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Opposite Mates - Alpha And Omega

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What do you do when life throws your worst nightmare at you? Shifting into an omega on your sixteenth birthday suddenly made Anastasia's life crumble right before her eyes. Her once loving parents and family all turned against her. She had to leave and stay with her aunt. Trying to help her aunt financially, she forced herself to look for a job in the lion's den. Alpha Kevin is the leader of the White Moon pack after his father and lover's murder. He met the naive Anastasia who wants a job at all cost. She's his mate but not from his league. He finally learns to accept her after a long time, not knowing this would lead to war. His enemies are near but he doesn't know who. His family is against him because he accepted a weak mate. His father's killers are around the corner. His ambitious brother won't make things easy for them? Will they survive this? Or would his enemies conquer him and separate them?.

Chapter 1


I woke up as early as I can today. I'm currently making myself a short breakfast so I won't get hungry. Getting a job in a reputable company like that is going to be hard and stressful. By the end of the day, I hope to get the job because I've been depending on it a lot. 

My parents see me as a burden, they are always ashamed of me. People hardly know that I'm from that family. My name is Anastasia Cobben. I'm the third child of my family. We come from the Blue Moon pack. My pack is the second biggest pack in the whole continent. Yeah, the biggest for now is the White Moon Pack. 

Just like you're guessing, this is a rivalry. We're kinda not in good terms with the White Moon Pack who happens to be the leading pack for now. 

Just like you're thinking, I'm a werewolf. I am not exactly what my parents would be proud of at anytime. I am eighteen now and unluckily for me, I am still in high school. This should be my final year though. 

I am subjected to a lot of bullying and embarrassment even though I am smart and intelligent. I only have one problem. My weakness. 

My problems only got worse when I shifted into an Omega wolf instead of an Alpha or Beta just like my sister and brothers. My parents saw me as a disgrace and weak, they think I'm probably not their child. I've received bullying from my family and a lot of people. They all see me as nothing, as if it's a big crime to be an omega. 

I left my parents to live with the only person who understands me, my aunt Carmen. She has been supportive and has always believed I had potential. 

Though I live with her, she's also struggling to take care of her kids since my parents cut off all her supplies. Her husband is dead and she's left with her two seven year old twins, Keira and Keiran. Because she took me in, she almost lost everything but she never gave up. She's the reason I am going to this job interview, luckily I was selected. 

My resume is kinda fake, but it looks so real that no one will ever find out. And I'm on vacation for now. 

This is one of the biggest companies owned by the Alpha king of the White Moon pack. I know it is dangerous for me but I will only work for a few months and resign. The pay is good, they won't suspect a thing. No one even knows I'm a werewolf and it is better that way. 

"Are you done with your breakfast dear?." Aunt asked coming into the kitchen. 

"Almost aunt. I'm rushing so I can get there as fast as I can. I don't want to miss this opportunity." I replied. 

"I still think this is dangerous. Alpha Kevin will be able to smell you no matter how weak you are. That could cause problems for you, especially if he finds out your pack." 

I smiled, "Aunt... No one gives importance to Omegas so forget it. We're just going to work and nothing more." 

"You know he's handsome right?."

I shrugged, "That's not a matter of concern. I'm going to behave aunt. I promise." 

She hugged me. 

"I wish you good luck dear." 

"Thank you aunt." I'm gonna need it. 

•••••M&K CORPORATION••••••

I walked into the company which is so huge, it's easy to get lost. I was able to find my way through the help of the grumpy receptionist. I met everyone already waiting as I took the last number and had my seat. 

We waited for almost an hour before the interview began. All these time, I was grooming myself and preparing for whatever may come my way. 

Until the woman we know as her secretary came to announce to the remaining five that the interview is over. Like what the hell?. I spent days and nights preparing for this and I wasn't even given a chance to try?. I am so angry, this is unfair and so unprofessional. 

"You really wasted my time moron." I stomped out leaving the others who are arguing. 

I walked out of the building and sat on the sidewalks. This is really unacceptable. I wasted all my time because of this, he didn't even give me a chance to prove myself. What's his problem?.

"I'm not going to leave. I won't just leave like that and let him waste my effort!." I yelled at no one in particular. 

I thought of a plan, then an idea struck me. I called my aunt that I'll be late. I lied to her about the interview and I waited till evening. I followed my instincts and searched for his car when it was getting dark. I sneaked to the garage which was quite hard. I almost got caught. 

But I made it on time to get into his trunk which I opened with my claws. I hid in it and waited for a long while. I finally heard him open the door and the car started moving a few moments later. I stayed quiet in the car as it kept moving in high speed. This guy's a suicide driver, he's not scared because he has powers right?. What an irresponsible jerk. 

The car suddenly pulled to a stop. Has he gotten home already?. What am I even doing?. 

'Giving him a piece of my mind.' My subconscious mind replied. 

Okay this is where I get down. As I tried opening the trunk to come down, I was met with a pair of angry red eyes. Oh my, he's so scary. I didn't move as I just decided to stay down and watch what is going to happen. He's probably gonna kill me. 

What have you gotten yourself into Sia? I'm so dead. He's so gonna rip my head off. 

"When you're done imagining how I'm going to kill you, you can come down so we would proceed." He said harshly. 

His voice is so high that I almost peed on myself. I can't fight him. There's no way I would have the power to fight an Alpha. The leading Alpha at that. Now I understand why everyone thinks I'm useless. Aside fro being weak, I also happen to be dumb. 

"Get out of my car!." He roared. 

I jumped out of the car immediately, I stood in front of his intimidating and dominating figure. I can't even look at his face. I looked around and saw the road is dark and silent, no one would see anything so I better run. I suddenly felt my body being lifted up through my neck and I began choking.  

"Please... I'm... Sorry.." I tried to say but he didn't listen. His eyes are red and he is just too strong. I know that this is my end. 

Except... His countenance changed and he dropped me on the floor. I struggled for my breath and tried to run away but he caught me. I think the wolf in me also cried out. 

"I'm sorry... I'll leave now and you'll never see me again." I said with tears threatening to fall. 

It's obvious he isn't done with me yet. I don't think I wanna work with this man anymore. I just wanted to get this job badly so I can help my aunt, now I've met my doom. 

"Get into the car." He ordered. 

Without hesitation, I got into the car still terrified. Is he taking me somewhere else to kill me? What would be my fate now?. And why the hell is my wolf yelling MATE?!. 

Chapter 2


The White Moon pack has always been known to be one of the strongest and leading of all werewolves pack in the world. The leader of the pack Alpha Gideon was a great king who used all his power and time to protect and guide his people. That man is my father, who is now already dead due to murder. 

We don't know who yet but were going to find that killer. We already put my father to rest a few months ago, now I'm going to take over from him. My name is Kevin, the new Alpha king of the White Moon Pack. As a king, I'm expected to have a queen right?.  

Bad news is, she died along with my father. She was not really my mate but she's my first and only love. I've fallen for her since high school and we were dating. I didn't care about finding my mate because I love her. 

What really happened that night is still uncertain to me but one thing is sure, I'm going to apprehend the culprit sooner or later. For now I'm going t


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