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MISTAKEN: The Pack Slave

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WARNING: 18+ THIS BOOK CONTAINS SENSITIVE CONTENTS SO READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. ********** EXTRACT NO. 1... I instantly looked up at AUDER and he was not having it with me. I could feel the sexual tense in his anger and until he fucks his frustration out, he won't leave me alone. I was mentally prepared to take his brutality but I wasn't physically ready. However, who am I to complain to? No one cares about me at all. Who will care about a slave anyway? Standing bare before him, with chains around my ankles, he pulled me to the bed and forced me to bend over. With tears streaming down my face, Auder thrusted into my sore p*ssy. AUDER forcefully squeezed my boobs as he f*ck*d me aggressively. I was whimpering and I could tell my pain was giving him enough pleasure by how he was moaning. "What are you?" he suddenly asked and before I could find my voice, a whip landed on my back. EXTRACT NO. 2..... I gazed at him lazily with those dreamy eyes of mine. I couldn't get enough of his emerald green eyes boring straight into my soul. "You have been staring, you want a taste of my lips?" I didn't mind his question and I wanted badly to know how they taste. My imaginations were running mild, "how nice can it be to have you take me to cloud 9?" I am a slave, not just a slave but AUDER's sexual slave. Won't Maverick mind knowing that I have been tossed around for two years? He is an Alpha prince and I am slave, once rejected by my mate, whatever I was dreaming was close to impossible yet the man standing before me want to turn my dream into reality. There was one obstacle and that's AUDER, he would never let me have a shot at happiness. "Don't be afraid, I am sure I can give you all the happiness in the world." I swallowed hard and before I could nod to what he said, he captured my lips and every reservation I might have had, vanished. ******* Humiliation and pain have been the order of the day for Mia Woods since she mistakenly killed her best friend, Emily, the Alpha Princess, during one of her hunts two years back. Becoming a slave to the royal family was her punishment for murdering the princess, not just a slave but a tool for amusement for the pompous soon-to-be Alpha of the Blue Avery pack, AUDER RAZA. Everything changed when a rogue billionaire prince came into the picture. Fate and love collided and a hidden secret was revealed. Who is Mia Woods? Find out in this mind blowing story of betrayal and love.

Chapter 1 Prologue

MIA'S POV The sound of chains clanking around my legs reverberated through the room, and I couldn't stifle a groan of pain. The cold, hard floor only added to my misery, and each breath I took felt like shards of glass scraping against my lungs. Every part of my body ached, a constant reminder of the grueling day's work at the pack farm without so much as a morsel of food or a drop of water. As I prepared to settle in for the night, the chains around my ankles served as a cruel reminder of my captivity. It was baffling – what purpose did they serve when the door was securely locked? It seemed that every comfort was intentionally withheld from me. Despite having one of the best rooms in the castle, I was condemned to sleep in discomfort, forced to watch the trappings of a life I could never fully embrace. Life was hard for everyone, but mine was an unending nightmare. Never could I have imagined that my world would be turned upside down. I used to be full of life, with dreams and aspirations, despite not coming from a wealthy family. I had wanted to provide my parents with everything they deserved. Tragically, the people who could have helped me cling to hope were gone, taken from this world because of me. Their deaths weighed heavily on my conscience, and I felt as though serving as a slave was hardly enough punishment for my transgressions. What had I done to deserve this? I still can't shake the memory of that fateful hunt, the day I inadvertently took the life of my best friend, the Alpha's daughter. It's a haze of confusion and panic. Two teenagers, lured into the forest by rogues, and then the attack. I must have lost consciousness because the next thing I knew, she was lying lifeless beside me, my claws stained with her blood. I have a vivid memory of attacking her, yet I can't fathom why. I was the one who killed her. The punishment for my unforgivable offense would have been death, but my father chose to protect me at the cost of his own life. A few months after his death, my mother passed away from a heart attack. She adored my father, and wolves are shattered when they lose their mates. However, even their deaths weren't enough to appease the unforgiving wrath of the royal family. I became a royal slave, condemned to a life devoid of sympathy. For the past two years, I've carried the weight of my parents' deaths and the guilt of being responsible for their fate. With each passing moment, I feel my life slipping away. I've wished a thousand times that I could trade places with them, but wishes, as they say, are just that. As I heard the telltale click from outside my door, I cringed. I recognized the visitor by the scent and the time of night. It was Auder Raza, the soon-to-be Alpha of my pack. He harbors a deep-seated loathing for me, yet he takes advantage of me as he pleases, intensifying my suffering tenfold. I can't believe I forgot to mention that he's my mate. It's true, and because of that, he rejected me outright. No Alpha would ever take a slave as his Luna, so his rejection initially brought me a fleeting sense of relief. However, that relief was short-lived. Since then, he has been using me to satisfy his carnal desires, and I could already guess that his visit tonight was for the same purpose. Desperately, I pressed myself into the darkness, shutting my eyes tightly. Perhaps, I thought, I could deceive him. If he arrived and found my eyes closed, maybe he would think I was asleep and leave me be. It was a feeble hope, and my trembling body would surely give me away. When I heard the click once more, I quickly opened my eyes, a decision I would soon regret. Auder entered the room with a self-satisfied smile adorning his face. His dark brown hair fell across his forehead, and his pale skin seemed to glow in the dim light. You might wonder how I could discern his appearance in the low light, but the image of his perfect physique is etched into my mind. There was a time when I harbored a crush on him, back when my life was somewhat bearable. He was not just a prince, but one with a striking physique that drew the attention of every lady, young and old alike. However, behind that charming facade lies a man with a heart as cold as ice. His father, Alpha Bernardino, may not be known for his kindness, but Auder's malevolence eclipses even his father's. His eyes always brimmed with malice and contempt for everyone; crossing him was never an option, as he would show no mercy. My current plight was a testament to his cruel nature. I couldn't help but wonder how he would rule his people once he ascended the throne. "With that look in your eyes, it's clear how much you despise me. Knowing the depth of your hatred is quite enlightening. I'm truly honored," he remarked, crouching before me. I had failed to notice the lights being switched on, a testament to my distracted state. I flinched and instinctively moved backward, attempting to meld into the wall, all the while keeping my gaze fixed on him. I dared not glare at him, knowing he could easily end my life. He seized my jaw, forcing me to meet his gaze. "Have you suddenly lost your ability to speak? What happened to your usual defiance whenever you see me?" His grip tightened, and a low growl rumbled from his throat. "I thought we had established the rules, haven't we? You don't remain silent when I'm speaking to you." He ran his tongue over his lower lip, a menacing glint in his eyes. "So, what should I do with you now?" Despite the pain he was inflicting, I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing me in agony. I couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't already torn off my clothes and forced himself upon me, as he typically did. Perhaps he was savoring the anticipation of torture; his unpredictability was one of his most terrifying traits. "Are you deranged?" His question was accompanied by my head being forcefully slammed against the wall. The smirk that had adorned his face earlier had vanished, replaced by a familiar expression: pure resentment. Though searing pain shot through my head, I refused to show any sign of weakness. I had endured worse. Once, a hot knife laced with silver had been driven into my arms for what had felt like an eternity. I had been subjected to all manner of torment. In that moment, I found myself pondering whether I was truly human, and if I were, would I have survived this relentless brutality? Humans were inherently fragile, and my interactions with them had taught me that there were limits to the pain they could endure. Werewolves, on the other hand, possessed a remarkable capacity to heal; our resilience meant that the pain we felt was fleeting, lasting only for the duration of the infliction. "Your actions led to the death of my little sister," he bellowed, the force of his voice causing the entire room to vibrate. I watched him with a deep sense of fear, dreading what he might do next. The palpable anger in his voice made me wonder if I would survive another night. He could blame me all he wanted, but it wasn't my fault. What had happened was a tragic accident. I was already enduring the consequences of my unintentional actions, but I knew better than to vocalize my thoughts, as it could very well mean the end of me. After all, I was nothing more than a slave. Lost in my thoughts, I failed to register what was happening around me until I was roughly pulled to my feet, and the thin fabric of my clothing was torn into shreds.

Chapter 2 Pain

MIA'S POV I won't say I didn't anticipate it; in fact, it was a delayed inevitability. There were times when he spared me the talking and simply took me however and wherever he pleased. When I glanced up at Auder, I could sense the sexual tension beneath his anger. Until he relieved his frustration through me, he wouldn't leave me alone. Mentally, I braced myself for his brutality, but physically, I was unprepared. Yet, who was I to voice any complaints? No one cared about me in the slightest. Who would care about a mere slave, after all? Standing bare before him, still bound by chains around my ankles, he pulled me toward the bed and forced me to bend over. Tears streamed down my face as Auder thrust into my already sore body. He aggressively squeezed my breasts as he continued to violate me, and my whimpering only seemed to fuel his pleasure, judging by his fervent moans. "What are you?" he suddenly demanded

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