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Mated To A Human

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Having a human mate was not something he planned for, but having a human mate beats having no mate at all. What is Alpha Hunter supposed to do when, after wrapping his mind around the fact that his mate is a mere human, he discovers even bigger secrets? His mate was still a minor who was a month away from her eighteenth birthday, and she had been maltreated for so long by her father that she had a hard time getting close to any human, especially men. How was he to get his mate if she was scared of physical contact?

Pay for everything

As Melody Johnson walked the little distance from her house to school, her head was down as she was lost in thoughts. It is her last year in high school. Will she ever be able to go to college like other kids? Of course, she knew that it was impossible. Her father would never allow her to go to college, not that she even had the money to go anyway. It was a good thing that they have been able to stay in this town for over a year now. Right from the time she knew how to speak, she knew that her father was always traveling with her and her mother. They never stayed in a town for more than three months before her father whisked them off to another town, so it was really a miracle she and her father have been able to stay in county vee for a year now. As Melody walked through the hallway of her school, she could hear students talking about how eventful their summer was, and she felt envious. She spent her summer working three part-time jobs to be able to put food on the table, but still nothing she did ever seemed to satisfy her father. Nobody paid her any attention and Melody was truly grateful for that, and she hopes that her last year in school will be a little peaceful, that is if Madison........ " Look who we have here” a shrill and high-pitched voice called loudly, making everyone in the hallway to fall silent " Missy Melody Johnson, wow who would have thought that we will see each other again?” Madison asked sarcastically Melody felt a chill run down her spine. For some unknown reason, Madison hates her and always took it on herself to make life miserable for her. Melody acted like she didn't hear anything and kept on walking with her head down, but Madison was having none of it. She sneered and marched to Melody's front and blocked her way. " I am talking to you or did you go deaf during the holidays, Missy or did your foolish father slap you again until you became deaf?” All the students in the hallways roared with laughter. In Prema's high school, the strong ruled the weak. Madison commanded the cheerleaders and the School queen bee. She was known to be nasty and everyone feared her. Her father was a leader and the mayor in the community; hence she got away with so many things.Grillll The bell in the hallway rang and students quickly hurried to their classes. " Seems like you have some good luck this year, huh?" Madison asked before she sauntered off to her class. Melody sighs in relief as she watches Madison walk away. Maybe she really did have some luck this year and hoped that the luck would last for the whole year. She adjusted her big glasses and hurried to her first class. Mr. Thompson hates lateness, and she would rather not garner any unnecessary attention to herself this year. When it was lunchtime, Melody quickly took her backpack and rushed to the library. That was the only place in the school that she couldn't be bullied. The librarian, Mrs. Simpson, was feared by all students and everyone obeyed her because no one wanted to spend their break time dusting dirt off the books in the library. Mrs. Simpson liked Melody, so no one dared to bully her in the library, or you would face Mrs. Simpson's wrath. Melody was very close to the library when a shadow jumped out of nowhere and blocked her way." Running away, huh? “ Madison smirked and Melody visibly shuddered." Are you also dumb now? I am talking to you, raise your head up” Madison yelled, but still Melody refused to lift her head up. She did not want anyone to see her bruised face. Her face was bruised and swollen from her father's slap. He slapped her this morning because she spilled some water on the table when she wanted to give it to him. Madison stretched her hand out, intending to yank Melody's head up when the library opened and Mrs. Simpson came out." What is going on here?” Mrs. Simpson asked with a loud voice and everyone scrambled off, including Madison. Melody's shoulder slumped down in relief as she was able she escapes again. Maybe she really has found some luck this year. She just hoped that the luck would last. " Melody honey, I've told you to stop allowing people to step on you. Madison is a girl like you, you should learn how to defend yourself” Mrs. Simpson told Melody, and she nodded vigorously like she always does any time Mrs. Simpson tells her the same thing. "Come on in” The both of them went back into the library and Melody stopped when she got to Mrs. Simpson's table. A business magazine was lying on the table. " Can I borrow this?” Melody lifted her head a bit and peered at Mrs. Simpson. " Of course and you can take it” she really likes Melody, but she didn't know what challenge the little girl was facing at home for her to be the way she is. She was way different from other teenage girls, and she is just eighteen. She has been monitoring Melody since she moved with her father to their little town. The little girl was always putting on hideous clothes, her head was always down when she walked, she worked at least four to three part-time jobs, but she was very brilliant. " Thanks Mrs. Simpson” Melody said in her tiny melodic voice as she picked up the magazines and walked to her favorite place in one corner of the library which was out of everyone's sight. The picture of the man at the front of the business magazine had her pausing. The man was wearing a black suit, he looked very handsome and wealthy. He had a girl clinging to his arm. The girl was stunning with the right curves and a megawatt smile " The most eligible bachelor” Melody read out. He was really eligible. She flipped through the magazine until the bell was ranged. She put the magazine in her bag and rushed to her next class." Melody dad is home” a man with a very haggard look called as he pushed open the door of his house and walked in. Melody's heart rate increased as she quickly turned on the camera, but she didn't answer the man because she knew that he was already on his way to her room. " Melody" The man's voice thundered when he didn't get a reply. " Now where is that foolish girl? '' he muttered, staggering drunkenly to his daughter's room. " You can't hide, darling, come out. Don't play hide and seek or daddy will be angry” Mr Johnson pushed open Melody's door" there you are my baby girl, are you not going to welcome daddy” he said playfully with a sadistic smile. Melody was crouched in a corner of her room. Her body was shaking as her father staggered towards her. She knew he was going to do it again. He was going to r*p* her like he always did since her mother died when she was five. " You stupid girl, come here” her father slurred when he saw her huddled In a corner. When she refused to answer him, he walked to her and jerked her up, flinging her to the bed and throwing himself on her.PakPak He threw slaps to her face, " this will teach you to listen to daddy” He tore her clothes off and pounced on her. All through as her father r*p*d her, Melody did not make a sound. She only turns her head to face the camera. She had learned long ago not to fight with him because at the end of everything, he will still overpower her. Her life was like a routine. Wake up, go to school, get bullied, go to her part_time jobs, cook dinner, get r*p*d at the end of the day. She was tired of her life. She would have put an end to it a long time ago, but any time she remembers the promise she made to her mother she stops herself, but still, she does not know how long she will last before she is completely broken. If only she could go to the city, then maybe her life will be a little easier. Just a little and her money will be complete. She will be able to leave. She will be able to maybe get a job as a waitress in a hotel. She plans to run away but that will be after turning her father in. He has to pay for everything!!.


" So these are the pictures of the little town” Hunter looked down at the pictures his beta placed on his desk. He intended to build a recreation center, and his beta told him about a little town in county vee. He picked up the pictures and examined them. This was precisely what he wanted. Green land, good scenery, a place one can relax and forget about his or her sorrow. " Prepare the jet, we will check this place out tomorrow” " Yes Alpha" Beta Micheal released the breath he was holding when he dropped the pictures on Hunter's desk. They have been checking out different lands for months, but none of them was to his liking. This outback town was suggested to him by his mate and wife, thank God the Alpha liked it. Hunter stood up from his swivel chair and slipped his hands into his pocket as he walked to the big glas


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