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A Sacred Bond
  • 👁 12.4K
  • 7.5

After the slaughter of his pack, Logan Winchester flees and becomes a rouge. There was a cabin that Logan came across and decided to settle in. One day while walking into the woods, Logan stumbles upon a beautiful woman Dawn Black. Immediately, Logan knew that Dawn was his mate. But the problem was that Dawn did not feel the mate pull. So she thought that it was all a mix-up. From there, Dawn's father Alpha Joseph Black, wanted to form an alliance with another pack. To seal the deal, Dawn had to marry her childhood friend Malachi. Dawn accepted the marriage bond, and she soon discovered her father's dark secret, and Dawn felt betrayed. Shortly after learning the truth about her father. Dawn begins to feel the mate pull with Logan. Who will Dawn choose?

Slave Mate to His Luna
  • 👁 15.6K
  • 8.7

Winter Cheshire, a future alpha by fate, but a slave mate by her father's choice. Lucky for her, Castro, her third chance mate rescues her from her abusive captor. To her dismay, even her savior gives her a cold shoulder after bringing her to his pack. After two rejections, Castro's unwillingness to accept her is salt on her wounds. What's the point of staying if she isn't good enough for him? So she runs away, little does she know, someone is watching her and knows the true potential of her wolf. A war of betrayal, redemption, awakening, and a fated bond is waiting to unleash on all of them. Just remember the moon goddess, is on her side, and they should be ready for Winter's wrath.

  • 👁 10.2K
  • 7.5

When Tiffanye Rebel and her mate Quinton McKnight rejected each other, Tiffanye left her pack, never to return. Five years have passed, and Tiffanye had returned to the same place that brought her nothing but pain and misery. As time goes on, all the bad memories begin to surface. There are secrets to be revealed, Will Tiffanye ever get past all the lies and betrayal, or will these unfortunate events finally break her?


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