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Mated To Him

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"Atlas! I found you after 1000 years of anguished pain without you; please love, open your eyes," the King whispered while cradling his unconscious mate tightly but delicately in his arms. *** "A King is imperfect without his Queen." Nadazhda stumbled upon the supernatural world, unknowingly to her that she was mated to Him - A forbidden offspring that wasn't supposed to be born. The supernatural King that rules all beings. He was ruthless and known by all to be a cruel beast: a devil and a horrible nightmare. A wolf with fangs, horns, and magic. Join both mates in the midst of exploring different betrayals, romance, love, lies, deceives, trust, and acceptance. ©Adeyemi Mariam (Um_royhan).



Encyclopedia of the supernatural world. Below are some excerpts taken from the encyclopedia of this book. The supernatural characters are my invention, including some sub- demon- species, sub-vampire species, fae, witches, etc.


The realm: A place or territory. The realm is divided into three - Kaobu, Azebu, and Ishbu, The realm has different time distances, and the journey from one realm's place to another is through the Tosk portal.

Kaobu: The mortal territory, i.e., Human beings.

Ishbu: it's a free realm where dead people are accounted for either to hell or heaven.

Azebu: The immortal territory where different creatures live and are ruled by a king.

Demons: Immortal beings that can easily be transformed into giant beings with horns and fangs. They can regenerate, control minds, and could teleport.

Bruce: They are powerful,full-breed demons without their blood being mixed. They can control another demon or manipulate power.

Broce: They are servants who carry out their masters' command.

Vampire: They are undead creatures said to feed on blood. Vampires feed on human flesh and the lower blood while their mate's blood is poisonous to them. They are called night walkers because the sun burns them except as a hybrid or pure blood. They also have super speed.

Brane: pure breed. They never feed on human blood. They only feed on turned vampires, and they can read and control minds.

Brone: a turned vampire who depends on human blood for survival.

Witch: they are also immortal creatures, but they have a limited time.

Dark: They can summon dead creatures. They can bring misfortune. They have a fire element.

White: they are fun-loving creatures. They possess water and healing elements. They have psychic abilities.

Wolves: These are creatures that move in packs. The wolves share a special bond with their human side. Most wolves appear at the age of 14- 18. They are agile and killed mainly by lilac flowers or the death of their mate.

Moon goddess: the goddess wolves worship during the full moon.

Alpha: The leader or the head of wolves.

Luna: The heart of the pack, usually a mate of an Alpha

Beta: The right hand of the alpha and second in command, which gives advice to the alpha and helps in the pack affairs.

Gamma: the left hand of the alpha and the third in command. Which protects Luna.

Delta: the head of warriors

Zeta: in charge of the orphans.

Omega: Normal wolves with the lowest rank.

Lone wolves: A wolf without a pack.

Rogue: A wolf that has lost its insanity.

Mate: The soulmate of the wolf.

Dormant wolf: A werewolf without his wolf.

Fae: A tiny immortal being with little wings. They protect humans and balance the Kaobu realm and the Azebu realm. They are weakened by smoke.

Abney: is a letter written on an ancient paper that can only be read by the person who intended the information. No one could read it.

Cerberus: a three-headed dog that feeds on the body and guards the gate to hell.

Tosk mirror: is a passage to either the mortal realm-Kaobu or the unconscious realm- Ishbu.

Jade - a messenger to the Ishbu realm to tell the realm about the King's visitation.


Um_royhan welcomes you all to her wild rollercoaster imagination worlds, filled with laughter, pain, emotions, love, hatred, revenge, faith, belief, suspense, actions, and so on...

WARNING: This book has mature content, r*p* scenes, abuse, death, gore, blood, and violence. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK


All the terminologies in this book are Mine; I mean MINE. Please don't copy it, but the pictures and covers Aren't mine.

Copyright©2021 Adeyemi mariam ( Um_royhan).

All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electrical appliances OE mechanical method, without the prior written permission of the publisher, or author, except in case of brief quotation embodied in critical reviews and specific other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

"A King is incomplete without his Queen."

"Life is a game of chance; are you ready to play it?"


Present year (Azubu realm)

The King sat on his throne with a crown on his head, discussing with his subjects. His beasts were restless, rambling, and stirring inside him.

He was shifting in his seat, and his beasts had never behaved like this in the past centuries.

Then why now? He thought.

"My King, we found a rogue on the border. Should we bring it in?" one of the guards asked, trembling while bowing his head.

"Take it to the dungeon," he replied gruffly, turning to look at his subjects before his beasts crawled the barrier. He called the guard back, stopping him from leaving.

"Halt, bring it in!" he ordered.

The guard nodded his head, bowing one more time, going out to carry out his King's order.

The King stopped abruptly in his word when the beasts in him rose to the most beautiful intoxicant scent, which hit him hard, nearly making him fall. He inhaled sharply like a starved man.

Momentarily, the guard entered the courtroom carrying an unconscious body.




The beasts in him howled in delight. The beasts in him came to life. His cold heart started beating again.

The King rushed to the guard and yanked the body from the guard softly like a delicate gem, and he held her delicate, fragile body in his arms like it could break any moment and breathed in her scent hungrily.

"Atlas! I found you after 1000 years of anguished pain without you; Please, love, open your eyes," the King whispered while cradling his unconscious mate tightly but delicately in his arms.

Then he turned to the guard, who carried her in with rage red eyes; his beasts saw the guard as a threat - a danger. The King ran to him and held him up against the wall before he inserted his elongated claws, puncturing the man's chest and removing his beating heart in his hand.

No one messed with his Queen.



One thousand years ago (Azubu realm)

The King was pacing around the door, waiting to receive news about his mate in another room —laboring.

The midwives were going and coming out of the room. He stopped the midwife, " please, what's happening in there?" he asked in a worried voice.

"She is doing good," she answered professionally and returned to the room.

Half an hour had passed before the eldest among the midwives came out with a radiant smile, smiling to her fullest at the King.

She bowed her head in respect. "your highness, the Moon Goddess has blessed us with a bouncing baby boy." she relayed excitedly.

The King beamed with happiness and went in to meet his weak mate lying on the bed; he pecked her on her forehead and turned to the baby.

The King looked up confusedly and worried. "I can't smell his wolf or demon. He has a scent of a human," he stated the last word with hatre


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