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Moonlight Massacre

Moonlight Massacre

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: L. B.
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 8
  • 3.0
  • 💬 0


Layla a 17 year old girl from Witchita, Ks has just been attacked by her little sister who has recently been bitten by a pack member who has been affected by a contagious virus. Layla however is not alone, she and her arch enemy Zachary are the only ones left. Will they make it through this difficult time? What will they encounter along the way? What will become of them in the past, present, or future? When it is over will Layla bury the ones she loved? Will Zachary end her before that? Who else will show up? What happens next?

Chapter 1

It was mid January I think when it all started. Heck it’s been so long since the world was normal that this is the new normal now. My name is Layla Nova Rain but my friends used to call me Layla or Nova. My little sister who was 6 at the time called me Lay-Lay. She was the sweetest thing ever. Until they came and sucked the life out of her. I think it is best if I start at the beginning.

January 8th, 1989. ‘Lay-Lay guess what!!!’ Victoria screamed as she always did and ran into the room after school everyday. I turned to face her.

’What is it V?’ I said smiling like I always did when she came home. She ran up to me as happy as a clam.

’Mom and Dad say that I could go see Gram-gram soon!!! Isn’t that great!!!’ She was jumping up and down so happy like. My face went from happy to horrified within minutes. You see my Grandmother and I did not get along because she had a different opinion than I did on love. She thought you had to marry a nice male werewolf that you cared for to be happy. I on the other hand thought that who ever the moon goddess paired us with we would be happy with, male or female. So in my early years we got into a lot of fights, some of which I still have scars from.

’Oh are we all going to see her or just you?’ I said clutching my stomach. She looked at me full of joy and said ‘Mom said we all get to go and guess what?’

’What?’ I said thinking it couldn’t get any worse.

‘Alpha Zeke and Luna Alice and their son Zachary are going to be there too. Isn’t that great!!!’ I about fainted. Not only did I have to deal with my homophobic Grandmother now I have to deal with Zachary too.

At that moment Mom walked into the room and said ‘Pack your things we are leaving for Talehurst Now!!!’ As her being the Luna of our pack we had to listen to her anyway and her being our mother doubled it. I walked to my room and packed my things. I thought to myself ”This is gonna be a long trip.”

Chapter 2

I had fallen asleep on the way there and when I woke up I smelt something that over powered my senses and I didn’t like it.

’Look Lay-Lay finally woke up Zachary!!!’ She runs over to me as the one person I hate walks casually over to me. I try to sit up but my head hurts to much.

’Careful Princess don’t want to hurt yourself.’ He chuckles and I glare at him but also wince at the pain.

’Hey what did I say after all one day I am going to be Alpha and you will have to listen to me.’ He helps me steady myself and I scoff.

‘You? Alpha? Don’t make me laugh.’ I look around then ask. ‘Where are we?’

’Lay-Lay we are at Gram-Gram’s house!!!’ She gets up and goes to get Gram-Gram. My face turns pale as flashes of the last time I was here go through my head.

’I need to get out of here.’ I go to stand up but get dizzy. Zachary catches me and sits me down. ‘You are just as stubborn as ever Layla.’ He says.

I try to get out of his hold but he keeps me th


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