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Sylvia Rhett

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About me

Sylvia is a writer with a vivid imagination. She grew up in a small town but always had big dreams of traveling the world and living an adventure-filled life. Though she is an extreme introvert, Sylvia is a hopeless romantic at heart who believes in love stories with happy endings. Sylvia read her first LGBTQ+ romance novel nearly two years ago. Since then, she has been consuming LGBTQ+ romance stories voraciously and recently realized her own talent for writing such stories. When she's not writing, Sylvia reads books, and daydreams of her future adventures.


My Alpha Mate
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Omega Dylan works in a seedy sex club to support his mother's greedy habits. His life takes an unexpected turn when his stepfather, Alpha Westley, shows up as a customer and they have a steamy one night stand without knowing who the other is and were shocked when they learned the fact. Despite the growing attraction, Alpha Westley offered him a job in his company just so his stepson stop working there. Can they resist their forbidden attraction and keep their relationship professional, or will their desires become too strong to ignore? Explore the scorching hot bond between Dylan and Westley in this gripping romance novel. Previously published as Forbidden Desire. Content Warning : Cheating, graphic sex, mentions of suicide and pseudo-incest.


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