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Mrs. Francois scoffed, her tone laced with skepticism. "Seriously? You will look for the money? How? Is it from the fruit we sell? You can't get such money from it ten years from now!" Anne's eyes widened in disbelief at her mother's words. "And what do you want me to do, mother? Isabella is my child. Do you think I won't do anything just for her to be fine?" Mrs. Francois shook her head, her expression grave. "Stop lying to yourself, Anne. I think it's time to let Albert know about Isabella." Uncle Peter and Anne exchanged a glance, uncertainty flickering in their eyes. "What? You mean I should beg him for money? Never, mother! I won't do such a thing!" Anne spat, her voice trembling with anger. Mrs. Francois sighed heavily. "This is not about you again, Anne. It's about Isabella. Think about her. You can't hide Albert from her life forever because she deserves to know him." Anne narrowed her eyes in disbelief at her mother's words. "Have you forgotten how Albert and I met, mother? Have you? I will never beg him for money to take care of my child!" Uncle Peter attempted to diffuse the tension. "Anne, Ma'am Francois, please calm down," he urged gently. But Mrs. Francois was resolute. "That's it! You're selfish, Anne. Stop using your pain from Albert to stop Isabella from knowing her father. Think about Isabella too and do the right thing. Do it for her sake! Choose between your selfishness and Isabella sight." Will Anne Stick to her selfishness just like her mother said, or reach out to Albert for help? Because what happened between them, is a one night-stand. Dive into the tale of The Secret CEO's Daughter: Revealing many hidden secrets, and sweet revenge.


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