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Mated to an Omega

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Octavia, a beautiful and strong werewolf, was born into the family of Zaid, an Omega type of werewolves, the lowest ranking werewolves in the Dark Moon Pack. For the fear of going through the brutal pain of being an Omega, her parents decided to keep her birth a secret from the outside world, as the only one who knew about the poor girl's existence, is Lia, the Alpha's surrogate mom. She was locked inside the house for twenty years, not seeing the outside world. No friends, no other families, just she and her poor parents. She always sneaked out in the night to explore the woods, but always made sure to not stay out long, to avoid being caught, as it'll end the poor parents in trouble. On this fateful day, her whole life turned into misery, as she sneaked out in broad daylight for the first time, but got caught by a stranger, who turned out to be their Alpha, whom she had seen a couple of times, but never got to see his face. To punish her and the parents, the Alpha decided that her parents should be killed, to justify their crimes, but what happens, when the little Octavia, got consumed by her powers, and her demon took over her right in front of the Alpha, which is something that never happened in history?


TITLE: Misery


Tears kept flowing down my cheeks, as I stared into space, with my arms crossed on my chest. Why is my life always this miserable? Why can't I live like every other werewolves? Why can't I have my freedom? For the past eighteen years, I've always been locked inside my room, never seen what the sunlight looks or feel like, no friends, no other family, aside my parents, the only comfort I have, is the one I get from my mat, I'm so tired of this lifestyle.

"My child..."

"Mother I want to go out! I want to make friends, I want to live like every other person, I want to get out of here mother, you've been locking me inside this room ever since I was born, you and dad never let me out, not even to the doorstep, why are you keeping me in bondage? What wrong have I done that warrants all these ill treatment? If I was a curse to you two, if you are ashamed of me, then why did you give birth to me? If you were going to deprive me of my happiness, why didn't you kill me when you birthed me mother!" I yelled, as more tears came streaming down my cheeks. I know what I'm doing isn't right, I'm not supposed to yell at her, but you'll do same if you were in my shoes, right?

Mother broke down in tears, while father just looked away, with so much on his face, he was hiding something from me, I know it, but what could he be possibly hiding?

"It's not what you think Octavia, you're the best thing that ever happened to us, you're our only family, and the most precious one to us my dear, you're still a kid, but don't worry, one day, you'll know that everything we're doing, is for your own good, please just bear with us, at least for now." She pleaded in tears.

"I am not a kid mother, I am eighteen for heaven sake, and I deserve to know what's happening to my life. Why am I living differently? How sure am I that anyone even know about my existence." I cried bitterly. My heart throbbed in pains. My life is a mess, and I keep asking myself, for how long will I continue to live like this? For how long will I continue to be a shadow of my parents, which is always locked inside? For how long will I continue to wallow in my own pains? Every night, I let my pillow take the burden of my heart, I just can't stop myself from crying, thinking about my miserable life, if tears is the only thing that can deliver to the outside world, the pains I'm suffering inside of me, then I'll do it every minutes of my life.

"Mother, father, do you know how it feels to be locked inside the room for years, like you're some plague, who is to be kept away from people, in order not to get them affected with a contagious disease? I'm sure you never went through the pains you both are causing me now.

Just tell me please, for how long will I continue to live like this, huh? For how long will I continue to live under your shadow? How long will I continue to wallow in my own pains? How long will I be locked in here? Twenty years to this? Forty? Or forever? Why don't you just get rid of me already!" I yelled, and banged my hand on the wall, as more tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Octavia, you won't understand..."

"Exactly my point, I don't understand the whole thing. Can someone at least tell me what's happening? Don't just keep me in the dark." I cut father off his words, as I turned to face him, with so much anger in me.

"Octavia I..."

"Never mind father. I'm giving you two, five days to find solution to this whole thing, and if you can't, in this few days, be sure that I'm going out there, and face the consequence of it. Excuse me please." I wiped my tears, before heading to my small room.

Stepping into my poor looking room, I sat on the mat, and hugged my legs to myself, as more tears rolled down my cheeks. I don't even know where we are, I don't know the name of the place we are, all I know is that we're said to be in Dark Moon Pack, I've never seen what our pack look like. The only person I know after my parents, is mother Lia. I don't know who she is, but she always sneaked in here at nights, to give us food. She loves me, like I'm her own daughter, and I'm never bored each time she's around. Whenever food is served, I don't go out to collect mine, mother always gives me hers to eat, I just kept wondering what's going on, this alone, makes me think that no one knows of my existence.

I felt my wolf, crawling to my eyes, with anger in her, she's more pained than me, but what can we do? Even she, cannot help me out of this situation I'm in, maybe I should just accept my fate for the time being, I'm sure things will get better with time.

I was still crying my eyes out, when my door creak opened. I didn't need anyone to tell me that it was either mother or father, so I just remained in my position, with my head, buried between my knees, as I continued crying.

"Go away mother, I don't wanna see anyone, you all should please leave me alone." I said in tears, not raising my head to look at her.

"My child." I heard a pained feminine voice, different from mother's.

Snapping my head up, I was welcomed with the sight of mother Lia.

"Mother?" I called in tears, as I sprang up, and ran into her arms, hugging her tightly, as I cried on her shoulders.

"Mother get me out of here please...I'm suffocating inside here, take me with you." I cried bitterly on her shoulder.

"Shhhhh! Don't cry please." She hushed, as she stroked my hair soothingly.

"Cmon, come sit here." She pulled away, and gave me a wide smile, before leading me to sit with her on the only stool in my room, with me on her laps, as she looked up to me.

"Mother, I'm tired of all these..."

"Shhhhh! Worry not anymore my dear Octavia, I have the solution to your problems now." She said with a wide smile on her face...


TITLE: Suspicious


Alpha Khalid POV

I sat on my throne, glaring at the incompetent fools of cabinet members, bowing their heads foolishly in front of me. My blood kept boiling in anger, as I glared at them, I could feel my wolf, crawling dangerously out of my eyes, threatening to consume me, but I tried as much as to keep it in check, I didn't wanna lose it, not now.

"I'll ask again, and if you dare to tell me nonsense, then you know what I'm capable of doing. For the last time, who helped the rogue escaped from the prison?" I thundered again, losing my patience. I felt my whole body heating up, the atmosphere was almost on fire, and I could see it on their faces, they were feeling the heat.

"Forgive me Alpha, it's all my fault, I was on duty that night....I...I didn't know how it..."

Before he could finish his statement, I teleported to his back, and touching him with my hand, which was already on fire, he burnt into ashes


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