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Jojo Olusola

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Hidden identities
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  • 7.5

The books starts with Annabelle who lives in a regular world. Her life takes a drastic turn as she starts to have reoccurring dreams. She thinks it's as a result of some movies she watches unknown to her, her real identity starts to resurface as she has kept it in for too long. On the road to discovery, she finds out about her missing brother and she is forced out of her normal life to start a new one where she accepts who she is, what she is. Going back to find her heritage from the land she was born, she discovers that she is the only one who can save her people and her family

The Last Burning Flame Wolf
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  • 5.0

Alexander who happens to be an adopted child of his parents turn out to be more than just a regular wolf as he is the very last of his bloodline, the burning flame wolf which happens to be one of the most powerful wolf pack to exist. When he finds out that he is adopted, he starts a search for his real identity but he his forced to return home because his adopted parents are killed by the Alpha of his pack. After finding out why his parents were killed, he decides to abandoned his initial mission and chase revenge instead. He falls in love with the daughter of the alpha and finds out that he is mated to her, therefore, he has to fight for love too

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  • 7.5

After Daisy decides to go on with her plans regardless of her losses, she finds out that she has to die in order for her to save her people and this becomes hard for her as she has just started to like the life she was leaving. She is left with no other choice but as she is about to take one final step to fulfil her destiny, she is set back by the death of her aunt who took up the role of a mother ever since her mother was murdered in cold blood. Daisy starts to reconsider if saving her people is worth risking her life for. She decides to abandon her mission and run for her life until the unexpected happens and she meets Hardin again. She is forced to make a choice to either keep running or fight her enemy

Jared's Addiction
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  • 7.5

Jared is the alpha of the crimson pack who had managed to maintain peace between all packs for six years but things take a drastic turn as a teenager is killed. At first, he thinks that it is just the work of a group of people getting bored but then another teenager disappears and the cycle comtinues. The people of Crimson valley decide to take matters into their own hands even after Jared had pleaded with them. Jared is at the receiving end of their actions and a war breaks out. Meanwhile, Jared has a woman in his life who's destiny is greater than that of anybody else but because she is unable to transform and access her wolf side, she is constantly being looked down at but it turns out that she is the key and the redemption of all packs

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  • 7.5

Daisy turned Eighteen which happened to be the worst day of her life as her family is slaughtered on her birthday. She runs for her life and ends up in her aunt's place, who happens to be her mom's younger sister. She starts digging up on her past as she finds out that her father's best friend who is the father of her boyfriend is behind the death of her family. She embarks on a journey to find justice for her family where she reunites with her supposed to be dead brother and they both continue on their journey for justice. She finds her way back to her pack, the crescents pack but she is forced to face her boyfriend

Caleb's Luna
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  • 7.5

Caleb who happens to be the alpha of the pack and the King of the northern kingdom is fated to Josie, the weakest wolf to exist in all of eternity. Josie who loses her parents to the war and lives with her elder, Jared who takes care of her until he starts a journey to avenge his parents, thereby being forced to leave his sister behind. She finds herself in the palace after realizing that she is fated to the Alpha, Caleb. At first, Caleb treats her as a disease and stays away from her, having affairs with other women until he gradually starts to fall in love with her. As time goes by, a war threatens to break out and Caleb is forced to do all he can to keep his weak Luna safe but does she really need his protection?


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