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My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning in the Flames of his Vengeance

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They say there is a fine line between love and hate, but where does one end and the other begin? When does something so pure become something so toxic that even you yourself cannot fathom when things changed? This story starts on the day that my parents were killed. That was the day that I felt like my entire life had ended. If only I knew then that it was only the beginning of the storm I would be made to endure. Struggling to grasp onto the threads of my unravelling life, I found comfort in the arms of someone I didn’t truly know. His dangerously handsome looks and his lethal allure consumed me, and, despite my every instinct, I fell. He became my world, the very air I needed to breathe, the only one that I thought I could rely on... but then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. When the truth of my very existence and reality was revealed, he cast me aside and lit my world ablaze, leaving me to burn in the flames of his hatred. Even then, we were still intertwined together by one fate. My name is Yileyna De’Lacor, and this is my story. For updates, character aesthetics and more follow me on author.muse on IG and author muse on

Chapter 1


The incessant rapping on my bedroom door made me groan. I had just laid down. Forcing myself up, I moved toward my bedroom door and ripped it open. To find Theon. Hadn’t he kicked my butt in training enough? He decided to come back again. Did he miss a spot? I’m pretty sure there is only one patch of skin that isn’t aching yet! Not that I mind, really; I never complain about being tossed around by Theon. I just wish it was in the bedroom setting and not on a rubber mat or in the dirt.

My heart skipped a beat, and I turned, staring up at the man that stood a good foot taller than me; his coppery brown hair brushed back, his amber eyes burning with a fury that was barely contained, and his chiselled jaw set taut as he clenched his teeth. His bulging arms were crossed over his broad chest, and the tattoos that peeked out from the collar and sleeves of his clothes only added to how hot he looked right now. The sun made his hair look like it was on fire, emphasising every angle and curve of his face.

“Get dressed. The Alpha wants to see the both of us.” He snarled at me. Well, hello to you too!

His eyes roam over me disapprovingly seeing me in my pyjamas. “You have twenty minutes. Be presentable!” he then slams my door shut in my face. Jerk!

Shaking my head, I quickly stripped my clothes off and pulled on a navy-fitted top, black pants, and boots, before I pulled my wet hair back into a ponytail. While wondering what the Alpha wanted. It made me nervous because I know he blamed me for what happened. He may not say it out loud, but he didn’t need to. If I wasn’t expected to be Charlene’s guard as I was her best friend, I have no doubt he would get rid of me.

I exited my room and almost knocked into Theon, who was leaning against the wall.

“Goddess!” I gasped, jumping back, my heart thumping. “You scared me.” I half expected him to leave while I found my own way to the Alpha.

“For someone so audacious, I didn’t know anything could scare you.” He replied emotionlessly, clearly still annoyed, catching me skinny dipping with our future Queen. It was probably why he gave me such a butt-whooping at training today.

“What’s life if you don’t live it at full throttle?” I replied, making sure the door was locked before we both fell in step.

“Let me guess, not living, simply existing?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Are you mocking me?”

“I’m glad you figured it out.” He whispered huskily, leaning down.

My heart skipped a beat as our eyes met, making me feel giddy. His s*xy masculine scent invaded my senses, the thrum of his steady heartbeat making my own pound louder.

“Jerk.” I retorted, pushing him away.

Theon had only been in this pack for two years. We didn’t know where he had come from, or who he was. The only thing he remembered when he regained consciousness was his name: Theon.

It had actually been Charlene, and me, who had found him a few weeks after her shift. We had been out, sneaking away as usual, when we saw a Naga; a half-human, half-serpent-like being. Unlike the ones who lived on land, the sea Naga were as dangerous as the sirens, and this one had been no different.

Seeing the bloody body in the Naga’s hold, Charlene had frozen in horror, and although my instincts told me to run, I couldn’t leave someone to die and so I swam out. With nothing but my sword, I had injured the Naga just enough to free Theon from his hold. Despite him having elemental powers, I had managed to pull Theon to safety, and we had then called for help.

But Theon didn’t know that. Charlene had asked if she could say she saved him when she saw how handsome the young man was. As much as I would have loved to taunt him, this was even better. Now I often reminded him he had been saved by a princess.

We weren’t sure about Theon’s age, but he looked to be in his early twenties.

It had taken time for everyone to trust him, but slowly he became one of us and was initiated into the pack. He never regained his memory, but he was hard-working, strong and an excellent warrior, so he had risen through the ranks. He was now an Epsilon rank warrior, which meant there were only four ranks above him, and that included the Alpha rank.

Being the princess’ bodyguard was an honourable job. It meant that the Alpha trusted him and knew he was capable of protecting her.

We walked down the hall. I turned towards the Alpha King’s office only for Theon to take a left.

“The office is this way.”

“I know, but did I say he was in his office?” He replied, as if this was obvious.


Alpha Andres, no matter how many times you go before him, he was still intimidating and powerful. He was the biggest man I had seen at around six feet seven or eight inches. He just looked far too large around everyone else. There were a handful of men around Theon’s size, but they were rare, too. The king was a beast and a king in all aspects.

Theon walked out of the double doors that led to the backgrounds, and I grabbed the door before it swung shut in my face.

“Ever heard of manners? That’s no way to treat a lady.” I remarked.

“Never knew you were one.” His emotionless reply came as he glanced at me over his shoulder. His gaze flicked to my body for a moment before a small smirk crossed his face. “Yeah, definitely not a woman.”

I’ll get you back for that…

I glared at his back, my gaze falling to his *ss. I couldn’t deny he was s*xy, yet he was equally irritating. Although both Charlene and I found him incredibly handsome, he didn’t give us any attention. Although lately, I felt he teased me a little more… or maybe that was me being wishful. I also didn’t know what to think of that. Charlene also liked him, and she was the Alpha’s daughter… she deserved him more than I did…

I followed him out just as the king slammed two men to the ground, making the ground shake at the impact.

His torso was shirtless, a man-made from pure bulging muscles. His tanned skin was littered with scars and tattoos of runes. Symbols and images depicting war and victory mapped his entire torso, and his straggly chocolate-brown hair fell below his huge, muscular shoulders. He was the opposite of his daughter, who had gone after her mother.

“Just on time. Who’s next?” He asked with a grin as he turned to us, his gold tooth glinting under the lights of the courtyard.

Chapter 2

“I wouldn’t mind sparring with you, Alpha, but I fear I may not make it out alive,” I replied with a small smile.

It felt good to know he was still talking to me, even if it was just the adrenaline of beating us to a pulp that put him in a good mood.

“I hear you have been training a lot more… let’s see.”

That was a command.

One I couldn’t disobey.

“Don’t die,” Theon remarked mockingly, crossing his arms, and placing one hand under his chin as if he was about to enjoy the show.

I stepped out and looked up at my Alpha, amusement clear in his eyes. He knew I wouldn’t even last a few minutes… The two men who had been thrown to the ground got up as the king jerked his head in dismissal.

“I’m not sure if you are reckless or brave.” The king stated, grabbing a towel and wiping his face, which was coated with a layer of sweat.

“A little of both?” I suggested when he turned back to me.

A predatory grin crossed his face, and he raised his


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