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Rejected By Fated Mate

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In a world where the moon reigns supreme, Maya Eclipse, an omega with a resilient spirit, finds herself entangled in the complex web of fate. As the moon ascends, illuminating the surroundings, the howls of wolves resonate with excitement, marking a turning point in Maya's life. Unexpectedly, Maya comes face to face with her pack's Alpha, a man of unrivaled allure and the epitome of every omega's fantasy. Fate has declared them as fated mates, destined to be together, but Maya's heart suffered the pangs of rejection and betrayal. She was sold off, forced to endure heartache, even though she remains Alpha Glen's true mate. Caught between the enduring bond of her mate and the pain of past wounds, Maya's heart is torn asunder. The entanglement of their mate bond becomes a constant reminder of the love she yearns for but cannot attain. As the struggle between destiny and past traumas intensifies, Maya must understand her feelings while grappling with the complexities of her pack's dynamics. In this gripping tale of love, loss, and destiny, Maya must find the strength to confront her past, reject her true mate, and unravel the mysteries of the moonlit world she inhabits. Will the moon's gentle glow guide her towards a path of healing and love, or will the shadows of the past forever shroud her heart in darkness? Only time will tell as Maya Eclipse's journey unfolds.

Chapter 1

As the full moon ascended, casting its glow upon the bushes, the wolves howled again."Woah, did you hear that? The wolves are really going at it tonight," Maya Eclipse exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement."Yeah, it's quite a sight," replied her friend, Lily Moonlight.Suddenly, Maya's attention was caught by a figure emerging from the shadows. It was none other than Alpha Glen Hawk of their pack, the Wind Winder Pack. Maya couldn't help but feel her heart race at the sight of him. Among the entire pack, Alpha Glen possessed the most attractive appearance, making him the ideal man in every Omega girl's dream."Alpha Glen," Maya whispered under her breath, barely audible.But before she could react, Alpha Glen disappeared from her sight. Confused and slightly disappointed, Maya shook her head and decided to head back into the pack Mansion.Unbeknownst to Maya, Alpha Glen had made his way to the back of the mansion, where Akira Storm was anxiously waiting for him. Akira was a part of the pack, but she was jealous of her friend Maya. Maya would be proclaimed as Alpha Glen's mate the next day, while Akira had no mate and felt disrespected among the Wind Winder Pack.As soon as Alpha Glen arrived, Akira rushed forward and kissed him passionately. He smiled and apologized for keeping her waiting, his voice filled with warmth and affection."Why didn't you join us in howling under the moon?" Alpha Glen asked, genuinely curious.Akira's eyes welled up with sadness. "Nobody wants me among them. It's better to be alone," she confessed.Alpha Glen gently placed a hand on Akira's cheek, assuring her, "Don't worry, Akira. Soon, they will bow at your feet."Confused, Akira looked into Alpha Glen's eyes and asked, "What do you mean by that?"Alpha Glen took a deep breath and admitted, "I plan to reject Maya as my mate tomorrow."Akira was stunned. "But even if you rejected her, we can't be together, Alpha Glen. You and Maya are true mates," she exclaimed, her voice filled with desperation."I know," Alpha Glen replied calmly, "but by rejecting her, it will allow us to date openly. However, if you don't want that, I will accept Maya instead of rejecting her.""No!" Akira shouted, grabbing Alpha Glen's arm. "Please, reject Maya. I want to step up from being a maid to being your girlfriend."Moved by Akira's plea, Alpha Glen pulled her into a tight embrace. "I promise you, Akira, I will make it happen," he whispered, his voice filled with determination.Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Maya approached the other maids who were busy in the kitchen."Has anyone seen Alpha Glen?" she asked, hoping for some answers.The maids exchanged glances before one of them spoke up, "No, Maya. We haven't seen him."Maya's heart sank, but she put on a brave face. "Alright then, I'll join you all in doing the house chores."The maids, feeling sympathetic towards Maya, pleaded with her to go and rest, reminding her that the next day was her big day and she would soon become their Alpha proclaim mate."No," Maya replied, determination shining in her eyes. "I want to spend this time with all of you. We'll work together and enjoy each other's company."And so, as the moon continued to cast its glow upon the pack Mansion, Maya found solace in the company of her fellow maids, preparing herself for the uncertain future that lay ahead.The next day, as the sun began to rise, Akira and Lily helped dress Maya up for her mate proclaiming celebration. Maya sat in front of the mirror, her eyes filled with excitement, while Lily appeared troubled."You look so beautiful, Maya," Akira complimented, trying to mask her guilt.Maya beamed at her reflection. "I love this dress. I can't wait to be proclaimed as Alpha Glen's mate," she said with excitement.Lily, unable to hold her concerns any longer, gently touched Maya's shoulder and asked, "Maya, have you had a change of heart about the celebration?"Confusion flashed across Maya and Akira's faces. Akira spoke up, her voice laced with worry. "Why would you ask such a question, Lily? You know how much Maya loves Alpha Glen."Lily sighed, her gaze fixed on the ground. "I just have a bad feeling about all of this. But whatever happens, Maya, I'm here for you."Maya reached out and held Lily's hand. "Thank you, Lily. I appreciate your support. But there's nothing to worry about. Today will be a day of joy for us."Lily hugged Maya tightly, her unease lingering in her heart. As Maya left the room, Lily prepared to follow her when Akira grabbed her and forcefully shut the door."What do you think you're doing, Lily?" Akira hissed, her grip tightening on Lily's wrists.Lily pushed Akira away, her anger evident in her voice. "What kind of friend are you? Why did you kiss Alpha Glen and tell him to reject Maya?"Akira smirked, unaffected by Lily's anger. "I don't care, Lily. I'll do anything to step out from being a maid and become Alpha Glen's girlfriend."Lily scoffed, her frustration boiling over. "If you think I'll stay out of this, you're mistaken. You're betraying Maya, and I won't stand for it."Akira's eyes narrowed, her voice dripping with a warning. "Stay out of this, Lily, or you'll regret it. You wouldn't want to do anything that would provoke our Alpha and risk being banished."With a shove of her shoulder, Akira left the room, leaving Lily alone, her tears flowing freely. She knew what awaited Maya, and she felt powerless to stop it.At the beautiful, luxurious venue, where everyone was dressed elegantly, anticipation filled the air. Lily paced around nervously, her heart heavy with sorrow. Unable to contain her emotions any longer, tears streamed down her face.Maya arrived in one of Alpha Glen's expensive cars, stepping out with grace. As she walked down the aisle towards Alpha Glen, she couldn't help but notice the absence of happiness on his face. Akira arrived soon after, wearing an elegant dress that surprised everyone. Questions arose about how a mere maid could obtain such attire, but the attention quickly shifted back to Maya.Alpha Glen took the microphone, his voice filled with regret. "I apologize for wasting everyone's time," he began, his tone solemn. "I must reject Maya as my mate."Maya's heart shattered into a million pieces, the pain etched across her face. Alpha Glen then invited Akira to come forward, announcing her as his girlfriend. The crowd was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.Filled with a mix of betrayal and desperation, Maya raised her trembling hand and slapped Akira across the face. She then turned to Alpha Glen, her voice filled with anguish. "This is not right, Alpha Glen! We are true mates. You can't change that!"Alpha Glen's anger flared, his eyes burning with fury. "You will pay for slapping my girlfriend, Maya. I will make you suffer for your insolence!"Akira, smirking with triumph, added salt to Maya's wounds. "Face it, Maya. You're nothing but a rejected loser."People in the crowd began to stand up and leave, their faith in Alpha Glen shattered. He and Akira kissed passionately in front of Maya before exiting the venue, leaving Maya in a state of despair.Lily rushed over to her friend, her heart breaking for Maya. She held Maya tightly, providing what little comfort she could offer in the face of such betrayal.

Chapter 2

Crying uncontrollably, Maya turned to Lily and asked, "Why would Akira do this to me? I thought we were best friends."Lily gently wiped away Maya's tears, her voice filled with sadness. "Maya, Akira has been jealous of you for a while now. She's not happy about you being Alpha Glen's mate, and I believe she must have seduced him. I'm so sorry, Maya."Feeling defeated, Maya whispered, "I can't go back to the mansion. I need to run away. You know what normally happens to the rejected mate."Lily grabbed Maya's trembling hands and shook her head. "No, Maya. You can't run away. You need to fight for your rights. No matter what happens, Alpha Glen is still your true mate. Akira can only be his bed warmer."Taking a deep breath, Maya nodded in agreement. With determination in their eyes, Maya and Lily left the venue behind.Upon arriving home, they were met with the sig


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