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Author Charity

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Mated to an Omega
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Octavia, a beautiful and strong werewolf, was born into the family of Zaid, an Omega type of werewolves, the lowest ranking werewolves in the Dark Moon Pack. For the fear of going through the brutal pain of being an Omega, her parents decided to keep her birth a secret from the outside world, as the only one who knew about the poor girl's existence, is Lia, the Alpha's surrogate mom. She was locked inside the house for twenty years, not seeing the outside world. No friends, no other families, just she and her poor parents. She always sneaked out in the night to explore the woods, but always made sure to not stay out long, to avoid being caught, as it'll end the poor parents in trouble. On this fateful day, her whole life turned into misery, as she sneaked out in broad daylight for the first time, but got caught by a stranger, who turned out to be their Alpha, whom she had seen a couple of times, but never got to see his face. To punish her and the parents, the Alpha decided that her parents should be killed, to justify their crimes, but what happens, when the little Octavia, got consumed by her powers, and her demon took over her right in front of the Alpha, which is something that never happened in history?

Boyfriend for rent
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Ivan Romero, a twenty-eight years old handsome man, lives in a not-too-big mansion somewhere in Chicago, with his younger sister, who is his only family. He has been the only one, taking responsibility for his sister, ever since they lost their parents to a car accident a few years ago. He works as a swimmer in one of the popular swimming teams in Chicago, and not only that, he's a part-time boyfriend to whoever needs it. In the course of working as a part-time boyfriend, he met with his then enemy, Evelyn Javier, a young beautiful lady, who happened to be his classmate back in college. Evelyn is a very beautiful, but crazy girl, whom Ivan used to bully back in school, but later got separated, after their school, as she traveled out of the country for her career. Eve asked Ivan to be her boyfriend for three months, as she was working on a project, which demanded working with her boyfriend, with the agreed payment of some money. She could have gotten someone else, but she didn't wanna ended up falling in love with the person, so she chose him, with the belief that she could never fall in love with the bastard that always body-shamed her.


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