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My Alpha Mate

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Omega Dylan works in a seedy s*x club to support his mother's greedy habits. His life takes an unexpected turn when his stepfather, Alpha Westley, shows up as a customer and they have a steamy one night stand without knowing who the other is and were shocked when they learned the fact. Despite the growing attraction, Alpha Westley offered him a job in his company just so his stepson stop working there. Can they resist their forbidden attraction and keep their relationship professional, or will their desires become too strong to ignore? Explore the scorching hot bond between Dylan and Westley in this gripping romance novel. Previously published as Forbidden Desire. Content Warning : Cheating, graphic s*x, mentions of suicide and pseudo-incest.

Chapter 1: Westley.

I stepped up onto the sidewalk and triple-checked the location, making sure I had reached the s*x club my friend had forced me to visit in his stead. The gloomy brick exterior made me wonder whether I had made the right decision by coming here. As I entered the club, the smell of liquor and the sounds of laughter and music welcomed me. I took a seat at the mini bar and ordered a beer.

I looked around and noticed that the little club was jam-packed with patrons of all ages. I turned away as a man pulled a server into his lap and started f*ck*ng him. I took a sip of my beer. An old man took a seat next to me.

"Do you have reservations?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said and gave the ticket to the man.

"You are a d*mn lucky guy. He's one of our specials. Very obedient and submissive. And you have got him for all night." He stood up and returned the ticket. "Come, I will guide you there."

We entered a small room at the back of the bar, and a rusted metal stair greeted us. The old man gave me a set of instructions before leaving. I found myself in a barely lit, narrow corridor with three sets of doors when I ascended the stairs. There were bored-looking guards outside the rooms. I followed the old man's instructions and entered room 305 after giving the ticket to the guard.

I nearly came when I saw what was waiting for me on the bed.

A beautiful male omega with his legs and hands tied behind his back. His head was propped up on a pillow and his plump, round *ss was pushed up as if he were presenting to an alpha. And his pale skin glistened in the light coming through the hallway. I locked the door, walked up to the bed, and sat down.

"Do you want to have s*x with me, Omega?" I asked and the omega nodded as his mouth was tied up.

He smelled citrusy, like neroli, and that reminded me of someone I desired.

Thinking of that specific omega, I parted that nice plump *ss cheeks and looked at the pink pucker hole I was going to ravage tonight. I leaned in and licked his slick hole, and the omega beneath me bucked in surprise, like he couldn't believe what I had just done. The slick was dark, earthy, and something unique that belonged to this omega.

I felt a zap of current pass through me from the taste.

"Are you in heat?" I asked the omega as his skin felt slightly hot to my touch, and he shook his head. I let my hand trace all over his body, and surely, there was a slight heat emanating from him. "Is it the last day of heat?" He nodded and I lowered my mouth to get another taste of him. I wanted to feast on this omega, but my d*ck was painfully hard, so I stopped.

"Do you need to be prepared?" I questioned, my fingers circling his slick rim. The omega moaned as I pushed the big digit in. "I asked you a question, omega. Nod if yes, or shake if no." He nodded. "Good." I f*ck*d him with two of my fingers for a while opening him for my c*ck, then removed them. The hole pulsed with emptiness.

I lowered my zipper, sheathed my hard d*ck in a condom, and straddled his legs. I placed the tip against his pink entrance. "If it hurts, move your hands. I will watch it. Now do it once." He moved those tied arms from side to side. "Good boy." I ruffled the jet-black hair and pushed inside him.

I moaned at the warmth and tightness that engulfed me and breathed so I couldn't c*m before I was even totally inside this guy. It felt like my whole body was on fire. Never before had I experienced such a visceral reaction to an unknown omega.

It seemed like the omega was also experiencing it. Because he didn't wait. He tried to impale himself on my c*ck. I raised my hand and smacked his *ss. He let out a low moan. I did it again, eliciting another moan.

F*ck, he's enjoying this.

I smacked him repeatedly on both his cheeks till they retained my handprint. I loved it. I loved seeing it more than I'd ever loved anything in my life. This strange omega seemed to bring out every possessive quality in me.

My c*ck had come out of the hole at some point during the spanking. Before I put it in, I leaned in to kiss the *ss cheeks.

He moaned. "I make all the rules. Be patient. Or else I will spank you again." He nodded and stilled obediently. Satisfied, I pushed into him in one long thrust. My balls fitted snugly against his *ss. I looked at his hands for movement but found none.

I pushed out till only the tip was inside and drove back in. The omega let out a whimper and wiggled for more. I started pistoning in and out of him, the sound of skin against skin echoed in the room. He moaned and thrashed under me, taking my gigantic c*ck like a pro. I angled my c*ck differently and pushed in. As expected, it brushed against the prostate. The omega squirmed.

"You are as tight as a virgin, Omega." I said nailing the prostate again and again. The omega stilled under me and came, his hole gripping my d*ck so tightly that I unloaded inside the condom.

I slumped on top of the omega, my body shaking from the best orgasm I have ever had. The omega squirmed under me like he was trying to tell me something. My hands shaking, I removed the cloth tied across his mouth.

"You... You can't knot me." What? Wolf God. I had f*ck*ng knotted him and the condom had broken.

"Gosh, I am so sorry." I rasped, still making no effort to get up. I was not in the least bit surprised because he had the unique scent of the omega, I wanted more than anything and his ending heat had triggered my knot. I turned us into our sides, so I wasn't crushing him anymore. "Sorry."

"Who the f*ck wants your so-?" The guy trailed off as he faced me.

My world literally came to a stop.

"Dylan." I whispered. This explains the weird feeling I felt the entire time. My wolf and I had physically ached for this guy since the day we got a whiff of his smell. But we couldn't have him because he was my stepson. Not that Ralph, my wolf, cared about the fact. It was just me.

Mine. My sweet omega. Ralph said. Even if he had known it was Dylan, which was highly possible, he wouldn't have told me.

F*ck off. I banished him and looked at the lithe yet strong omega in my arms.

"Wes. Westley." Dylan's voice shook with disbelief, and his eyes widened. Those are the most beautiful pair I have ever seen. Brown with gold and green flecks in it, that darken and lighten according to his moods. And they were focused on me.

"Why the f*ck are you working here?" I asked, as it just dawned on me that we were in a seedy club.

His eyes hardened. "I will work wherever I want. Who are you to question me?"

"Your stepfather."

"The one who just f*ck*d and knotted me." He laughed without mirth.

"I didn't know it was you, Dylan. I swear." I wouldn't have f*ck*d him if I had known, though I wanted to.

"Whatever, man. Just go away. I have other customers waiting." I growled. The thought of anyone other than me touching and f*ck*ng him while he was vulnerable made me want to kill every alpha out there in the club.

"I rented you for the night." I said.

"Then we should make use of it." He said, and before I could stop him, he started impaling himself on my d*ck. He whimpered, closing his eyes. Wolf god, I love those sounds. He did that again and again, making me move. The knot made it harder, but the sensations were mind-blowing. I wanted to tell him this was wrong, but I just couldn't.

I soon found myself taking over.

I took his d*ck in my hands and started stroking him in time with my thrusts. It was hard and fast, and he finished before we even properly began. His *ss clenched around my d*ck, milking me for all my worth, and I f*ck*ng exploded inside him for the second time that night.

Chapter 2: Dylan.

"Don't bite me." I gritted out after I came from the high, but he just shrugged and continued biting my neck. I sighed at how good it felt. And my heart somersaulted with happiness because I had wanted him for so long.

If my mother finds out, she will literally kill me. Not because she loves him, but because she wants West's money.

"It will become a hickey." I hissed as he bit harder.

"Let it become one. I want everyone to know you're mine." My stomach did a little flip at his words and I stomped down on the feelings. This is just words from his orgasm. Alphas say things like this in the heat of the moment, but... but somehow this felt different.

"Your knot has gone down." I reminded him. He pulled out of me and I immediately felt empty and cold. I wiggled my ass, feeling uncomfortable at the slick mixed with his cum coming out.

He removed all the bindings and took a clean towel out of the closet an


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