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Reign's Secret

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Ever since Reign met his new secretary, he knew that she was his mate, but he couldn't risk letting her know exactly who, or what he was. Out there in this world, humans have no idea that something like that exists, and the few ones that knows were afraid of them. Reign didn't want the s*xy but down-to-earth girl; Hazel to ever look at him with fear in her eyes. As they worked together closely every day, the natural attraction between them grew but Reign didn't want to hurt her, and so he kept pushing back. How long until he wouldn't be able to keep his feelings under wraps before he claimed his mate? The next full moon time, or the next minute? Find out in this intriguing story



Reign shook his head with a sigh as he looked at the paper he had in front of him. God knows that he needed to get a secretary fast.

The last one had quitted with not so much a notice and he just couldn't get another as fast as he wanted.

Well, to be honest, he wasn't a very easy boss to work for, but he couldn't be blamed if all the human resources department could send his way were incompetent people who couldn't do anything right. One of the former girls they sent his way had been so lazy that he just always mixed up his appointment, which wasn't a very nice thing to do.

Just when he thought that he had gotten the better one when his last secretary came to work for him, she had been clumsy enough to pour hot coffee on his lap and ruined his clothes. He had had a meeting to go to that morning, and thank God, he had a change of cloth in his car.

He had fired her on the spot.

Now he had things to do, but he couldn't figure out his own schedule for the day. He was going to need to contact the human resources head to get him another person to fill this vacant space that was causing him time. What Reign hated the most besides incompetence, was someone wasting his time, and that was what he had been doing to himself.

He was the d*mn CEO of his own company for goodness sake. The least he could do was try to make up for his lost schedule or mixed up, whichever, and get to his next appointment, whatever that was.

After what seemed like an eternity, He found out that he had mixed up the year in the search icon for the schedule in his calendar and that was why he had been seeing meetings he wouldn't remember having.

He shook his head again and relaxed against his chair. It turned out that he didn't have an appointment and that just about gave him some sort of peace.

Knowing that he wasn't late for anything was great.

He grabbed the office phone that was on his table from its cradle and dialed a number, then he put the phone in between his ear and his shoulder and waited for it to be picked up, as he used his hand to pack up the papers of the file that was in front of him.

"Hello, sir." He heard from the other end and he said. "Hello, get to my office now."

He ended the call and placed the phone back in its cradle.

He had just called the head of his human resources department, who also happened to be his best friend and his right-hand man in his family. Well, that would be explained later, but for now, he needed him to get him someone who would be competent enough for him and not just anyone as his secretary. He couldn't go on like this.

Soon, he heard a knock on the door and he told the person to come in.

It was Chase, his best friend, and HR head.

"Hey man," he said as soon as he entered into his office.

When they had people around, they both acted like employers and employees, but behind closed doors, they acted true to who they were.

"Hey, Chase. I need a secretary and I need on fast." He said.

Chase chuckled and said. "Oh, now you want one? I thought you fired the last one."

"She was clumsy. What the heck did you expect I do?" Reign asked and Chase shrugged.

Chase knew that his best friend had certain expectations from all of his employees, but he seemed to forget that these people were humans with flaws, and there were limits to what they can do.

He shook his head and said. "All right then, I'll look into it myself this time. I'm sure I would be able to get someone who is both competent and willing to take your sh*t."

Reign rolled his eyes and furrowed his brows into a frown. His silly best friend must actually think that this was some sort of joke to kid around with. He needed someone that would help coordinate his schedule, not be clumsy and be hardworking as hell, not some stupid, lazy person.

"I'm serious, Chase. If you don't get me a secretary in the next two days, just know that im demoting you to be my secretary until you can find one." He said to his friend, his voice hard.

It was Chase's turn to roll his eyes at what his best friend had just said. "Yeah right, as if I would be any better at following your order." He said.

Reign squinted his eyes at Chase and said. "You would do as I say when I say it, and you d*mn well know that." As he spoke, his eyes blazed with a tint of gold from his natural blue ones. His eyes were always like fire, changing from blue to gold each time he showed his power which he was going now.

Chase fell from the chair where he sat and unto his knee. He looked up at his alpha and all he could do was obey. "Yes, alpha. I do as you wish." He said.

Reign released him from his powers and then he threw his head back and laughed.

Chase, who had gotten out from under the hold of his power shook his head with a scoff. "That's playing dirty, you *ssh*l*." He said.

Reign grinned widely, and then he said. "Well, I had to do something to show you that you can always do as I told you to." He said. He wasn't afraid to use his power like this behind the confines of his office. No one could see him and he loved it that way, but outside of it, he would never show his power. Well, he couldn't because no one knew that his kind existed, and the few humans that knew were scared of them.

They all lived in a gated community far away from the city, to stay away from people finding out who they were.

His father had been the head of his clan before he died and he became the alpha.

Now, he had to lead his people and rule them in the way so many other rulers have been ruling their people.

All over the country, people like him always lived so far from the humans in deep, deep woods where they get to be free to show who they were.

"I'll get you your assistant since that would get you off my back," Chase said, his voice drawing Reign back from where he had gone to.

Reign nodded and said. "All right then. That's all. Thank you, Chase." He thanked him, sincerity in his voice.

Chase nodded and said. "I got you, my man." And with that, he stood up from the chair and walked out of the place.

Reign sighed, and then he stood up and walked to the window of his office. His office was on the last floor of his skyscraper building where he ruled a multinational company. There were others like him who own a company too, and they have humans as well as their type working there. It was all they could do to keep their identity under wraps. The board of the company was old people in his clan, but he had only made the board to help them financially and help them do well.

He just hoped that their secret stayed within their clan as far as it could.

That would help shelf the humans from their stupid fear.

As they say, what a man doesn't know, can't harm not scare him.

He looked out of the window and watched the city to the streets below.

He was sure that there had got to be a human somewhere who could be strong enough to work for him, he just knew it.

Chapter 1

Hazel Daniels couldn't wait for this to be over.

She had been in trouble ever since she left her parent's house and ran the other way because they were trying to market her off to someone, she had never really settled down completely. She was just as confused and as weak as when she left.

"That's not true." Her inner self told her. Maybe she was right. If she hadn't been strong, she wouldn't have been able to run from the disaster she called home.

Hazel could never still believe that her own mother would want to pawn her off to a man, and for what? Money!

Just like that, if she hadn't run away, then she would probably be trapped in a loveless marriage with probably two kids or something.

She shivered against the memory of the man her parents wanted her to marry and pushed the thought out of her mind. She couldn't afford to do this here. She had come here for a job interview and she was sitting with five other


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