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Luna Returns

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Daisy turned Eighteen which happened to be the worst day of her life as her family is slaughtered on her birthday. She runs for her life and ends up in her aunt's place, who happens to be her mom's younger sister. She starts digging up on her past as she finds out that her father's best friend who is the father of her boyfriend is behind the death of her family. She embarks on a journey to find justice for her family where she reunites with her supposed to be dead brother and they both continue on their journey for justice. She finds her way back to her pack, the crescents pack but she is forced to face her boyfriend

Chapter 1

Shopping was something Daisy despised increasingly but with her birthday coming up, she was left with no choice. She decided to leave the shopping till the last minute because she had been busy compiling a list and she had no one to go with. It was a Friday and her best friend had agreed to go with her after school. Turning eighteen in a few hours was more than just another added year for her. It meant a lot to her. It meant that she was going to come to the full potential that she needed to transform into a wolf by the next full moon which just less than six months away. That was all she ever wanted. That was all any other wolf could want. She smiled to herself as they headed home after a long day of shopping

Daisy, the only daughter of her family of four was just starting to live her life and she thought things were going to be easier for her. A happy family and an elder brother was all she needed. She had just one elder brother who meant the whole world to her even though he got on her nerves most times. She had a father who treated her like she was a baby and a mom who would rather die than watch her get hurt and the, there was Daryl. Daryl was her brother and her only sibling. They did everything together. They went to the same school and came home together. They had busy parents so Daryl taught her everything she knew. He taught her how to fight, when to fight and when not to fight. He taught her what she needed to know, he taught her how to cook and bake, how to ride a bike and how to skate. He taught her how climb a tree and throw a dart. He was a part of her life as much as she was a part of his.

He was her personal trainer because he knew that she was not a normal kid and when the time came, she was going to be the one to save all of them. He might have been a little extreme with the trainings sometimes but he just wanted her to be ready in case she had to defend herself sooner than expected. Regardless of how hard the trainings were or how hard he pushed her, she was always going to turn to him when she needed somebody to talk to. He treated her like he was waiting for her to be born. He remembered the time that she had brought up the topic of having a boyfriend and they had fought for days because he hated the idea of having another boy in her life. He loved her and was ailing to protect her from everybody, including herself. She did have one happy family and she loved herself for that. She smiled to herself before looking at her best friend

“Why on earth are you smiling?” Gina asked her

“I actually have no idea. I just feel really lucky” Daisy replied

“Why? Because you are turning eighteen?” Gina asked

“I don’t know, maybe” she replied

“Well, you are actually lucky. I mean, your parents put so much into this just because you wanted it but I think everybody is lucky to have you” Gina said

“Thanks, Gina. Do you think Adam would show up tomorrow?” Daisy asked

Gina rolled her eyes. She could never understand her obsession with Adam. Adam was Gina’s elder brother and funny enough, he was Daryl’s best friend. Daisy has been obsessed with Adam since Gina could remember even though he was three years older than she was

“You don’t have to worry about everything, you know?” Gina asked

“You are doing it again” Daisy said

“Doing what?” Gina asked

“Answering a question with a question. I am not worried about it. I just want him there considering all that happened with us last Wednesday” she said

“I don’t know what twisted game you and Adam keep playing but you should really just tell him how you feel. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. Who knows? You might be mated to the idiot after all” Gina said

“I hope so. That would be the best gift I can get” she said

Gina rolled her eyes and turned to the other side of the window and saw that they had arrived at her house. She looked back at Daisy

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come help with the setting up?” she asked

“Hey, you have done way more than enough already. I would handle the rest. Besides, Daryl would help with the rest. I’ve got it all covered” Daisy said

“Alright. If you say so. I would give you a call later at night” Gina said as she hugged her best friend before getting down from the car and heading in

The driver drove on and they stopped in front of her house. She paid him off and headed in. She could hear noises coming from inside. She wondered where why the house was so noisy. They had arguments but it was never this loud. They always settled their dispute quietly and this was just different. She walked through the door and saw the Alpha of the crescent pack, standing in their house. Why was the alpha here and why was he arguing with her dad?

“What’s going on?” she asked her dad

“Daisy, go to your room” her dad said calmly

She looked at her and turned to go to her room. She did not understand why her dad was that mad and she was not ready to understand. Nothing was going to ruin her mood. The Alpha and her dad were best of friends and sometimes, they would disagree. That was totally normal but what she didn’t understand was why the Alpha had looked at her that way. On a normal day, he was really nice to her but he was probably in a bad mood. She brushed it off and went about her day. At dinner, she noticed that her father was extremely silent but she knew better than to ask her about it while he was still upset. Her dad was an open person by nature and she knew that it was only a matter of time before he talked about it

After dinner, everybody sat down in the living room like every other night to talk about how their day went. After dinner was one of the times that they had to bond but her mom sent her off to bed early because of her birthday tomorrow. She had booked an appointment with her make-up artist for nine in the morning and since it was home service, she had to be early about it. Saturday finally came and she opened her eyes. She met everybody in her bedroom

“Happy birthday!!!” they screamed as she woke up

She smiled. She could tell that it was going to be a good day after all. She could barely fight her tears back. Daryl got on her bed and hugged her. She wiped her eyed and hugged him back. Her mom handed her a cake with candles on it.

“Make a wish” her mom said

She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them before blowing out her candles. Her grey eyes shone with excitement

“What did you wish for?” Daryl asked

“Mind your own business!” she said to him

The doorbell rang and her mom got up with her dad

“That should be the event decorator. You should get ready before your make-up artist arrives. Happy birthday my beautiful baby girl” her mom said as she hugged her before leaving her room with her dad and her brother.

Her make-up artist arrived and she got her make-up done. She decided to call Gina to ask why she wasn’t here already but she wasn’t answering her phone. She tossed her phone to the other side of her bed and got into her dress. She noticed that the house was extremely silent and that bothered her to an extent. Her parents were not supposed to leave the house until noon. She shrugged and was still trying to get into her dress when her phone rang. She groaned as she reached for her phone. She saw the caller’s ID, Gina

“Where on earth are you? I have been calling you all morning!” Daisy said as she picked up the phone

“Run, D! Please run!” Gina said

“What do you mean by that?” she asked, confused

“Get off the phone!”

That was the last thing that Daisy heard and she was certain that it was the voice of their Alpha. She pulled up the zip of her dress and ran out of her room

“Guys, I think Gina is in trouble. I have to go to her…”

Her voice trailed off as she saw her family, in a pool of their own blood. She didn’t understand. She stood there for a moment as tears flowed down her face. She couldn’t move. She tried to scream but nothing was coming out. She started to gasp for air as she looked over her parents who were already dead. She knelt down before them as years flow freely. She heard someone grunt behind the kitchen counter and she ran to him. It was Daryl

“No…” she said

“I need you to listen to me. Go away from here” he said as he struggled for his life

“I am not leaving you. You are bleeding. I need to find the first aid kit”

She said as she tried to get up but he held her back

“Don’t do that. Do not do that. Listen to me. I want you to get our credit cards and leave Crescent Avenue. I want you to go far away from here until the time is right” he said as he gave her a piece of paper. He coughed and blood came out of his mouth

“Daryl….” she said crying

“Go, Daisy, go!” he said

Chapter 2

“I can’t do that. I am not going to leave you. Please don’t ask me to”

She said crying. He closed his eyes and his heart stopped beating. Tears ran don her face. She felt so powerless. She was weak down to her last nerve. She looked at the paper in her hand. It was an address, somewhere in the city. She went to her room, packed a couple of things and headed down to her parents room. She took all their cards. Since she knew the pins to all the cards, it was going to e easier for her. She checked the house for some extra cash and she got it. Something told her that the people who did this were not done and they were going to come back for her. She picked up her phone and her charger and ran out of the house. She had nowhere to go except the address that Daryl had given her. She didn’t know of any extended family that she could run to. She got to the bus top and made a random choice on what bus to enter. She got in the bus and hoped she made a right choice with it. She got into t

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