut all ties with The Cheshire Husk pack.”

Waking up from the same dream, you would think it was not real; it was just your imagination. I hate to disappoint you; it was real; it all happened from the beginning to the end. My nightmare that I have every night, waking up to my reality hoping I was somewhere else. I get upset each day because my wish never comes true, tired of feeling sorry for myself. I get on up and get ready for the day; right now, I’m laying on a twin-size dirty mattress in the dungeon complimentary from the b*tch Luna. Luna Stella cannot stand my sight because her mate Alpha Monte has a sort of obsession with me.

Whenever we are in the same room, no matter the dining hall, Alpha always eye me seductively, like he wants to rip my clothes off, and f*ck me on the table. On the other hand, I find him disgusting, don’t get me wrong, he is a handsome man, but he is old enough to be my dad. The Luna don’t see it that way; she thinks I’m trying to seduce her mate for my purpose. She sees me as a threat, and with that, she turns all the females against me. If she only knew that half of those she-wolves have already seduced her mate having Alpha blood in me, I can smell the Alpha scent on all these she-wolves. I go to the far corner pick up some clothes, my toothbrush, toothpaste, and a washcloth. I pull back the bars, walk down the hall, and stop at the door that I perceive to open and go on in. It was a half bathroom which only contained a toilet, and a sink. So I reached the bottom cabin attached to the sink and pulled out a small square of bar soap; I had to be careful not to use too much, the guards told me that I would only get one bar of soap a month, so I would have to make it last, as long as I could. I get myself together by brushing my teeth, washing my body with cold water and soap. I put my clothes on, my hair already in a bun, no need to do it. I wore my usual sports bra, black panties, and one of the worn-down dresses that I had gotten from the last pack. Ever since I been a slave, all I do is get mistreated, from the beatings, getting locked up, getting water thrown at me, but the worst of all, I have been rejected twice by my mates. I have been a slave for almost four years; within that time, I have been tossed from pack to pack, I don’t say long enough to get comfortable. Don’t matter where I go because they are all the same, and I’m below the omegas, which does not get any worse than that. The omegas think that they are worth something compared to me. But little do people know that I have alpha blood in me, and I have a little training. I decided to keep it a secret until the time was right to reveal the real me, which would not happen soon.

Finish getting myself ready, I left the bathroom, went back to my cell, and placed my dirty clothes to the side to wash them later, when done with my chores. I have to do them by hand at the river with cold water because Luna said that washing my clothes in the washing machine will have everyone else clothes infested with my filth, so I don’t use it. I close my cell door, heading out of the dungeon; when I reach outside, the morning breeze hits me that I feel so relieved; I enjoy moments like this because I don’t feel the pain of not being wanted, and I don’t have to keep reliving the day my father sold me, that worthless b*st*rd. I’m heading towards the packhouse, which is not too far; the dungeon is behind the packhouse, it’s easy for me to get in. I opened the back door, heading inside when I closed the door, I walked a few feet, there was a door to my right, that was the closet I opened it up, and reached for my apron, a big black bucket that had bleach, scrub brush, a pair of gloves, and a few rags. When I retrieved it, I closed the door, stepped into the kitchen, went over to the sink, and filled the bucket with warm water. Once done, I turn the water off, place the bucket on the floor, pour in the bleach, and soap .

I was getting ready to leave the kitchen when I heard the sound of footsteps, they suddenly appeared. The three omegas: Omega # 1 name is Rayna, the ring leader of the three; she is about 5’6, has beige skin, golden blond hair, with dark blues eyes. Omega# 2 Nadine, 5’4 pale skin, Copper red hair, light green eyes. Omega # 3 Raven, 5’8 dark-skinned, dark brown hair, brown eyes. These three are my top bullies, and ever since I got to this pack, they made sure to make my life a living hell. They would punch me to my side many days, kick me, and even pull my hair. They take joy in picking on me; these heifers think they rule me but don’t. They are a bunch of kiss asses, especially towards Luna Stella.

“Well look at who we have here, the slave mutt” Rayna said.

“Yes, and she reeks of filth,” Nadine stated.

I respond, “Excuse me, I need to get by I have my work to do.”

Rayna strung her hair back placed her hands on her hips; she looked me up and down before she replied, “You disgust me, you worthless b*tch, you have some nerve to be flirting with the Alpha, and upsetting our Luna. I have enough nerve to finish you off right now”.

“Whoop her *ss Rayna” Raven shouted.

“There no need to right now, Raven; for now I want to toy with her, but listen here, you mutt will come a day when I will beat your *ss. And I will make sure that the whole pack will be present and get in on the fun. We got real work to do; let’s go ladies” Rayna said, bumping me with her shoulder walking off. I started heading out of the kitchen, Raven stood in front, blocking me from leaving.

“Just because Rayna cut you some stack does not mean I will because if it were up to me, I would tell the Alpha to kick you out long ago. You just a waste of space mutt.” She said, and then she kicked the bucket out of my hand, making all my waterfall to the ground. Raven walks over the bucket, heads over to the counter, grabs a rag, and drops it on the floor. “Now get on your knees like a good mutt, and clean this up. After all, the only thing you are good at is being on your knees,” she and Nadine chuckles, walking away.

I did what I usually do when they do stuff like that I clean it up, and continue with my day, not giving them the satisfaction. That makes them mad, and they cannot seem to anger me or break me. I see it as little bitches throwing tantrums; anyway, I finish getting the water off the floor made a new batch of bleach and soap water. And I was off to my cleaning; my cleaning consisted of cleaning the whole packhouse from top to bottom. I started with the entrance, grabbed a broom, dustpan, and swept the floors for dust and other things. I grabbed the mop from the closet and mopped the floors when finished. I repeated the same thing in the living room, dining room, and entertainment room, including dusting. My next task was to clean the stairs, which I dreaded because Luna Stella gave me strict instructions to scrub the stairs with a brush on my knees. Let me tell you it’s about twenty steps; I have to do, I’m only on the tenth step. Each step I do, I can feel my knees aching from being on them for so long sometimes I wish that my legs would give out, and I want to be able to do this anymore.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, I began to hear footsteps coming close, then when I listened to the sound of voices, immediately Milo, and some she-wolve appeared in front of me. When Milo looks at me, I can see the disgusted look on his face. Milo stood about 6’2, fair skin, short blond hair, light blue eyes, his body is very muscular, only 18. Milo is both Alpha, and Luna's son, the future Alpha. Milo was my second chance mate until he rejected me; he thinks I’m just a worthless piece of sh*t he lay eyes on. And if anyone found out about us being mates, it will ruin his reputation, his man card status will go down, whatever the f*ck that means. When he rejected me, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I did not cry or feel hurt when he said those words; I just looked at him and walked away, making him curious. After the rejection, I finally see who he truly is, a man wh*r*.

“Move out of my way, slave mutt, you blocking my way,” Milo said.

I nodded and moved to the side; I was about to leave and clean up the rooms until I felt someone grab my arm. I turned around and saw that it was Milo, who had my arm.

“Slave mutt, you disgust me in so many ways, I cannot see why my dad is even keeping you around? You just a pathetic human being that I laid eyes on.”

“Milo, if you done with your insults, please move out of my way; I have work to do” I told him.

“That is Alpha to you,” Milo said.

“Well, you are not Alpha yet; til that day comes, you are still Milo” I said, pulling my arm away from him.

I attempted to walk off again, within seconds, Milo was in front of me; this time, he had a look of anger, that his eyes were changing colors, meaning that his wolf was coming to the surface before he could take action.

“Milo, don’t pay no attention to this worthless b*tch; she is just a slave; that's why nobody wants her.” The she-wolve said, touching his shoulder.

Milo calmed down immediately, and he took another look at me; then he said, “Just do your f*ck*ng job, slave” He walked off, with the she-wolve dragging behind. I look at the she-wolve and shake my head if she only knew that she is just a one-nighter to Milo. Every night Milo takes a different girl to bed; the next day, he will throw them away like trash. The unmated she-wolves in this pack throw themselves at him because he will soon be Alpha. Milo takes full advantage of it, and he makes it his mission to sleep with every female in this pack. I pity the women in this pack because they will sink so low to be Luna. Instead of waiting for their mates, they rather settle with a low-life like Milo, who does not care about their feelings. All he cares about is getting laid, it’s sad, but that's how it is.


As I head down the hall to clean the rooms; I’m glad the pack is small compared to the others. The first floor contain the omegas, the second floor is for the warriors and their families, The third floor, the Beta, and his family, and the fourth floor is for the Alpha and his family. The house has 25 bedrooms, I have to clean by myself, my body goes numb by the time I’m finish. Another issue is a lack of food since Alpha and Beta are away on pack business. This gives Luna a chance to punish me, without warning I had to walk, and bark like a dog on a leash. The worst was that each time a pack member threw food on the floor, I was eat it no matter how disgusting it was.

After I clean the last room; I headed out of the room, in the hallway. When I began to walking I looked down, not paying attention until I bumped into a wall. I moved back and noticed it was not a wall; it was a hard chest, I looked up to see that it was Luther, the future Beta, who was standing there. Luther is

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