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Serena Harry

  • 👁 646
  • 7.5
  • 📚 2


Loving Brian
  • 👁 348
  • 7.5

Brian is a rich photographer who has other businesses, and take in new models. He had always fallen in love with the wrong women, women only after his money, so he had always thought that he was an unlucky fellow but everything changed when he met Arin. Arin is a model that approached him to help her get into his world, with sizzling attraction between them, and other problems and stumbling blocks in their, find out what will happen in this book. It's thrilling until the last page, and a nice suspense to blow your mind at every step of the way.

Reign's Secret
  • 👁 298
  • 7.5

Ever since Reign met his new secretary, he knew that she was his mate, but he couldn't risk letting her know exactly who, or what he was. Out there in this world, humans have no idea that something like that exists, and the few ones that knows were afraid of them. Reign didn't want the sexy but down-to-earth girl; Hazel to ever look at him with fear in her eyes. As they worked together closely every day, the natural attraction between them grew but Reign didn't want to hurt her, and so he kept pushing back. How long until he wouldn't be able to keep his feelings under wraps before he claimed his mate? The next full moon time, or the next minute? Find out in this intriguing story


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