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Mate to whom

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For years, Fiona a 19-year-old girl, wanted nothing more than to be claimed by her mate, not just a mate, one who loved and worshiped her like a queen even if he was not an alpha. That didn't happen, she was like an invisible object and to make matters worse, at nineteen, she hasn't shifted. But will her miseries come to an end, when all of a sudden, she becomes visible to the Alpha's two sons, one a warrior, who is her best friend, and the other the alpha, who is the brother to her best friend? Who will be that dream mate? Mate to whom? whose mate will she be? And not just her mate but her one true love.

Chapter 1: A dark ball

If there is one thing I hate, to hear is the sound of that chord, called the mating song, it reminds me, of the fact that I am the only girl, who hasn't got a mate and more than eighteen, I am nineteen already and all my friends already had their mate, each year, I felt that I could get a mate but it always ends in the same old story no one picked me. Do I have the right to complain, when my SHE itself must have forgotten me, wait, I didn't tell you, I have never shifted. So I don't know if I am a wolf or a pure human, and to crown it all, my sister, Kira didn't bat when it comes to making jest of me since she had shifted right since she was fifteen and today, I am sure, she will get her mate since she is eighteen already, I wonder who her mate will turn out to be, yes, she had her eyes on the old alpha son, Leonid, he is a warrior and he is fierce, his mere shadow makes people withdrew into their shell but he is my friend, he trained me in the art of war, he is my mentor but I have seen him as a brother, not someone I love, so I don't mind if, my beloved sister, have him as a mate. Although he never said anything about love, nor seem in the means of women, he seemed interested in my sister because he kept saying she was beautiful and more like a Luna, so maybe, he is going to claim her, even if she is not his mate. I wish that my mate could be someone who loves me and worships the ground that I walk on, I want a relationship with my mate to be strong, he should love me and listen to me, not be the wife to someone, who just married me because I am his mate and thereafter marry as many wives as he could and probably add a lot of mistresses, I don't want a relationship like that of my father and mother. My dad is the beta to the old alpha, I am his first daughter, and my name is Fiona. By the end of today, he will no longer be the beta because the old alpha will crown his son, the new alpha when he claims his mate. The pack had a law, that the old alpha crown his successor when he found his mate, so no mate, no crown. "Hey Fiona, aren't you going to the ball?" I stared at my dad and my sister that is dressed like she was already claimed as the mate of the new Alpha and now the new Luna of the pack"No, it's of no use." "Why? It might be different this year." "Oh, Dad, come on, let's leave, just let her stay at home, I am sure when Leonid claims me, I could make her one of the maids in the palace but I wonder if she could cook, or maybe, I could make her a guard since she could fight, a female warrior." My eyes shut, as I tried to shut all the bad thoughts behind me, I jumped into my bed to sleep away my sorrow and forget everything about the ball and who was claiming a mate and who was not claiming one, as the door shut behind me. Just a few hours into my dream, I could hear noise, a sound, that wasn't the sound of the chord coming from the ball, it wasn't that exciting sound of those who had found their mate, but a sound of war and people were running Helter skelter. I was about to run out to see what had happened when I was hit by my sister, she was panting. "What is going on?" "The ball was invaded by those rogues, taking us unaware, the light went off at the ball and when it came up, we all had spears and swords to our faces, caging us in the middle." I stared at her, as she narrated the ordeals that have befallen us. "He said, he wants the pack and that he is going to destroy everyone that stands in his way, he is going to kill Leonid and marry Aida, right now, Aida is kidnapped""Aida?" I screamed while Kira nodded to me to indicate yes. "What about Leonid?" I questioned, she held her chest as she was trying to catch her breath. "I don't know, probably back to the palace, since the old alpha is badly hurt and he might not survive it, that will be doom for the pack, doom for Shadow Moon pack." My head spun as I ran out to look for Leonid, I could hear Kira, screaming that Dad said no one should leave the hut but who cares, at this point, I wanted to know the fate of the pack, and how Leonid was feeling, having his sister kidnapped right in front of him and couldn't do anything. Aida is the daughter of the alpha and Leonid's kid sister, I know he loves her, so he must be hurting, as I ran through the woods to go to him, I could see dead bodies of friends and foes, littered the place and wailing of women and children, and men were in anguish, the alpha of the shade grey pack had done his worse. He had always wanted to fight a war with the shadow moon pack but he was aware that having fair play wouldn't make him win, so he had to take them unaware, what a coward, I said mentally as I ran through the wood if there is one thing, I am not afraid of, is death, I don't care if I drop dead this minute. "Where is Leonid?" "My lady, he is inside, I guess, having a conversation with the alpha." One of the guards said, it's not in my thing to eavesdrop on people's conversation, but I was just caught off guard when I heard the alpha say he had sent a message to his other son. "But father, do we have to inform him, he has been gone for as long as I can remember, I know he just prefers living with his grandmother to coming here." "Son, you should stop, I know he is the only one that could bring your sister back.''"Dad, he is my sister, not his sister; so it's only me that knows what is best for my sister.""Leonid, you should close your mouth and let me make the decision, I am still the alpha, not you." I heard the alpha's voice thunder, and then Leonid went mute, I noticed he was going to come out from the inner chamber after having a heated conversation with the alpha who insisted on his decision but the truth is, I don't want him to see me there. I could be killed if anyone found out that, I was eavesdropping on the royal family. I hurried through the stairs to get down in no time, I was relieved when I saw that I was just a few steps to the floor but then I stumbled and I was falling to the floor, but then a strong hand held me. "You should be careful." His sweet voice came up, as he made me stand on my feet gently.I looked up to see who had saved me from ruining my face but he was fast and already passed me before I could get a view of his face. "Welcome sir, it's a good thing, you are here, the alpha had been waiting for you." He didn't say a word but just bowed and went behind the guard that was leading the way, I looked at one of the maids. 'Who is he?""Fiona, what are you doing here?"

Chapter 2: Battlefield

It's Leonid, I know, he was coming down but I was thinking, with the arrival of this man, he should have stayed back to listen to whatever his father and the man were going to discuss but his right here, in front of me, his face is far from pleasant, he is mad, I could feel it from his voice and countenance. "You should calm down, I know we could save Aida, we will bring her back, all we need do is mobilize the warriors, they will think twice before trying to attack the pack and with you, as the zeta, you will be victorious." "Yes, we will go to war, yes war against the Shade Grey Pack but I wouldn't lead the warriors." This can't be the truth? There is no one as strong as him, no one in the entire pack that could lead the warriors except the Zeta, he is the pack General, he leads every war and trains new warriors, so this is coming as a shock to me, as I stared in his gloomy face. "Come on, I need to alert the other warrio


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